Volunteers Needed

The South Florida 912 is seeking volunteers to join our grassroots action team.

During the elections next year, this team will use a variety of tools to educate the public on the candidates and their positions. Methods will include making phone calls, walking neighborhoods, attending candidate rallies, and generally spreading the word about candidates who espouse our core principles and values.

In August and September, we are starting a pilot project to hone our skills, debug our tools, and work to prevent another increase in our county tax rates. Participants who complete an assignment on this project will receive formal recognition as a South Florida 912 Grassroots Activist, and be included in future team activities and events.

Projects will be starting the first week in August, so sign-up now! Given the August heat, most activities will involve making local calls from the air-conditioned comfort of your home, and attending several public meetings. If you can join us, please send a note to action@southflorida912.org and someone will contact you shortly.

Thank you,
The South Florida 912 Action Team


One Response to “Volunteers Needed”
  1. Eddie Olsen Eddie Test says:

    I have been conservative for a long time now. I regret having not been politically active in the past. Now finding our country in such dire straights, I want to participate and become active with 9/12. I have started a blog to counter point the left leaning Palm Beach Post. My blog is named whythepalmbeachpostsucks.blogspot.com. John Kerry’s remark that the credit down grade is the “Tea Party down grade” and all the hateful, vile name calling of the left has motivated me to participation

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