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County Sets Tax Rate for 2012

A letter regarding Herman Cain

WIth permission I printed a copy of the letter I was sent on Facebook

Thanks Lori for Sharing this with us.

Shannon, I just retyped an article that is not available on the internet. Remember Mark’s Uncle who wrote Unlocking God’s Secrets, Musiings of Me and My Master and Wonder No More… Bob Morley? Well, he met with the author of the article and had wonderful things to say about both the author and Herman Cain.

Lori Greene Alimonti Parris
So, anyway, I put the article in my NOTES section of Facebook. I hope you’ll take a look at it. It reveals more about the character of Herman Cain… and it’s all good. Here’s the recommendation from Mark’s Uncle Bob:

Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday I drove to Altamont Springs, FL, to meet for the first time a journalist by the name of Dick Corbeil, a man I have come to admire and respect from afar. I first was introduced to Mr. Corbeil’s work when a reader of my first book sent me an article that he had written in which he had said some extremely kind words about my book. By then my second book had been published so I sent him a copy, and since then he had been kind enough to send me copies of his articles, plus a book of his called The Compleat Clintonopaedia, a fascinating collection of articles covering the Clinton years.
By the time I actually got to meet with Dick yesterday, I already respected him as a very talented, politically conservative, level headed, journalist, who not incidentally loved his savior verymuch. I was not disappointed. I found him to be everything I had hoped; an educated and well read man of 77 years of age who had been around the block a few times and had a lot of wit and common sense.

One thing Dick said as we chatted yesterday, however, I felt I would take with a grain of salt. That bit of news was that he thought Herman Cain was the very best choice to be the Republican nominee, and he gave me a copy of an article that he had just written and was published in yesterday’s Apopka Chief.
Don’t get me wrong, I have had nothing at all against Herman Cain. In fact, since the first time I saw him, which was on Neil Cavuto’s TV show over a year ago, I have personally liked him and could readily see his qualities of integrity, business acumen, and good old fashioned horse sense. I also liked the fact that he was not in any way, shape, or form, a politician. My problem with Herman Cain was that I did not think he had a chance, and deep down I felt the most important thing was to get Obama out of the White House.

Then a few hours ago I found that Cain had won the Florida straw poll with over 37%, more than doubling Perry’s and Romney’s percentages. I was flabbergasted. Florida is a very diverse state. If Cain can win the straw vote here so convincingly, maybe I was way off base in disregarding him so flippantly as I had. I also remembered Cain saying over a year ago that he was the only candidate who would dig into the African American vote that Obama so drastically counts on and needs.

I started thinking more seriously about Herman Cain as my pick.

First, although He doesn’t wear his Christianity on his sleeve as much as Bachman and Perry both do, he may actually be themost deeply religious of the nine who are in the race for the Republican nomination. In fact, in addition to his completely stunning business background, Herman Cain actual sang and made gospel music records. And although he does not hold up his Christianity as a badge as the aforementioned duo seem to, Cain is definitely not ashamed to be numbered as a follower of Jesus and His teachings.

As for Cain’s business background, comparing him to Romney, who is constantly bragging about being the best businessman in the field, Cain’s business achievements versus Romney’s are like comparing a high school’s basketball record to the L.A. Lakers. What Romney has done in the business arena is a drop in the bucket to Cain’s stellar background, which incidentally includes a whole lot more than just being the head of Godfather’s Pizza.

Looking at his positions, I find nothing I disagree with. His “9,9,9” tax plan is solid and would create jobs and turn the American economy loose to soar. Cain’s position of immediately repealing Obamacare is heartfelt and I’m confident he would keep his promise. If you saw the last debate a few days ago you know that he feels deeply that if Obamacare had been in effect six years ago when he himself was battling with stage four cancer, he would be dead. He strongly believes that. And he will stop Obamacare dead in its tracks. Additionally, his strong defense of Israel is a must for me. And, in fact, going down the list of areas of national concern, Herman Cain is a conservative, no nonsense, problem solver. I have not disagreed with a single thing he has statedThe result for me? Never before have I contributed to a political campaign. All of my donations always go to Christian missions. However, the next thing I am going to do after I push the send button on this e-mail is go on-line and make a contribution to Herman Cain for president. If he can win in Florida like he did today, he can beat Obama. And I won’t have to settle for some candidate I can’t truly feel proud of.

