IG/Ethics Ordinances Final Hearing May 17th at 9:30am – please come!

The official public hearing for the re-drafted PBC Commission on Ethics, Code of Ethics and Inspector General Ordinances will be held on May17 at time certain 9:30am in Commission Chambers (6th floor, 301 N Olive, WPB).

The County Commission can either choose to pass, and thus accept, the ordinances with a vote of at least 4 commissioners.  Or they can reject the ordinances and send them back to the drafting committees for major modifications with a super-majority vote of 5.  Once accepted, the ordinances will apply to all of the 38 municipalities where the voters made it clear that we want our government under the auspices of both the IG and the Commission on Ethics!

Please make every attempt to attend.  If you cannot, once again, please email the Commissioners at BCC-AllCommissioners@pbcgov.org .  Let them know, in your own words, that you want them to accept the ordinances as written and continue to want the Inspector General to remain Independent and unfetteredAgenda item numbers: IG – 4C, Commission on Ethics – 4D and Code of Ethics – 4E.

(reminder – if you choose to speak or submit a card just for comment – please arrive about 10 minutes earlier.  Once the subject has begun – you can no longer submit your card).

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