We stand with Congressman Allen West

As the debate over the debt ceiling continues on its strange course, much of the media has bemoaned the fact that the tail (ie. the Tea Party) is wagging the dog (establishment Washington). Several pundits (Gloria Borger for one) have pointed out that many of the “89” have no loyalty to their party. They were elected to come and stop Obama, and stop (and hopefully reverse) the unbounded growth of the federal government. They do not care too much about being re-elected, about their committee assignments, or about filling their fundraising coffers. In other words, they are men and women of principle and are not likely to be swayed by the amenities of the capital. THIS SCARES THE PANTS OFF THEM!!!

Most of the House Freshman, including Allen West, believe that the “Cut, Cap and Balance” bill that they recently passed is the right course. Since the other party controls the Senate and the White House, it has not progressed. Obama would veto it, Reid called it “dead on arrival”.

Speaker John Boehner, looking for a way forward that will present the President with an offer he cannot refuse, has introduced a two step solution – about $1T in cuts over 10 years and an equivalent rise of the debt ceiling (taking us into next Spring), with a congressional commission working in the meantime to put together the rest of a “big deal”. This did not contain the balanced budget amendment (although today’s iteration may), but it did attempt to “cut” and “cap”.

Many of the “89” opposed this step, preferring to hold out for CC&B, even to the point of letting August 2 (a questionable deadline for sure) come and go. Allen West on the other hand, saw this as a reasonable strategy – a way to keep the goverment running, get some real cuts, and then work out a better deal in step 2. He refers to this as “getting 75% of what you want and continuing the fight tomorrow.” The President is hard over on moving the ball past the 2012 election, but this plan keeps it front and center next year, as well as getting some real cuts.

This is clearly not enough to save the country from the ravages of the Progessive Agenda, but consider that only several months ago, the President was demanding a clean vote on the debt ceiling and expected to get his way. The real question is what will be the effect of letting the “default date” pass without a resolution. No one really knows. Since no real progress can be had until we can win back the Senate and the White House, does holding out for a better deal now help or hurt that objective?

Allen West, thinking in military terms, believes supporting the Boehner Bill was the right choice and has been taking a lot of heat from his conservative peers and some here in the district. One tea party leader has even called for a primary challenge. We think that the call and the caller are ridiculous.

We supported Allen West in defeating Ron Klein and he has been a steadfast supporter of the conservative cause. Although some of us want to hear the reasoning behind his actions on the Boehner Bill, we still trust him enough to hear him out and give him the benefit of the doubt. We are not so trigger-happy as to pull our support for the Congressman many see as a future President over a matter of tactics in the debt fight.

We stand with Allen West. So should you. Let the Congressman know you support him at 561-655-1943 in West Palm Beach, or 202-225-3026 in Washington.


2 Responses to “We stand with Congressman Allen West”
  1. Barbara Samuells BARBARA says:

    I agree in supporting Allen west’s decision. Other freshmen made the decision to vote against the bill and I applaud them for a tough decision.

    Allen is a leader and makes a reasoned explanation for his vote.

  2. Eddie Olsen Eddie says:

    I pray we elect more leaders like Allan West to Congress.

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