Bump in the Road

This is Mitt Romney’s first campaign commercial for 2012. Whether or not you like Mitt, ya gotta love this ad — It’s vintage Reagan. One of the graphics at the beginning could have just as easily read “Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?” Election Day 2012 is 16 months away.

Game on.

The Language and the Look of Obamacare

Any new situation requires learning and understanding and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) calls for a class in terminology and structure.

The new vocabulary includes, but is not limited to:

ACO’s: Accountable Care Organizations will be the government’s preferred and encouraged provider of Senior healthcare. Picture a combination of an HMO and Department of Motor Vehicles…take a number, take a seat, and hope to be called before they close for lunch and all federal and state holidays.

CER: Comparative Effectiveness Research, funded by 1.1 billion inserted in the first stimulus bill, will determine which treatments and medications are the most effective. Everyone agrees that knowing which treatments have good results is a good thing. What to do with that information is the issue.

Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius and Dr. Donald Berwick, administrator of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will have primary responsibility for implementing Medicare changes. The law says changes are not to be based on cost alone, but the law also does not prevent the use of the information to determine care and reimbursement. Say what?

Confusion abounds and interpretation will be dictated by the bureaucrats, not by the needs of a unique patient with unique needs conferring with the doctor who knows their case well.

IPAB: Independent Payment Advisory Board of 15 members appointed by the President. They are not elected and their decisions cannot be appealed. The board will be in charge of keeping Medicare costs within preset bounds. The board is not allowed to ration care, increase premiums or reduce coverage. So in order to cut Medicare costs they will reduce payments to providers.

By the end of the decade a doctor will be paid less to see a Medicare patient than to see one on Medicaid. Doctors, hospitals, clinics, etc. are already stretched to treat Medicare patients and the CBO has predicted that 20% of current providers will refuse Medicare patients and 17% of current hospitals will go out of business.

Where will Americans turn for their healthcare?

Happy 235th America!! Help us blow out the candles on July 3rd at Original Pancake House & Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach Gardens.

Who: The South Florida 9.12 Project, and all other freedom-loving Americans within the sound of my voice (or at least within view of my typing)

What: Fellowship breakfast and patriotic Sunday services

When: July 3rd, 2011 at 10am

Where: The Original Pancake House, 4364 Northlake Blvd, in Palm Beach Gardens (just west of I-95)

Why: If you have to ask that, click here and be gone with you! 😉

How: Take I-95 to Northlake Boulevard west, about 3/4 mile on the south side of the street.  One if by land, two if by sea.

If you missed it last year, here’s your chance to be a part of an incredibly moving patriotic service celebrating our country’s birth, as delivered by our own local member of the Black Robe Brigade, Pastor Tom Mullins.

A special request from the organizers this year; bring children — they don’t even have to be yours!!! Bring the neighbor’s kids if you can, or your daughter’s friend from soccer!  Let them hear our history from an unfiltered source, let them hear the music we sing in the joy of our freedom, and let them see YOUR love for our country.  Kids may not do what you say, but they see what you do.  Charles Barkley may not be a role model, but you can be!!   The service we’ll attend starts at 12:12pm — just a short drive west from the Pancake House. 

So we can all sit together at both the Pancake House AND the church, please RSVP below with how many folks you will bring.  Look forward to seeing you there.

(Ed. Note – see comments below – David Barton of Wall Builders will not be at the service as previously listed)

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Rick Perry in New Orleans

This man captures what we are all feeling in a way that the other candidates have not (so far).

Florida Patriots Unite for the Alabama Convoy for Kindness

In the wake of the devastating Alabama tornados, Florida 912ers, Tea Partiers & Patriots banded together to help our neighbors.  Through the efforts of tireless volunteers, we were able to deliver thousands of dollars in gift cards, 10 pickup trucks & trailers and a 53’ semi-truck loaded with much needed supplies to the Christian Service Mission, (CSM), of Birmingham. CSM is a network of 25 Alabama churches distributing food and supplies to all areas of Alabama, particularly the small towns, from their 150,000 square foot warehouse. God bless everyone for their generosity and hard work!

It is important to note that Alabama is still in crisis. People continue to live in tents and donations are still very much in demand. If you would like to help please consider sending a gift card using The 912 & Tea Party Disaster Relief Program , or by visiting http://www.csmission.org/index-3.html.

For a look at how the Tampa area groups performed, click HERE.


The Florida 912 Project:

A very special thank you to former 912 State Coordinator Don Hensarling for working tirelessly to set up the 912 & Tea Party Disaster Relief Program, http://912teapartyreliefprogram.com/, where patriots can have gift cards delivered to the Alabama Christian Service Mission. Special thanks as well to Publix and Wal-Mart for facilitating this program.

