Good Deal or Snookered Again?

So what’s in this new “deal”?

According to the Powerpoint released by the Speaker’s office (CLICK HERE), it is a good deal. Response from both sides of the aisle have been mixed though, and most are waiting to read the real bill. They better be quick though as they will likely have to vote on it tomorrow.

Here’s what seem like good things:

  • No Tax Hikes are included in the bill
  • Cuts more over 10 years than the debt ceiling is raised
  • Cuts and caps discretionary spending
  • First “tranche” is $900B increase now, second “tranche” needs to be acted on by Congress next year
  • Second “tranche” of $1.5T enacted if BBA sent to the states by year end OR joint committee cuts spending (by Thanksgiving) more than another $1.5T
  • Triggers require across the board cuts if caps are violated
  • According to the Powerpoint, it makes it “impossible” for the Joint Committee to increase taxes

Some not so good things (not all mentioned in the Powerpoint):

  • Spending cuts are back loaded – first two years are pocket change.
  • Requires 12 member bipartisan “joint committee” to agree on second round of cuts – if no agreement, automatic cuts are applied to Medicare (doctors and providers get cut – not beneficiaries) and Defense. Medicaid, Social Security, Veterans and military pay are exempt
  • Powerpoint claims that committee cannot raise taxes, yet one analysis implies that the Bush tax cuts will be allowed to expire – effectively Obama’s tax on “the rich”. Will have to wait and see on that one.

So is this a good deal or not? My thought is that we may have been snookered again, just like with the continuing resolution earlier in the year. The democrats orchestrated this to be resolved at the last minute and the House will be asked to vote on it without having even a full day to consider the ramifications. Washington at its UGLIEST!

I withhold my judgement until I can read the bill. So should you.

CPAC-FL An opportunity to see Presidential Primary Candidates

Several 912ers will be attending the Florida Straw Poll in Orlando in September, called Presidency 5.  The event will begin on Thursday September 22nd with a FoxNews debate and end with a straw poll of delegates on Saturday.  There still may be openings for delegates or alternates – contact the Republican Party of Palm Beach County at (561) 686-1616 for information.  This is an outstanding, albeit pricey, way for activists to see the candidates up close and decide who to support prior to the early 2012 Fl primary.

However – all is not lost.  The American Conservative Union (CPAC) is having an event scheduled to coincide but not interfere with Presidency 5 called CPAC-FL on Friday, September 23.  Both events are being held in the Orange County Convention Center is Orlando.  Registration is open for CPAC-FL and is $45 or $80 for two.  There are also other categories beyond general admission.  Check the website above for more information.

So far, many of the presidential candidates, plus other key conservatives are going to appear at the CPAC event.  It is possible to drive up and back in one day and avoid the need for a hotel room.  So – go for it and make an informed decision on your candidate(s)!

August SFL 912 Meeting – To Dream (Act) or Not!

The next meeting of South Florida 912 will be on Tuesday, August 9th at:

Lantana Rd. Branch of the PBC Library
4020 Lantana Road
Lake Worth, FL 33462

Click for Directions

Time: Meet and greet 6:30pm-7pm
             Meeting: 7pm – 8:45pm

The Dream Act– what do you know about it?  Do you have an opinion?  We are fortunate to have two long-time South Florida 912 members who hold opposing positions on the proposed Act:  Austin Parris has been a vocal advocate on behalf of passage of the Dream Act.   Speaking in opposition will be Francisco Rodriguez.

The DREAM Act (acronym for Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) is an American legislative proposal first introduced in the Senate on August 1, 2001, and most recently on May 11, 2011, when the bill was re-introduced in the US Senate.

You can read the rest of the wiki article here.

Meanwhile, a few states have passed some form of Dream Act legislation.  The latest is California – where Gov. Schwarzenegger vetoed several versions, but Gov. Brown just signed a partial implementation last week.  And President Obama, speaking to La Raza just a few days ago, once again brought up his avid support for it.

Our members have very strong opinions on this, so expect a lively debate on this once again timely subject!

Also on the agenda:

  • Our Value of the Month
  • Candidate announcements
  • Sherry Lee on a Call for Candidates
  • Mel Grossman will talk about America Supports Israel 8/24
  • Fred Scheibl will be recruiting for an activist training project that will hone our skills and influence some local issues at the same time

 We hope to see you there!

We stand with Congressman Allen West

As the debate over the debt ceiling continues on its strange course, much of the media has bemoaned the fact that the tail (ie. the Tea Party) is wagging the dog (establishment Washington). Several pundits (Gloria Borger for one) have pointed out that many of the “89” have no loyalty to their party. They were elected to come and stop Obama, and stop (and hopefully reverse) the unbounded growth of the federal government. They do not care too much about being re-elected, about their committee assignments, or about filling their fundraising coffers. In other words, they are men and women of principle and are not likely to be swayed by the amenities of the capital. THIS SCARES THE PANTS OFF THEM!!!

Most of the House Freshman, including Allen West, believe that the “Cut, Cap and Balance” bill that they recently passed is the right course. Since the other party controls the Senate and the White House, it has not progressed. Obama would veto it, Reid called it “dead on arrival”.

