Thrift – the April value

Each month I have been writing about the 12 values… one each month as there are 12 months. These values are an integral part of who we are as a group. If you missed the previous blogs on the values just go to the 912 Blog tab and Shannon’s Corner and you can read my thoughts on the other values I have written about so far.

Thrift –
This value is a hard one. However I am taking it personally to focus on this month.
From the free online Dictionary
thrift (thrft)
1. Wise economy in the management of money and other resources; frugality.

Whew…. Thrift … this is one I am personally working on. It is a real “value” as part of our “12” and I believe it is important. We as a family are trying to use coupons more, monitor our money better and basically downsize where possible. Some suggestions may be to change your bank for a bank with less fees, cancel cable, or considering changing companies. Another option is to stop getting the paper delivered, or pay bills online instead of buying stamps. You can even shop at discount stores and buy in bulk when you can.

I also have been working on using coupons where we try not to eat out unless there is a special like the kids eat free or its an early bird deal or we have a buy one get one coupon. Thrift also means to try and live within our means. This means use cash and leave the credit cards at home. This is a wise way to live any way. These are tenets that I have known, read about and have a hard time living by however as parents we are honor bound to correct our errors and to teach our children to be more responsible.

I am making an effort to be more thrifty… we as a family are. This month maybe you can join us in this important value. Share with us ideas to save, if you have them as well.


5 Responses to “Thrift – the April value”
  1. Iris Iris says:

    Here are a couple of ideas to start the sharing:

    Make a shopping list and don’t buy anything that’s not on your ‘list’. If moved to make an ‘impulse’ purchase – ask yourself “do I really NEED this” or do I just ‘want it’? If it’s the latter – skip it. If the former and you can put it off until the next day – do so. Chances are you didn’t really ‘need it’ either. 😉 If you must have it – look for it online.

    Publix posts its ads for the week online Thursday. Go to the weekly ad at http://www.publix.com, create your shopping list there, and try to use coupons for the ‘buy one get one free’ and sale items that you would normally buy. Don’t just buy bogo items if you don’t use the products – unless you plan to donate them to charity later…….. Save coupons from Sunday inserts or go to a coupon website such as http://couponmom.com – but remember that printing out the coupons costs you in paper/toner/ink etc.

  2. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    Cancel your subscription to the Palm Beach Post! Read it online . . . . if you must! 😉

    • carolyn says:

      We cancelled our subscription to the Palm Beach Post last year. Why read more of the same
      liberal drivel.!
      Other thrifty ideas: Visit thrift shops regularly. You’d be surprised at some of the almost new items for very
      reasonable prices. Auctions, too, have some great deals on furniture, kids’ toys,bikes, etc. Yard and garage
      sales are good options for books, usually under $1.
      Check out the matinee deals at the movie theaters. Some offer an even cheaper price for the very first
      showing of the day.

  3. Cancel your subscription to the Sun Sentinel if your spouse will let you!

  4. Iris Iris says:

    Since people are mentioning subscriptions… if you still have any magazine subscriptions – did you know you can bargain? Search through back copies for the inserts which sometimes have good deals. Also search online for the best price you can find and then call the subscription renewal number and ask if they’ll match or beat the best price you’ve found. You’ll need to be specific with a website or offer code. At a minimum – don’t accept a price increase – make them match prior year’s price. Most times they will match the offers you’ve found. If not – go with the place you’ve found online! Do the same with DSL or broadband offers.

    Make sure you are aware of all of the discounts and benefits that come with memberships/associations – e.g. AARP, BoatUS, NRA, insurance companies, professional associations and use those discounts for car rentals, hotel stays, travel, electronics and applicance purchases, etc. Sometimes they’re sizable!

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