Tax Day Tea Party Pictures – 1

Click for videos of the event.

The 3rd annual Tax Day Tea Party Rally – sponsored by South Florida Tea Party, was held in Boca Raton’s Sanborn Square yesterday.

A downpour right before set-up was scheduled to begin could have put a damper on the proceedings, but fortunately the sun came out for a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Volunteers scrambled to unload vehicles, set up tables, chairs, water, audio and media equipment, get badges; it was the normal semi-chaos of a big volunteer event. A few early arrivals staked out spots in various parts of the square.

Music began early as ralliers began streaming in – the crowd swelled to about 2500-3000 at the peak. Many had signs or wore patriotic clothing. Some were there in support of a specific person or ticket – such as Allen West, or Donald Trump. There were a lot of familiar faces and as many new ones – all proving a lie to Harry Reid’s statements that the Tea Party is over, gone, short-lived, etc.

After an hour or so of music, the program began, led by MC Joyce Kaufman. There was a long list of speakers including Everett Wilkinson, Pam Wohlschlagel, Shannon Armstrong, various other groups and a representative from the Tea Party of Italy! Keynotes were former Florida House Speaker Adam Hasner, Congressman Allen West and businessman / entertainer / potential presidential candidate Donald Trump. The media platform was filled with cameras from all of the major networks and cable, and we have seen clips of the event on the ABC and FOX national Sunday shows. The Trump speech was carried live on C-SPAN, (Click HERE for replay)

While Congressman West generally draws a lot of media, it was clear from the post-event coverage that most were there to see The Donald. The keynote speeches were well-received based on the audience applause. The energy level in the crowd was high throughout! As expected, the crowd began to thin immediately after Trump, and his 47 minutes probably exceeded expectations regarding length – so the remaining speakers – County GOP Chairman Sid Dinerstein and Palm Beach Councilman Bill Diamond had to contend with a lot of movement and noise and cut their remarks short.

Volunteers remained to clean-up, leaving a spotless Sanborn Square. There must have been a few non-tea-party regulars, however, – because there was some trash to be recovered, not just what was found near the overflowing trash receptacle.

The Tea Party lives! And we’ll need everyone to make a difference in 2012!

These are from Boris and Fred. Others will be added as they come in, so check back from time to time.


4 Responses to “Tax Day Tea Party Pictures – 1”
  1. Great pictures! Sorry I missed most of you…got there late!

  2. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    You never know who you’ll meet at a Tea Party! The couple with all of the adopted kids (in the stroller built for 6)not only live in my neighborhood, but two of their older girls are teammates of my daughter’s on her swim team, and have been for the last 5 years. My conversations with Mom and Dad have never ventured into anything political or tea party related — just goes to show you; we’re everywhere . . . . .

  3. Barbara Samuells BARBARA says:

    Shannon’s speech, as I watched on the video, was an inspiration to all and a wonderful representation of the focus of the 912 Project.

    I look forward to watching the South Florida 912’s efforts and successes via your website until I see you all again in January 2012.

    You have such a dedicated and capable group of leaders and loyal and determined members that you are setting an great example for 912 groups as well as other Patriot groups.

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