Speaker John Boehner, looking for a way forward that will present the President with an offer he cannot refuse, has introduced a two step solution – about $1T in cuts over 10 years and an equivalent rise of the debt ceiling (taking us into next Spring), with a congressional commission working in the meantime to put together the rest of a “big deal”. This did not contain the balanced budget amendment (although today’s iteration may), but it did attempt to “cut” and “cap”.

Many of the “89” opposed this step, preferring to hold out for CC&B, even to the point of letting August 2 (a questionable deadline for sure) come and go. Allen West on the other hand, saw this as a reasonable strategy – a way to keep the goverment running, get some real cuts, and then work out a better deal in step 2. He refers to this as “getting 75% of what you want and continuing the fight tomorrow.” The President is hard over on moving the ball past the 2012 election, but this plan keeps it front and center next year, as well as getting some real cuts.

This is clearly not enough to save the country from the ravages of the Progessive Agenda, but consider that only several months ago, the President was demanding a clean vote on the debt ceiling and expected to get his way. The real question is what will be the effect of letting the “default date” pass without a resolution. No one really knows. Since no real progress can be had until we can win back the Senate and the White House, does holding out for a better deal now help or hurt that objective?

Allen West, thinking in military terms, believes supporting the Boehner Bill was the right choice and has been taking a lot of heat from his conservative peers and some here in the district. One tea party leader has even called for a primary challenge. We think that the call and the caller are ridiculous.

We supported Allen West in defeating Ron Klein and he has been a steadfast supporter of the conservative cause. Although some of us want to hear the reasoning behind his actions on the Boehner Bill, we still trust him enough to hear him out and give him the benefit of the doubt. We are not so trigger-happy as to pull our support for the Congressman many see as a future President over a matter of tactics in the debt fight.

We stand with Allen West. So should you. Let the Congressman know you support him at 561-655-1943 in West Palm Beach, or 202-225-3026 in Washington.

Obamacare: Government Decided, Government Provided

In 2014 your healthcare will change. Your doctors and hospitals are all planning changes right now to comply with the PPACA (Obamacare) so they can remain in business.

Did you know that in 2011 your W-2 will have to include the value of employer provided healthcare benefits? Not taxed…yet.

Did you know millions of low income Seniors, income under about $20,000 per couple, will be forced onto Medicaid?

Did you know that 17% of hospitals may close due to PPACA (Obamacare) per the CBO (Congressional Budget Office)?

Did you know a physician shortage of 63,000 doctors is estimated by 2015 as doctors retire and move into other medical roles to escape PPACA?

Did you know that all insurance companies will provide only those treatments approved by the Secretary of HHS or the company will be OUT of the insurance exchange and OUT of business?

Did you know what happens in your doctor’s office no longer stays there? Your medical history, procedures, medications, conditions, will be available to your dentist, therapist, any medical professional treating you and various government workers overseeing the database.

Did you know that in 2011 cuts to Medicare home health care are denying basic services such as physical therapy and home health aides?

Did you know that in 2012 Medicare cuts to dialysis treatments begin?

Did you know that in 2012 cuts to Medicare Hospice begin?

Did you know in 2014 government IPAB begins submitting proposals to cut Medicare?

Did you know in 2014 the government will impose tax on nearly all private health insurance plans.

Did you know in 2017 all physicians must use pay-for-quality programs where your doctors receive more for following government treatment guides and are penalized if they do not?

Did you know that doctors are now combining into large medical centers so they can comply with the complex mandates and stay in business?

Did you know Obamacare relies on ACO’s (remember HMO’s?) to take care of us as our “medical home” where we can be tracked and provided ONLY THAT CARE the government’s Independent Payment Advisory Board determines should be given?

Any of these changes by themselves is detrimental to our healthcare and in combination will destroy America’s healthcare…the finest in the world. Notice everyone wants to come here for their care.

PPACA ( Obamacare) will take away access to healthcare with rationing by waiting.

Just having insurance does no good, if there are no providers because they have been driven out of business by Obamacare. Americans will be begging for any medical care and this administration would use that crisis to provide government chosen and trained doctors, nurses, etc.

Every facet of your healthcare: Doctor, hospital, dialysis, stents…

Government Decided and Government Provided.

Contact Governor Scott to request he pull our state out of Race To The Top.

We Surround Them – FLORIDA – You Are Not Alone!
A message to all members of FLORIDA 9/12 PROJECT

Contact Governor Scott to request he pull our state out of Race To The Top.

Call 850-488-7146 or Fax 850-487-0801 Governor Scott all week – we must make him understand how dangerous this is.

If you do not understand RTTT you can find it on the internet – government control of our children thru education. When you have the time you can go to – count how many times they mention their sponsor the UN.

Also, we are obligated to accept their text books… not what we choose. In exchange for federal funding, we must agree to their curriculum.

BEST ACTION – email, call, twitter & facebook

Sample letter provided by Diane Kepus, …….

Governor Scott:

As responsible and concerned citizens of Florida, we would like to ask you to abstain from entering Florida in the Race to the Top/Early Learning Challenge program. A few of the reasons are listed and explained below.