Abigail Adams Project, Pinellas 912 & Tampa 912

Filled two pickup trucks and a trailer full of supplies including 2 brand new chain saws.
Organizers: Karina Morrison of the Abigail Adams Project and Art Wayland of Titan Sign Posts. Special thanks to Karin Jaroch, Kathy Haddon, Pam Bollenbacher and Bill Thomas.
Businesses: Titan Sign Posts, Target of Tampa

Brevard 912 & Titusville Patriots:

Filled a pickup truck and 20’ trailer with supplies.
Organizers: Marion Rowe and Barbara Knick of Brevard 912, Keith Davidson of Melbourne 912, and Don Forward and Bud Abbot of Titusville Patriots.

Deland 912:

Filled a pickup and trailer with water and supplies.
Organizer: by Keith Wilson & AAC Computers.
Volunteers: Special thanks to Don & Dianne Kepus who delivered the goods to Alabama.
Businesses: AAC Computers

Lake Mary 912 & Eastern Orlando Tea Party:

Organizers: by Kathy Gibson of East Orlando Tea Party & Tina Woode of Lake Mary 912.
Volunteers: Special thanks to Patti Green, Ben & Dan Pittman, Erick Bright, Col. Frank Bright, & Deborah Besselvre for developing a marvelous brochure and press release.
Businesses: Fat Boys BBQ of Kissimmee, Insight Financial CU in Lake Mary, Tijuana Flats of Casselberry, Net Complete of Maitland, Fountain Auto Mall of Orlando, CiCi’s Pizza of Winter Springs, WFLA AM 540 Radio host Bud Hedinger,

First Coast Tea Party:

The generosity of Jacksonville, Florida amazed us all! The First Coast Tea Party filled and entire 53’ Semi trailer with donated supplies including an entire flat of medical supplies from Healthlink! Organizers: LeAnne King, Leanne King, (yes there are 2 of them!), Billie Tucker, Carole McManus. Special thanks to Volunteers: Tom Wing, Debbie Gonzalez, Diane Powers, Carole McManus, Tom Duncan, Jeff Perry, James Kring, Joshua Warren, Lori Loschiavo, Leanne King, Dale O’Brien, Jane Carr, Roma Cox, Tom Cox, Jacqueline Cottingham, Drew King, Joan Secrest and a few that were just dropping off stuff and offered to help.  A special thank you to Tom W., Tom D., Joshua, Lori and Drew for all the additional hours you put in.
Outstanding donors & businesses: Frank Houpt – for donating an entire pallet of water, Michael Jackson – for donating a wood chipper, Chip King – for building 16 awesome crates for the truck to put the supplies and cardboard boxes in, the use of a forklift and all the hours he spent running errands and keeping things organized, John Sanders & Freedom Expedited Services – the trucking company who delivered the donations to Alabama, Healthlink for providing an entire pallet of medical supplies, Baymeadows Moving & Storage, Sports Mania, Lera Plastics, AA Fiberglass, Suddath, Ft. Caroline Christian Church , Channel 4 News Reporter Hailey Winslow for spreading the story and the anonymous patriot who donated the gas money for the semi-truck.

Santa Rosa Patriots:

Sent over $400 in monetary donations to Alabama
Organizers: Wayne Smiley, Sharon Glass & Sam Mullins.

South Florida 912:

Sent $730 in donated gift cards to Alabama
Organizers: by Ed & Mandy Fulop

Tallahassee 912:

Organizer: Angie Prichard,
Volunteers: Matt Johnson, Janis Paulsen, Amber Chentnik
Businesses: Executive Investigations of Tallahassee, Old Navy of Tallahassee, YMCA of Tallahassee.

America Supports Israel March on August 24th in PB Gardens


Many members have been looking for ways to show their support for Israel in a non-partisan way on August 24th.  Here’s a local opportunity to do your part.   Please note:  No signs.  This is not a political event or a demonstration.  Just bring a small American or Israeli flag to wave.

american flaglarge israeli flag 
Please join us at an “America Supports Israel” March on:
August 24, 2011                  
                                    5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
The March will commence at Christ Fellowship’s North Campus, 5343 Northlake Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418-4554 and proceed from Christ Fellowship along Northlake Boulevard east towards Military Trail.  Please bring a small American Flag or Israeli Flag.  You will be directed to parking and an assembly point at the campus.
Terry & Ellen Brady
Mel & Barbara Grossman

Our Lantana meeting was thought provoking and inspiring

We always enjoy our meetings at the Palm Beach County Library, Lantana Road branch – but have to operate on a tighter schedule due to a totally ‘hard stop’ at 9pm.  We had a full schedule on Tuesday, June 14th and a lot of material to cover.

First up were Shannon Armstrong (founder), Doug Armstrong (co-founder) doing our invocation and Jason Shields leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Shannon introduced Dr. Richard Raborn – who is the leader of the South County 912 group.  Fred Scheibl gave a brief TAB update on the turnout at the PBC Budget Workshop the evening before.  He summarized the status – much yet is to be resolved by the July 11th meeting.  Turnout by those in favor of holding the line on tax rate increases was not the best.  Iris Scheibl put it more firmly – she scolded the group for not taking the time to email or attend the meeting.  She also mentioned that Charter Review meetings are underway and encouraged members to attend.  Shannon reiterated that folks need to make a difference!

