April South Florida 912 meeting – A Great night!

Thanks to all who came out last night. I really enjoyed the presentations.

Starla did a great job as the MC of the night. Then Ed talked about our value of the month, Thrift.  I know I personally jotted down some hints to start working on. Fred updated us on TAB’s progress in the last month, and introduced the newest coalition member, Jupiter Inlet Colony. There is a lot of information on the TAB website, and TAB offers an opportunity to get involved on the local level. Please check out PBCTAB.ORG for more information and printable materials. Fred also told us about the upcoming Charter Review process.  Iris told us about next month’s ethics and IG ordinance votes and the good news is that it appears that the IG will remain truly independent.

Philip Blumel, the President of US Term Limits, gave a very informative introduction on the value of term limits and then shared local situations where it applied. It was very telling when Burt Aaronson and Karen Marcus were mentioned specifically.  I had a newspaper from 1988 that was discussing Karen Marcus running for office again after her first four year term. We also had a chuckle as on the cover of the paper was a picture of me from high school preparing for Homecoming.

The next presentation was given by David and Doug regarding a “spin-off” of the American Revival that Glenn Beck hosted last summer. They really gave us a lot of insight and inspiration. The information they provided really spoke to what is at the core of the Principles and Values of our group. Putting these precepts into ACTION is key. Doug closed by speaking about  commitment to our spouse and remembering what we meant when we said “I DO” … Doug requested that we all take a stand and say “I DO” to our country by taking action now and getting involved today

Mike Lemeyer informed people about his campaign and asked people to sign up and get involved.   Pam Wohlschlegel, Executive Director of the Palm Beach County Chapter of South Florida Tea Party, invited everyone to attend Saturday’s Tea Party this weekend.  See Tax Day Tea Party Events for more details.

It was a really great meeting and I am really glad to see some new faces and some familiar. In particular one 912er, Dave, arrived at the meeting on his bike from Wellington because he wanted to go to a 912 meeting so badly. Dave had recently lost his job and been experiencing some really tough times. However Dave, who has joined us on our bus trip to DC and recently attended our anniversary picnic, told us that he didn’t want to miss our informative meetings. Meeting Dave and speaking to him was very humbling. He is what all of us should be. No matter how life brings you down, always keep moving forward,  strive for success and say “I Do” to our country.

Some pictures from Boris and Fred


One Response to “April South Florida 912 meeting – A Great night!”
  1. lowell levine says:

    Now that we all learned that General Electric made 15 billion dollars in 2010 and paid ZERO in taxes because of all the loop holes in the Corporate Tax Law—it is time for the Tea Party participants to insist on a corporate flat tax of 17.5% and make 100% of all corporations pay there fair share–not just the 35% that do….This would add 100 billion to the revenues each year….

    What happened to Michele Bachman’s 105 billion in Obama care that she said was going to be eliminated because she said it was a last second trick by Obama.

    What about the 5 billion of your tax dollars going to corporations tha help them pay for Obamacare for early retirees….Taxpayers money!!!!


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