Personal Responsibility – The August Value

This months value is Personal Responsibility.

This is a great value that we each need to take a moment to make sure that we are taking ownership for our failures as well as our successes. We also need to take ownership of our communities  locally, and at the state and national level. Dietrich Bonhoeffer once said “Action springs not from thought, but from a readiness for responsibility.”

Websters Dictionary defines RESPONSIBILITY as…

1: the quality or state of being responsible: as
a : moral, legal, or mental accountability
b : reliability, trustworthiness
2: something for which one is responsible : burden
the quality of being dependable

We must be motivated to accept our mistakes and learn from them. I believe if we take the time for a personal review of our lives most of us need to realize that the problems that we are seeing in our country are a result of our inactivity, our inaction in the past. I know for me personally I was very involved at different points in my life mostly when I was young and idealistic and then when the family came along I stepped away from it all. I tuned out. I realize now my error. We all need to take responsibility for the path our country is on and once we do that,… each of us individually, we can learn to change the course. On this journey we recognize our errors. Now we need to change. Talk to others, sign up to work on a campaign or an issue that you think is important. Attend a 912 meeting with 3 of your neighbors. Go to a county commission meeting or call your Congressman. Take responsibility. Do not rely on others. Do not expect others to make those calls or attend those meetings. I used to believe I voted for the right person and that was enough.They made it to office and then I did not follow how they did or call them to voice my opinion. That is where we need to make the change. If we all take Personal Responsibility seriously and ingrain it into our lives  we can change our selves, our families and our Country.

Take ownership…Self, Family, Your Community, Your State and Nation, get informed, and get involved.


2 Responses to “Personal Responsibility – The August Value”
  1. Shannon,
    I wanted to talk with you about an upcoming event that the Tea Party Ft Lauderdale & Pompano Beach Republican Club is hosting for the “agenda21today.com” group located in the Lakeland Florida area.

    If I could bring some flyers to your August 9th meeting it will be appreciated. We are trying to get the message out there how the UN is taking over every aspect of our lives, first locally, county, state and federal governments are involved. I do believe that the local politicians are not aware what damage is being done to our country. Mostly thru the environmentalist.

    Please let me know if I can bring the flyer. The conference is October 8th of this year.

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