Serve the community with Turkeys, your time and your talent.


Tables set up and people getting served by 912ers

Tables set up and people getting served by 912ers

Last year a number of 912ers gathered together with a group of churches and the city of Greenacres where we helped serve up some yummy food for those in need at Thanksgiving time. We had a terrific time and would love to get even more people involved this year.

Tami Donnally is our contact person and all the details are still being worked out as more info becomes available I will pass it on.

We will need people to help cook the turkeys and then bring them on Wed. night.¬† Billy hasn’t met with the community people yet, so he’s not sure what they have set up so far…he will let us know if food/desserts/drinks are needed.

They do accept cash donations to help offset the cost of turkeys…

Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, about 5:30 -6pm

Last year my kids and I had a terrific time helping out and hope to see all of you there as well

Please RSVP so we know who to contact with the final details

and let me know if you can bring a cooked Turkey.

God Bless



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One Response to “Serve the community with Turkeys, your time and your talent.”
  1. I recieved this email fron Tami D.
    and they are in need of some cooking help as well as serving
    below is the email.

    Can you guys purchase and cook: 4 turkeys

    50 lbs. of mashed potatos (ready to serve upon delivery)

    Maybe some will help buy turkeys and others can cook them….and divide the potatos up 10lbs. per person.
    Delivery is 5:30 Wednesday at 501 Swain



    I have one volunteer the Jim and Laureen Hunter for a turkey
    Please let me know if you can help out with this asap
    email me at shannon@southflorida912.org



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