September Value: Friendship

This months value is Friendship.

Funny but most would think this is the easiest of values. Our group is based on 9 Principles and 12 Values and each value is an important aspect for each of us to work on within ourselves. As we journey each month contemplating each value. I hope that each of you are striving to implement these values in your daily life. These are also traits that we want to see in our elected officials and candidates as well.

This month Friendship is the value of the month. Take a look around you. Jot down the 5 people you have spoken to yesterday that you would consider friends. Who are they? What is their character? Are they involved in their community? Do they care about what is going on in the world or more concerned with the latest fashion or football game. Look around your life, the people you have dinner with and go to church with, call on the phone on a Saturday afternoon. The people you surround yourself with should complement you. Help you be an even better you. Not tear you down or get you off track.

Friendship on the personal level is something I have been thinking about a lot. I am very loyal but I have learned that my time is also very limited and precious and when I have “free” time I want to spend it with like minded people and people I love. I will do anything for a friend if needed and I always follow thru no matter how hard it may be. However I am honest enough that if I can’t do it I will let you know. This I think comes with age and time đŸ™‚ Friendships are also give and take. Will that person be there for you if you are ill or need a ride? Will they follow thru on commitments?

This month let us try to strengthen the friendships with those people around us. We will need them as much as they will need us as times get more difficult. Share with these friends your books, news clips and knowledge. Help lift them up as they should also lift you up. Be strong in your faith, your beliefs and in your love. These all will help you be a better friend. My step mom used to tell me you have to be a friend to get one… I wasn’t sure what she meant but as I get older I understand. Reach out to those in need around you. Create lasting friendships along the way.

When you look at an individual who is an elected official and or candidate you need to know who they “hang out with”, who their mentors are. It is usually a great indicator of the kind of person they “really” are.

Friendship is an important step in implementing our 12 values to our lives. Friendship is a key to who someone running for office “really” is. Please think about this important value this month and put it to action in your vetting of candidates and your daily life.

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