Memorial Day at South Florida National Cemetery

Several members of South Florida 912 joined hundreds of others commemorating Memorial Day at the South Florida National Cemetery in Lake Worth.  The program was well run – with frequent VA shuttles from the Target parking lot and cold bottles of water and programs handed to all arriving by Boy Scouts and other organizations.  Speakers, band performances, presentation of colors, invocations all made for a memorable event.   A good summary of the respectful ceremony at this beautiful cemetery can be found here.

For me – the most touching act was by our own 912er – Jeannie Barnett.  She saw that an elderly veteran was uncomfortable in the sun, so she went over to him and his wife and held an umbrella to shade them from the sun.  Well done, Jeannie!

The following photos are from Boris Balaban:


2 Responses to “Memorial Day at South Florida National Cemetery”
  1. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    Got a big kick out of the differences between the reception given to the two members of the Congressional delegation in attendance. Representative West had wild applause when he was introduced, and a standing ovation when he concluded. Representative Deutch, both coming and going, was little more than acknowledged with the polite applause you normally hear during golf championships, when the pro golfer blows an easy putt, and then taps it in on his way to the next hole. I should have taped it for Lois Frankel.

  2. So glad to see so many people at this event. This is truly one of the best ways to spend Memorial Day!

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