Commissioner Paulette Burdick featured at our October SF912 meeting

It was Philly Cheesesteak night at Big Al’s Steaks in Legacy Place for our meeting – or at least it seemed that way looking at what most everyone was having for dinner!  Thanks to Adam Costilo for hosting us and for the 912 discount.

Shannon Armstrong, South Florida 912 co-founder, kicked off the meeting, describing some of the group’s history and telling us about upcoming charity activities for November.  She introduced David DiCrescenzo as our MC for the night, who started us off with the prayer, and Matthew Kenney leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance. 

David introduced Marianne Polulack, who had written a post on the website about our Value of the Month – Hard Work.  Marianne eloquently spoke about hard work in all facets of our lives and reminded us that it’ll also be hard work to achieve all that we want to in 2012.  Next, Iris Scheibl introduced County Commissioner District 2, Paulette Burdick.

The Commissioner spoke about the recently passed budget and the difficult budget year ahead of us for 2013.  By taking one-time funds from the ‘Roads’ budget to close the budget gap, we have set ourselves up for an even bigger hole.  Ms. Burdick also described the challenges of having been on the School Board and contrasted it with the County Commission.  She fielded questions from the audience about the water issues, the highway/road budget, fire rescue salaries and the upcoming Charter Review.

After a short break, David introduced Al Costilo (Big Al 😉 )  who paid tribute to Joey Vento – recently deceased owner of Geno’s Subs in Philadelphia.  Joey had achieved notariety when he’d posted a sign asking that all food orders be placed in English.  He became a public figure after that.  Al had met him personally when starting up his Big Al’s Steaks stores.  He played a few short videos as well.  Fred Scheibl spoke about the upcoming Fire/Rescue contract negotiations and encouraged others to join in observing the talks.

David  then told us a little bit about what it was like being a reporter at CPAC and Presidency 5.  He got to go behind the scenes and also observe audience response and it was clear that he’d had an amazing experience.  David then introduced Tami Donnally who also had attended CPAC and P5.  She told us why she was supporting Herman Cain and that she was the PBC leader for Cain.  There is a kick-off next Tuesday (posted on the website’s calendar).   Carl Domino attended briefly but was unable to stay until the announcement section of the meeting.  He was going to let us know about the Mitt Romney PBC Kick-off  this Friday.  Please get involved and support/volunteer for your favorite candidate.  The Presidential Primary on January 31 will be here before you know it!

Mike Lamayer, candidate for FL Senate District 25 then spoke about his campaign and issues that are key for him.  Iris Scheibl described two upcoming events – Cut Spending Now Rally next week  and the panel on both sides of dealing with  Illegal Immigration in Florida by the Republican Club of the Palm Beaches on October 27th.  Jason Shields held the 50:50. 

Thanks to the volunteers who greeted everyone, got there early to help set-up and clean-up afterwards.

Our next meeting will be a kick-off for the upcoming Election Year – watch for more details soon!

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