Our Lantana meeting was thought provoking and inspiring

We always enjoy our meetings at the Palm Beach County Library, Lantana Road branch – but have to operate on a tighter schedule due to a totally ‘hard stop’ at 9pm.  We had a full schedule on Tuesday, June 14th and a lot of material to cover.

First up were Shannon Armstrong (founder), Doug Armstrong (co-founder) doing our invocation and Jason Shields leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Shannon introduced Dr. Richard Raborn – who is the leader of the South County 912 group.  Fred Scheibl gave a brief TAB update on the turnout at the PBC Budget Workshop the evening before.  He summarized the status – much yet is to be resolved by the July 11th meeting.  Turnout by those in favor of holding the line on tax rate increases was not the best.  Iris Scheibl put it more firmly – she scolded the group for not taking the time to email or attend the meeting.  She also mentioned that Charter Review meetings are underway and encouraged members to attend.  Shannon reiterated that folks need to make a difference!

The meeting then segued to Faith, Hope and Charity – where members Dave DiCrescenzo and Doug Armstrong gave short summaries of Faith and Hope, which had been covered in prior meetings.  Since our value of the month was Charity, it was fitting that Joe Budd was going to cover the Charity segment of the South Florida 912 version of Glenn Beck’s Faith, Hope and Charity tour last year.  Joe used the personal theme of ‘automobiles’ in his life to illustrate being on the receiving and giving sides of Charity.

Dr. James DeGerome was our keynote speaker.  He went in depth into the potential impacts of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), called for its repeal, and listed alternatives that would solve the problems without destroying the healthcare system as we know it. Time was running short, but he was able to take a few questions before Shannon squeezed in a few additional items. 

Tami Donnally announced a patriotic song choir that she is getting started.  If you want to join – contact her or if you don’t know how, send an email to info@southflorida912.com.  Shannon announced our 4th of July meeting (on Sunday July 3rd – breakfast at the Original Pancake House followed by attendance at Christ Fellowship for their annual patriotic service).  Check back on the website for more details.  Jason announced the 50/50 winner while everyone scurried around to put the meeting room back as we found it.

We exited the library to find that we’d finally had some rain in Palm Beach County!

Some pictures by Boris:


2 Responses to “Our Lantana meeting was thought provoking and inspiring”
  1. celia atlas guistolisi says:

    Hi Folks;

    I was excited to find this website thru a friend & needless to say saddened by the close of Glen Becks show !

    Please keep me apprised of any further meets or info.

    Sincerely ;


    • Glad to have you join us. Did you sign in as a member? We send out a Digest each week to keep you up to date on the events in our community and our group. Please also feel free to post info that you want to share with us in the blogs. Welcome to the Group 🙂 If you have any questions please email info@southflorida912.org

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