The meeting then segued to Faith, Hope and Charity – where members Dave DiCrescenzo and Doug Armstrong gave short summaries of Faith and Hope, which had been covered in prior meetings.  Since our value of the month was Charity, it was fitting that Joe Budd was going to cover the Charity segment of the South Florida 912 version of Glenn Beck’s Faith, Hope and Charity tour last year.  Joe used the personal theme of ‘automobiles’ in his life to illustrate being on the receiving and giving sides of Charity.

Dr. James DeGerome was our keynote speaker.  He went in depth into the potential impacts of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), called for its repeal, and listed alternatives that would solve the problems without destroying the healthcare system as we know it. Time was running short, but he was able to take a few questions before Shannon squeezed in a few additional items. 

Tami Donnally announced a patriotic song choir that she is getting started.  If you want to join – contact her or if you don’t know how, send an email to info@southflorida912.com.  Shannon announced our 4th of July meeting (on Sunday July 3rd – breakfast at the Original Pancake House followed by attendance at Christ Fellowship for their annual patriotic service).  Check back on the website for more details.  Jason announced the 50/50 winner while everyone scurried around to put the meeting room back as we found it.

We exited the library to find that we’d finally had some rain in Palm Beach County!

Some pictures by Boris:

County begins public Charter Review meetings – pls attend one!

Palm Beach County is beginning the Charter Review process.  If you recall from prior TAB updates, the Charter is the County’s constitution.  While many counties have Charter Review committees who meet periodically – eg. every 8 or 10 years,  Palm Beach County does not have a formal Charter Review process nor has it ever had a broad look at the charter in many, many years. 

County staff is going to have  a series of public meetings, beginning this week at which they will present details about the charter, the process and solicit ideas.  In addition, they have a website questionnaire where one can submit charter change ideas.  These will be compiled, reviewed and submitted to the County Commission over the next several months.  The Commission will select those to place on the  Nov. 2012 ballot for citizens to vote upon.

You can look up the details here.  Below are the currently scheduled meetings.  Before you attend one of these, check back to the site in case there are schedule changes.

West County
Tuesday, June 14, 6:00 p.m.
Dolly Hand Cultural Arts Center
1977 Southwest College Drive
Belle Glade, FL 33430
Central County
Tuesday, June 28, 6:00 p.m.
Clayton Hutcheson Agricultural Center
599 North Military Trail
West Palm Beach, FL 33415
District 2 Town Hall Meeting
Wednesday, June 15, 7:00 p.m.
Charter Review Topic
Vista Center Complex
2300 North Jog Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33411
North County
Wednesday, June 29, 6:00 p.m.
Gardens Branch Library
11303 Campus Drive
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
Midwestern County
Monday, June 20, 6:00 p.m.
Wellington Branch Library
1951 Royal Fern Drive
Wellington, FL 33414
South County (West)
Wednesday, July 6, 6:00 p.m.
Hagen Ranch Road Branch Library
14350 Hagen Ranch Road
Delray Beach, FL
South County (East)
Monday, June 27, 6:00 p.m.
City of Boca Raton Emergency Operations Center
6500 Congress Avenue
Boca Raton, 33497
District 3 Town Hall Meeting
Monday, July 25, 6:00 p.m.
Charter Review Topic
City of Atlantis Council Chambers
260 Orange Tree Drive
Atlantis, FL 33462

Here comes Debbie Downer

Call to Action – County Budget Workshop

The initial county budget for 2012 has been published in preparation for the budget workshop on Monday, June 13 at 6:00pm in the BCC chambers on the 6th floor of the county building at 301 North Olive. The Sheriff does his presentation at 6:45pm, followed by public comment at 7:30pm.

We need your help! – Come to the meeting and tell the commissioners not to raise our taxes.

On its face, the budget maintains the same tax rates as last year (4.75 county-wide millage), but the County Administrator is asking the Board of County Commissioners to raise that rate to 4.992, “to reinstate some of the less desireable budget cuts”. This is orchestrated – the submitted budget is designed to bring the vocal interest groups to the meeting to protest cuts to PBSO, Palm Tran, the pools and lifeguards, etc. Like last year, the commissioners won’t be able to say no the Palm Tran Connection riders who will come to the meeting in their wheelchairs. We need to insist that if they reverse these cuts, they take the money from elsewhere so the budget stays neutral at 4.75 mills.

TAB expects participation from all the coalition partners, but in the past it has been 912’ers that has provided the most vocal and numerous opposition to county tax increases. Time to gear up and do it again.

To help, we have prepared a sample 2 minute public comment, and a sample email to the commission (CLICK HERE). Feel free to use and modify.

Also, for background information, check out these resources:

From the TAB website:

and from the local media:

Once again, please come to the meeting or at least send an email to the commissioners. Email addresses for all commissioners are listed on the right sidebar of the TAB website at http:/pbctab.org

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