September 912 Meeting is the County Budget Meeting, 9/13/11

This is a call to action for next week’s county budget hearing, Tuesday evening, 9/13/11 at 6:00pm. The meeting is in the county government center, 301 North Olive in West Palm Beach. Come early as the meeting is expected to be crowded.

As you prepare for the meeting, here are some resources that may be useful:

Also check the “News Articles” tab on the TAB website for the latest budget stories from the Palm Beach Post, Sun Sentinel, and others.

Those on the “receiving” side of the budget will be out in force. Those of us on the “paying” side must also have their voices heard. If you can’t attend, send an email. Addresses for the commissioners and administrator can be found on right side of the TAB website, or you can email all at once at: BCC-AllCommissioners@pbcgov.org.

For some specific details about this meeting, see the 9/9 TAB email.


One Response to “September 912 Meeting is the County Budget Meeting, 9/13/11”
  1. Peter DiPIetro says:

    Regarding the 9/15/11 meeting on widening Palmetto Park Road—-

    I am oppsed to widening this road because of the traffic patterns it will create. I feel that this will cause an excessive amount of traffic putting drivers at risk, as well as pedestrians.
    It will destroy the beautiful landscape and take away the comfort of having a managable road to drive on. It will open up a venue for speeding, congestion and overcrowding.
    I moved to the area because of its roads, beauty and safety. I feel that this will be a unnecessary use of a large amount of funds. Those funds can be better used for another community project.

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