Contact Governor Scott to request he pull our state out of Race To The Top.

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A message to all members of FLORIDA 9/12 PROJECT

Contact Governor Scott to request he pull our state out of Race To The Top.


Call 850-488-7146 or Fax 850-487-0801 Governor Scott all week – we must make him understand how dangerous this is.

If you do not understand RTTT you can find it on the internet – government control of our children thru education. When you have the time you can go to www.creativechange.net – count how many times they mention their sponsor the UN.

Also, we are obligated to accept their text books… not what we choose. In exchange for federal funding, we must agree to their curriculum.

BEST ACTION – email, call, twitter & facebook

Sample letter provided by Diane Kepus, www.educatingflorida.com …….

Governor Scott:

As responsible and concerned citizens of Florida, we would like to ask you to abstain from entering Florida in the Race to the Top/Early Learning Challenge program. A few of the reasons are listed and explained below.

States’ Rights:

The state has the right and obligation to educate all children. Florida has been striving to improve our education system. We have done this with increased documented accountability and escalating expense in order to meet our own high standards, as well as requirements and mandates from the U.S. Department of Education. Further demands for states to relinquish control of education are not needed and are not beneficial.

Furthermore the partnership of the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Education portends a loss of states’ rights in that states face the expense of implementing education with escalating federal control over and micromanagement of how the states perform these duties. The devil is in the detail. The expense of screening all the children, monitoring the day care facilities and other agencies, coordinating all the agencies as well as coordinating health care support and home visits, the data collection on each child and family, and the continuing cost of sustaining all of this is basically on the states. The revenue will have to come from some form of taxes.

Parental Rights:

Parents of infants, toddlers and preschoolers must provide state agencies with information about themselves and their children, information which can be invasive. Furthermore the home visits mandated by the new healthcare law, not only are invasive but also usurp the responsibility of parents. These home visits no doubt will become a permanent part of the Race to the Top requirements. The RTTT/ELC also requires education on parenting. Parents know how to take care of their children. Those parents who are not willing to take appropriate care of their own children will continue to beat any system which demands that they be accountable for the most natural God-given ability which even animals possess.

Duplication of Services:

The state, through Health and Human Services, already has agencies in place for preschoolers and for health care and social services of children (including prenatal). In fact, Health and Human Services already spends approximately $12 billion a year on early child care and educational services for preschoolers. The duplication of agencies to perform an existing function escalates the cost to the state. Furthermore RTTT/ELC requires that the state sustain the level of services once started, even if duplicated.

Loss of good and excellent caretakers:

This program oversees the common practice of many good caretakers who keep 2 or 3 children in their homes. These caretakers often provide a level of care and love which cannot be matched by larger facilities. Is this the intent of RTTT/ELC? These caretakers can not afford to meet the requirements, such as data keeping. They know all about the children. The data gathering is not for the caretakers or children. Who needs this information on infants and toddlers?

Longitudinal data collection on children:

RTTT/ELC requires that a longitudinal study begin on all the children who are in day care facilities. This data collection begins before birth and is to be coordinated with Dept. of Health and Human Services information. This invasion into the home will follow the child throughout his/her education (life?) The information requires access by all the agencies involved, and one of the unintended consequences of such wide-spread information is that he/she is labeled at a very young age and will be stuck with this label throughout his/her education. Furthermore, all the information about a child and his family will be a data system which can never be 100% secure, as evidenced by the hacking into many high level data systems.


The un-sustainability of the costs to the state for a growing bureaucracy of duplicate services, the loss of the state’s right to implement an educational plan which meets our needs, and the loss of parental control over their most precious
responsibility all make Race To the Top/Early Learning Challenge an unwise choice for Florida.

Respectfully submitted,



Pat Wayman

Director of Communications

Florida 912 Project



One Response to “Contact Governor Scott to request he pull our state out of Race To The Top.”
  1. Nevin says:

    Already sent this to Governor Scott!

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