Please read the article that Dick Corbeil gave me that he had published yesterday. It is attached. In it you will read about the real Herman Cain, and you will be pleasantly surprised. You will learn a lot. The article is appropriately titled, “When God sends you a gift, don’t stamp it ‘Return to Sender’.
Actually, I encourage you to print the attached article in order to really take in what Dick is saying.

In Christ’s love, Bob

Herman Cain – What’s all the fuss about?

At 37%, Herman Cain collected more votes at the Florida Straw Poll than both Mitt Romney and Rick Perry combined. How did this happen?

Most delegates came to the P5 convention with a pretty good idea of who they were going to support, and like the national polls would indicate, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney were the overwhelming favorites. In my case, I had pretty much decided to join the Perry campaign after the convention and was seeking a confirmation of that decision.

On Thursday, all the candidates appeared at Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom gathering. Perry did OK, giving a variation of his stump speech (“First, don’t spend all the money..”). Most of the others were predictable and although Cain was inspiring, he didn’t really register with me. That evening, at the Fox/Google debate, most candidates held their ground, but Perry faltered badly in two ways. First, he insulted many people on the in-state tuition for illegal aliens issue by saying that if you opposed it you “didn’t have a heart”. Second, a seemingly rehearsed attack on Mitt Romney over flip-flops dissolved into a puddle of incoherence. Not good. Herman Cain again did very well but did not register as I was still working out how to overlook Perry’s problems and rationalize my support for him.

On Friday, at the CPAC conference, Perry had ample opportunity to better explain his tuition stance but declined to do so. He could have explained that unlike the federal Dream Act, in Texas it involves no amnesty and simply applies the in-state rules to “residents”. Furthermore, it was passed with an overwhelming majority in the legislature and many other states provide the same kind of program. (I was still rationalising my support). Once again, Herman Cain was impressive.

On Saturday morning, we attended the Rick Perry breakfast. This would be the fourth time to see him and another chance at redemption. The breakfast was impressive – a full fancy buffet, and there was seating for over 1000. By my count, about 500 were in attendance and many of the seats were empty. After a while, the candidate entered from the corner of the large room and was immediately mobbed by press and eager supporters as he slowly made his way toward the center of the room. It had been announced that he would “greet everyone personally” and many of us waited for him to make his way to our side of the room. After 45 minutes of this he had not crossed the center line of the room and those on our side were visibly annoyed that they were sitting on their hands waiting for the guy. Finally, he makes for the stage and delivers 8 minutes of warmed over remarks (“First don’t spend all the money”). Four chances, four flops. Finally we have crossed the line and start thinking about which other candidate to support, but we will give him one more chance in his afternoon speech before the straw poll.

Not. By the afternoon, Rick Perry was on his way to Michigan and left a “surrogate” to speak for him. Scratch Rick Perry from further consideration.

That left (for me) Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum. Mitt Romney stopped being a choice long ago for many reasons too long to go into here. The others are clearly not in the same league. So we listened to the speeches with an open mind. Cain, Santorum and Gingrich had stayed to deliver their closing remarks, others had surrogates, Bachmann and Romney did not participate. Many around us were having second thoughts about Perry as well, particularly those with a “tea party” orientation. The more mainstream Republicans were comfortably in the Romney camp.

When Herman Cain made his remarks, the room came alive. This is what we were waiting for since Thursday. In my notes I wrote: Broad coverage of the issues, executive style, ARTICULATED VISION, powers of persuasion, and projection of leadership. He pressed all the right (conservative) buttons, but did it in a way that was clear, concise, motivating and persuasive. You could see this guy standing next to Barack Obama and wiping the stage with him. The excitement was palpable.

At that point I decided to vote for Herman Cain. Taking to heart Andrew Brietbart’s advice to not let the media define who is “electable”, I voted my heart. He may not win the nomination or even the Florida primary as there is a rough ride ahead, but now, today, this is a man who can be President.

