A packed room at Congressman Deutch’s Townhall

It was a packed room at the Greenacres City Hall Tuesday night, August 16, 2011, as constituents of Congressman Ted Deutch assembled to hear his views on some of the top current issues and for him to field questions from the audience.  It seemed that the majority attending were senior citizens from District 19, although there were others from outside the district as well.  A few fellow members of South Florida 9-12 were present.  Also in the audience were a couple of Code Pink ladies that were hard to miss. 

After some opening remarks by Greenacres city officials, Congressman Deutch took to the podium to offer a few opening remarks and to suggest that his focus this night would be on the single most important topic in the country today….jobs!   He made it clear that he was all about creating jobs, yet missing from his comments was any semblance of how this administration was going to handle the task of creating real, true, legitimate jobs that could put our country back to work.  He offered ideas such as building railways, runways, and expanding our air and seaports!  Congressman Deutch  mentioned a piece of legislation that would require more goods that are sold in America to be made right here in America.  That brought about a round of applause intermixed with vocal comments about the rising cost of American made products.  He mentioned another piece of legislation that will provide government backed loans that will make it easier for people to purchase a home.   Sounds like we’ve heard this somewhere before, and didn’t this kind of thinking get us into this mess in the first place? 

Whether people were in line to ask a question or to deliver an opinion or comment, everyone in the room had legitimate concerns and frustrations with the current members of Congress, their inability to get things done, and with the overall performance of the President and his administration. 

Supporters of Ted Deutch were no doubt left with the very same frustrations they came in with and they will probably continue to be a supporter.  After all, Ted really is a nice enough guy and people like to hear what he has to say.  His supporters heard what they wanted to hear.  I appreciated his coming out for his constituents and for putting himself into a somewhat uncomfortable position.  But for this writer, though, it was politics as usual.


7 Responses to “A packed room at Congressman Deutch’s Townhall”
  1. Judy M says:

    Same old same old, I’m not a fan of progressive Deutch, he talks out of both sides of his mouth, he protects this progressive administration that no clue on how to create jobs, but continues to restrict middle size and small companies that would hire if they would let up on all the rules and regulations keeping them from hiring.
    And continues to add more people legal and illegal to food & welfare rolls calling IT WORK.

  2. Steven Steven says:

    I appreciated him making time to come out and stay there and answer all the questions but his answers were the same old pap. It sounds like everyone on that side of the aisle has the same talking points. It’s very frustrating. It was pretty obvious that he had no solutions other than more government and help illegal immigrants to get a free ride in our country. He definitely played to his senior citizen constituency with no changes to medicare, medicaid or social security even though all agree that it is unsustainable as it stands. I left appreciating knowing where he stands but very frustrated that they have no answers other than spend more money and hope we grow our way out of the debt. Let’s all just bury our heads in the sand and hope everything solves itself. As I said, very frustrating.

  3. Helen Tullos says:

    maybe someone needed to ask him how much money did Soros promise him…sounds like he’s another of Soros’ puppets like Obama…

  4. Great job Mickey reporting and sharing – I was very disappointed more people weren’t there. We need to get out the masses to these events and get our voices heard. My impression after hearing Nancy P. town hall is that the answers that Deutch gave were almost word for word the talking points they have been trained to give. Almost spooky … The Democrats were pretty upset with Deutch.

  5. David DiCrescenzo David D says:

    I’m very happy to hear that the dems were pretty upset with Teddy. I wish they’d start getting upset with their whole party. The problems have been the same for decades, and so have the failed solutions. It’s time to lace the water in DC with some common sense.

  6. Sandra Fox says:

    Congressman Deutch said that he voted against the Ryan bill as it would create difficulties including the use of vouchers for medicare. I ask him why he did not state that the bill did not affect anyone born before 1956. So it did not impact any of the seniors in attendance. I then ask if he voted against the Ryan bill did he support the democrates plan establishing a 15 member rationing panel to regulate payment to doctors and hospitals. He gave the same old answer, seniors deserve their medicare as they paid into it and the 15 member panel was just to determine payments and I made it sound like Palins dealth panel. The point was not that seniors shouldn’t get medicate but that Ryans plan protected it while trying to save it for those under 55. The democrates plan to set up panels and cut medicare by 500 billion will impact seniors. It was clear however that the people there did not listen to what I said.

  7. Iris Iris says:

    Sandra – good for you for speaking out and asking your question!

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