America Supports Israel March on August 24th in PB Gardens


Many members have been looking for ways to show their support for Israel in a non-partisan way on August 24th.  Here’s a local opportunity to do your part.   Please note:  No signs.  This is not a political event or a demonstration.  Just bring a small American or Israeli flag to wave.

american flaglarge israeli flag 
Please join us at an “America Supports Israel” March on:
August 24, 2011                  
                                    5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
The March will commence at Christ Fellowship’s North Campus, 5343 Northlake Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418-4554 and proceed from Christ Fellowship along Northlake Boulevard east towards Military Trail.  Please bring a small American Flag or Israeli Flag.  You will be directed to parking and an assembly point at the campus.
Terry & Ellen Brady
Mel & Barbara Grossman


12 Responses to “America Supports Israel March on August 24th in PB Gardens”
  1. I am contacting Rabbi’s in the Delray Area. Having Glenn speak at the Knesset will help. I hope that they will understand the non-partisan rally for Courage.

  2. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    I clicked off the distance in my car today from Military to the Gardens Campus Christ Fellowship entrance. It’s 0.8 miles one way, so over a mile and a half round trip. If you’re coming straight from work, you might want to bring a change of shoes. The Chevron gas station on the NW corner of Northlake and Military has a small convenience store with your usual assortment of cold beverages.

  3. Dmitry Dmitry Levin says:

    Will be glad to see my old (young at heart 🙂 ) friends.

  4. Iris Iris says:

    Two weekly papers have covered the event – spread the word!

    Florida Weekly
    South Florida Weekender

  5. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    If you are having a tough time finding Israeli flags, try Flags Plus in West Palm Beach, on Military Trail in between Southern Blvd. and Forest Hill Blvd. Address is 1441 South Military, phone number is 561-433-8874.

  6. Iris Iris says:

    Barb Grossman is making US/Israeli flag wavers from her flyer about the march – and will have several of these to hand-out to folks who attend on Wed.

  7. Barbara Susco says:

    The Palestinian people have suffered for 63 years! Who needs to defend themselves? Israel is well defended with the $3 billion we give that nation every year (for 10 yrs committed by GWB) in addition to favorable trade and other arrangements adding many more billions. Have you donated money for trees? Those trees were planted so that Palestinians who would try to locate the villages, from which they were ousted, wouldn’t be able to find them because their homes were replaced with trees. Wake up and learn the facts about Israel, the main obstacle to peace. Try living in a camp for 63 yrs behind barbed wire and not being allowed to cross a street or get to work. Netanyahu and his ilk are laughing all the way to the bank while our boys lose life and limb. No thanks, there is no reason to honor the nation of Israel.

    • michael says:

      Keep up the hate Barbara. I still remember you working to undermine the REC with fellow neo Nazi Rob Ross. Your hatred works well at Obama headquarters but not the 9-12 project. We support America not Osama

    • EdFulop EdFulop says:

      Barbara —

      You might want to brush up on your Bible a little bit. Particularly the book of Genesis, and the conversations God has with Abraham. If you want to go against that, do so at your own peril. Just be weary of any angels you might see. See, in the Bible, whenever God wished to make an example of someone, He sent an angel.

      Those who bless Israel will be blessed . . . . those who curse Israel will be cursed.

  8. Iris Iris says:

    Updates from Barb – At around 6pm, to kick off the March, there will be the pledge, invocations, song – amongst the speakers will be Todd Mullins, Lead Pastor, Christ Fellowship and Albert W Bush, Pastor at Gardens Presbyterian Church. Also, Fred Crowe, an AA pilot whose co-pilot was on one of the planes that flew into the World Trade Center, will speak at the 9/11 Memorial as the folks marching pass it.

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