Watch the video from the Saturday event and decide for yourself:

Part 1

Part 2

South Florida 912 Monthly Meeting / Big Al’s Steaks in Palm Beach Gardens

Tuesday, October 11th

Big Al’s Steaks**
11290 Legacy Ave K 120, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

6-6:30pm meet and greet and order food (GET THERE EARLY FOR A SEAT AND FOOD)*
6:30pm meeting starts.

Looking forward to seeing all the 912 Patriots for an evening of education, camaraderie and action.

Our Guest Speaker for the evening will be Paulette Burdick, County Commissioner District 2.   As one of our county’s commissioners she will give us insights into the budget process, the county water management issue that is pending for the Glades area and how that will affect the county financially, and how being a County Commissioner differs from being on the School Board. 

Our Value of the Month is Hard Work and the speaker will be Marianne Polulack.

There will also be a special short memorial presentation by Big Al, himself, in memory of Joey Vento, a man best known for the THE BEST cheesteaks in Philly and owner of GENO’s Steaks. Mr. Vento’s conservative values were well known and he is most famous for his sign at the restaurant that said “This is America. When ordering, speak English.” He refused to have menus in different languages. To read more on Joey go to Michelle Malkin’s article.

The agenda will also include an update on CPAC and Presidency 5.  Candidates are always welcome.  At the end of the meeting we will welcome you to speak for a few minutes about your campaign and yourself.

We are also looking for volunteers to help us prepare for the hard work ahead in 2012. We need greeters, bloggers, event planners, set up and clean up crew, sponsors and much more. Please come on out to sign up, and take action. 

*Note: Additional Parking will be in the rear garage.    Big Al’s is offering a special meal deal $7.50 for a 6 inch sub of your choice, fries and a soda.  For $9 you can have a full size sub with fries and a drink. The full menu will also be available. (Please note this is a first come first serve event)   **Big Al’s Steaks is one of our sponsors.

County Tax Rate Comes Closer to TAB Target

Last evening at about 11:00pm, the County Commission voted to set the county-wide tax rate at $4.79 per $1K valuation, up 0.8% from last year. While still technically an increase, it is much better than the number set in the July meeting and an indication that all the work of the last few months has had an effect.

Thank you to those who attended or wrote letters and emails, but a very special thanks to those who stood up at the meeting and spoke their mind. Of the 80 people speaking at the meeting, 75% were there to protect “their” county funded programs, but 25% were on our side, a rising tide.

From South Florida 912, speakers included Marianne Polulack, Iris and Fred Scheibl, Rita and Jim Boger, Victoria Theil, Albert Key, Alison Rampersad, Nancy Hogan, Mike Lameyer, Shannon and Doug Armstrong, and Jason Shields.

Palm Beach County Tea Party was represented by Anita Carbone.

For a synopsis of the meeting and what the tax decision means, see: A Surrealistic Budget Hearing on the TAB website.

Honoring Constitution Day Celebrated September 16th

Leaders in our Delray 912 group and sponsors of the South Florida 912 the Winkers have created a website the http://www.constitutionbooklet.com/
where you can easily down load the Constitution and create a booklet. Speak to your children’s teachers and inform them about this easy to use format for every child to get there hands on the Constitution for free. It is a great project and a terrific way to start conversation. Please go to the website to get started. I challenge each of you to take a moment to print the booklets and share them. Call your childs teachers and have it incorporated in to the class room teaching plans on Friday. Incorporate with your families conversation as well. Get involved, get printing today.

Jon Huntsman for President?

Friday afternoon, Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman held an appearance at the Marriott in West Palm Beach.

Later that day it would be announced that he was pulling resources from the state to concentrate his push in New Hampshire, but at the reception he listed his ties to the state (his national campaign headquarters is in Orlando) and his confidence of winning here. Huntsman has an impressive resume, a track record of accomplishment and popularity as Governor of Utah, and an expert insider’s grasp of the issues in both the economic and foreign policy spheres. The mainstream media likes him, he has done well in two debates, and locally he is supported by Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff (who notably was an early supporter of John McCain when his campaign had faltered). So why is he polling nationally at only 1% or so? We attended the event in hopes of answering that question.

