Celebrities who lean right

By now, everybody’s heard about the latest book from Ben Shapiro, “Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story about how the Left took over your T.V.”.  There’s lots of articles all over the internet about it — consult Google for more details, but here is the link to Amazon.com’s synopsis.  I thought it would be a good opportunity to focus on some of the celebrities who see more eye to eye with OUR principles and values.  Some you might already know, but I bet there’s some names on this list that will make you say “Wow . . . . . really?”  Yup . . . . really.  I’m sure this isn’t everybody, so if you know of one I’ve left off, post it.


Clint Eastwood

Kelsey Grammer

Angie Harmon

Chuck Norris

Naomi Judd

Danny Aiello

John Elway

LeAnne Womack

Johnny Ramone

Marie Osmond

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Jackie Mason

Trace Adkins

Kathy Ireland

Jon Voight

Curt Schilling

Bruce Willis

Scott Baio

Rick Schroeder

Dennis Franz

Doctor Phil

Bo Derek

Nick Lachey

Stephen Baldwin

Karl Malone

Susan Lucci

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Kirk Cameron

Jack Nicklaus

Heather Locklear

Kim Alexis

Jessica Simpson

Duane “The Rock” Johnson

Cheryl Ladd

Robert Duvall

Kid Rock

Ben Stein

Tom Selleck

James Earl Jones

Loretta Lynn

James Woods

Mary Lou Retton

Don King

Rachel Hunter

Dean Cain

Dennis Miller


Tony Danza

Mike Ditka

Pat Sajak

Patricia Heaton

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Chris Evert

Bill Belichick

Drew Carey

Sylvester Stallone

Adam Sandler

Wayne Newton

Ted Nugent

Robert Conrad

Shirley Jones

LeeAnn Rimes

Janine Turner

Andy Garcia

Sammy Hagar

LL Cool J


3 Responses to “Celebrities who lean right”
  1. Iris Iris says:

    There are more – but unfortunately there don’t seem to be a lot of young folks on the list…don’t know how accurate this article is – but it includes a few more names:


    including Gary Senise, Martina McBride, Gloria Estefan

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