Simply Brilliant — Sticky note campaign going viral

Like the best movements in history, no one knows who started it.  But sightings are popping up everywhere from North Carolina to Colorado, and all points in between.

Pretty easy thing to do, and is probably the thriftiest protesting I’ve ever seen.  A 2-pack of Post-It note pads goes for less that $3 at Target; assuming that the next person at the pump/peanut butter reads it and discards your message, that’s still 100 impressions you made for $3.  But, the beauty begins when you realize how many people you can reach if it stays up for a full day — or 3 days — or a week!  For those of you who are non-confrontational, this is your moment to shine!  As all good campaigns do these days, there is a Facebook page here.  Some other ground rules to observe here, plus, here’s a few suggestions of my own:

Don’t be destructive.

Don’t be obstructive (put your message in an empty area, not OVER the price of the good).

Don’t be obscene (that’s their bag, not ours).

If you remember my favorite movie, “V for Vendetta”, as November 5th gets closer, more and more graphitti begins to appear on the walls of the city, with the main charachter’s “logo” — the circled “V” — in red paint.  This is that same technique; to interrupt the government’s continued messages that all is well, and to remain calm.  Well, to paraphrase the movie, “together, we shall give them a sixth of November that shall never, ever be forgot!”


One Response to “Simply Brilliant — Sticky note campaign going viral”
  1. Barbara Samuells BARBARA says:

    Posted my first sticky note at a gas station today.

    High Gas Prices
    High Food Prices
    More government jobs
    Fewer private jobs

    Let’s change back! Election 2012!

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