Summer Journey

This summer has been typical in the Armstrong family as “summer” is synonymous with “busy”. At the core of our 912 group is to give back and my children have been doing that. My son Tyler volunteered for two weeks at a camp in West Palm Beach where he worked with young kids with many different backgrounds and taught about Jesus and shared friendship and camaraderie with the youth. Then Alexa and Tyler together went on a missions trip to New Orleans. My son was able to go out into the community and recruit kids wandering on the streets for various games at a local park and share the word of God while he played sports with them. My daughter went into nursing homes and children’s centers to sing, act and read to them. The people were so grateful to them just for showing they cared. Locally the kids are volunteering at Church to reach out to kids in our community to teach sports and the word of God in a loving fun and safe environment. Our whole family gets involved with the sports camp and Vacation Bible School ministry each and every year.

The turmoil in our country concerns me, however I don’t want to emote gloom and doom. Optimism is hard to maintain but we must for the next generation. Sometimes I think about what Glenn said at the Restoring Honor event in DC last year… “the next George Washington could be in the crowd” it was a powerful statement then and now. I try as a mom to teach these principles to my children; with a strong faith in God, love for our country and loving and giving hearts I believe they can make a real difference. This summer with the little time you have left, do something for a neighbor in need or donate to a shelter or a charity. Give back with your time. When you do this you are creating a better you. It is also a chance to interact with others and share your thoughts on our country and its direction. Weave it into your life, Faith in God and the Principles and Values of the 912 movement are a great place to start. Improving ourselves will allow us the ability to be great examples and free our selves up to concentrate on helping improve our Country, our State and our local community.

Let us lead the way for the children by example… get involved.


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