John Huntsman in West Palm Beach

First some background. Iris and I are activists – we pick a candidate, make a committment, and work very hard to get that person elected. In the 2008 cycle, we attended Presidency 4 – the GOP event / debate in Orlando, and made our decision after seeing the candidates up close and personal. Our interests diverged – Iris went to work for Romney and I joined the Giuliani campaign. Neither of us were drawn to John McCain, although his campaign had reached a low point and he had a very low profile in Orlando that year. This time around we will also make our choices after Presidency 5.

So what characteristics make for a good president and how do you tell if a candidate has the right combination?

Intelligence is important, so is knowledge of public policy and world events. Holding a worldview that is relatively in sync with your own is a given. Executive experience, particularly in leading large organizations (public or private) is an advantage for success. Self confidence and the ability to make a decision and move on when the data may be murky or incomplete is necessary, along with the humility to admit if you are wrong and change course when appropriate. All these things can be gleaned from resumes, news reports, televised debates and media interviews, and it is surely necessary to evaluate all these in making an informed choice.

An argument can be made however, that most or all of the current GOP field can qualify (particularly those who were governors or CEOs) on these bases, and all would be a superior choice to Barack Obama (particularly in the “worldview” area).

The differentiator is “leadership presence”, and this is were I find Jon Huntsman coming up short.

An effective leader makes a “connection” with those he leads, that is at the same time intellectual and rational as well as visceral and intuitive. Ronald Reagan (the “Great Communicator”) had it. So did Bill Clinton (“I feel your pain”). George W. Bush had it after 9-11. Barack Obama had it during the campaign, but squandered it in the first six months with his total disregard of the wishes and feelings of half the country. Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush didn’t have much of it.

A President has to make choices, sometimes difficult ones, and convince you that he is right so you will support those decisions. We see that somewhat in Rick Perry sticking to “Social Security is a Ponzi scheme” and Mitt Romney’s insistence that Romneycare was right for Massachusetts.
As Jon Huntsman answered questions at the event, he seemed to adopt both sides of the argument. Given the opportunity to differentiate himself from the current President on foreign policy (Arab Spring, military deployments, China), or the economy (energy policy, job creation) – he opted instead to give a nuanced analysis of the area without choosing any policy options other than the standard “repeal Obamacare and Dodd/Frank”. His energy policy prescription (get everyone around a table to agree) ignored the inherent contradiction in developing domestic energy sources yet still embracing global climate change and the need to regulate carbon emissions. I was left with the feeling that Jon is vaguely conservative, yet could not tell how he would act in any specific situation.

The other aspect of the “connection” is how a candidate interacts with an audience. Having seen both Mitt Romney and Michelle Bachmann up close, it is clear that they are comfortable working a room and they both have a knack for retail politics. Each can make a one on one connection with you, then move on and do the same to everyone they encounter in the room. It is instinctive and natural. I do not get this vibe from Jon Huntsman.

I’m sure Jon Huntsman was an excellent Utah Governor, Ambassador and Trade Representative under multiple Presidents. He would make an excellent Secretary of State. But carrying the whole ticket against Barack Obama? Not so much.

September 912 Meeting is the County Budget Meeting, 9/13/11

This is a call to action for next week’s county budget hearing, Tuesday evening, 9/13/11 at 6:00pm. The meeting is in the county government center, 301 North Olive in West Palm Beach. Come early as the meeting is expected to be crowded.

As you prepare for the meeting, here are some resources that may be useful:

Also check the “News Articles” tab on the TAB website for the latest budget stories from the Palm Beach Post, Sun Sentinel, and others.

Those on the “receiving” side of the budget will be out in force. Those of us on the “paying” side must also have their voices heard. If you can’t attend, send an email. Addresses for the commissioners and administrator can be found on right side of the TAB website, or you can email all at once at: BCC-AllCommissioners@pbcgov.org.

For some specific details about this meeting, see the 9/9 TAB email.

Remember 9.11 this weekend — find a service near you here


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