Sincerity: July’s Value – To say what you mean and mean what you say

The value for the month of July is sincerity. As we continue to educate ourselves and search for quality candidates or even consider ourselves as a candidate, or just as an American… sincerity is key. People can tell if someone is truly sincere. I believe most of us are “over it” with politicians and are tired of the word games. Simply just live what you believe.

The Websters Dictionary: the quality or state of being sincere: honesty of mind, freedom from hypocrisy

The American Dictionary: honest and genuine

People are more sensitive to this value now. I think in the past people allowed this to be overlooked, however no more. Just share with us where you truly stand. Share with us what you really believe. We may not always agree but it is better to be honest and sincere then to lie to us to tell us what you think we want to hear. Or worse say things to get elected and then not stand by it.

We have all been burned by politicians who have stated they believed in something and they did something else once in office. Examples: immigration reform, a balanced budget, medicare and social security reform. Regular folks also lack sincerity when they say they want to get involved with a community action group like a tea party, 912, Christian Coalition etc…  Then they attend meetings but never actually take ACTION, an important key to the term “community action group

Be Sincere!  Get Involved!  Be Honest where you stand! Take Action.


One Response to “Sincerity: July’s Value – To say what you mean and mean what you say”
  1. Robert Sohn says:

    This video was made by a patriotic lady who runs a 3,500 member tea party. Please watch and forward to all the tea party folks you know. This isn’t information Fox News or CNBC will tell you, but your life probably depends on it.

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