States’ Rights:

The state has the right and obligation to educate all children. Florida has been striving to improve our education system. We have done this with increased documented accountability and escalating expense in order to meet our own high standards, as well as requirements and mandates from the U.S. Department of Education. Further demands for states to relinquish control of education are not needed and are not beneficial.

Furthermore the partnership of the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Education portends a loss of states’ rights in that states face the expense of implementing education with escalating federal control over and micromanagement of how the states perform these duties. The devil is in the detail. The expense of screening all the children, monitoring the day care facilities and other agencies, coordinating all the agencies as well as coordinating health care support and home visits, the data collection on each child and family, and the continuing cost of sustaining all of this is basically on the states. The revenue will have to come from some form of taxes.

Parental Rights:

Parents of infants, toddlers and preschoolers must provide state agencies with information about themselves and their children, information which can be invasive. Furthermore the home visits mandated by the new healthcare law, not only are invasive but also usurp the responsibility of parents. These home visits no doubt will become a permanent part of the Race to the Top requirements. The RTTT/ELC also requires education on parenting. Parents know how to take care of their children. Those parents who are not willing to take appropriate care of their own children will continue to beat any system which demands that they be accountable for the most natural God-given ability which even animals possess.

Duplication of Services:

The state, through Health and Human Services, already has agencies in place for preschoolers and for health care and social services of children (including prenatal). In fact, Health and Human Services already spends approximately $12 billion a year on early child care and educational services for preschoolers. The duplication of agencies to perform an existing function escalates the cost to the state. Furthermore RTTT/ELC requires that the state sustain the level of services once started, even if duplicated.

Loss of good and excellent caretakers:

This program oversees the common practice of many good caretakers who keep 2 or 3 children in their homes. These caretakers often provide a level of care and love which cannot be matched by larger facilities. Is this the intent of RTTT/ELC? These caretakers can not afford to meet the requirements, such as data keeping. They know all about the children. The data gathering is not for the caretakers or children. Who needs this information on infants and toddlers?

Longitudinal data collection on children:

RTTT/ELC requires that a longitudinal study begin on all the children who are in day care facilities. This data collection begins before birth and is to be coordinated with Dept. of Health and Human Services information. This invasion into the home will follow the child throughout his/her education (life?) The information requires access by all the agencies involved, and one of the unintended consequences of such wide-spread information is that he/she is labeled at a very young age and will be stuck with this label throughout his/her education. Furthermore, all the information about a child and his family will be a data system which can never be 100% secure, as evidenced by the hacking into many high level data systems.


The un-sustainability of the costs to the state for a growing bureaucracy of duplicate services, the loss of the state’s right to implement an educational plan which meets our needs, and the loss of parental control over their most precious
responsibility all make Race To the Top/Early Learning Challenge an unwise choice for Florida.

Respectfully submitted,



Pat Wayman

Director of Communications

Florida 912 Project


Summer Journey

This summer has been typical in the Armstrong family as “summer” is synonymous with “busy”. At the core of our 912 group is to give back and my children have been doing that. My son Tyler volunteered for two weeks at a camp in West Palm Beach where he worked with young kids with many different backgrounds and taught about Jesus and shared friendship and camaraderie with the youth. Then Alexa and Tyler together went on a missions trip to New Orleans. My son was able to go out into the community and recruit kids wandering on the streets for various games at a local park and share the word of God while he played sports with them. My daughter went into nursing homes and children’s centers to sing, act and read to them. The people were so grateful to them just for showing they cared. Locally the kids are volunteering at Church to reach out to kids in our community to teach sports and the word of God in a loving fun and safe environment. Our whole family gets involved with the sports camp and Vacation Bible School ministry each and every year.

The turmoil in our country concerns me, however I don’t want to emote gloom and doom. Optimism is hard to maintain but we must for the next generation. Sometimes I think about what Glenn said at the Restoring Honor event in DC last year… “the next George Washington could be in the crowd” it was a powerful statement then and now. I try as a mom to teach these principles to my children; with a strong faith in God, love for our country and loving and giving hearts I believe they can make a real difference. This summer with the little time you have left, do something for a neighbor in need or donate to a shelter or a charity. Give back with your time. When you do this you are creating a better you. It is also a chance to interact with others and share your thoughts on our country and its direction. Weave it into your life, Faith in God and the Principles and Values of the 912 movement are a great place to start. Improving ourselves will allow us the ability to be great examples and free our selves up to concentrate on helping improve our Country, our State and our local community.

Let us lead the way for the children by example… get involved.


Questions and Answers – South Florida 912

Recorded at the Florida 912 Leaders Conference, Orlando, Florida, March 26, 2011.

The Promise

Welcoming Home a Hero Thursday 07/21 Fort Lauderdale Airport

Please stay tuned for more information, more details coming in, but this is what we know for now:

LCPL AUSTIN PERRY, USMC, arrives home Thursday night at 9:30PM, Delta terminal, Fort Lauderdale airport.

Please plan to be there with his family for this joyous occasion.

Please note we are given this information often very last minute but will post when I have it.

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