Ohio 912’ers and Tea Party Define THE Narrative for Victory in 2012

Ohio Takes the First Popular Vote on Obamacare. That Vote is NO.

Many Americans work long hours so that weekends and evenings become precious family time. However, Ohio Tea Party, 912 and other patriots volunteered countless of these valuable hours to gather signatures in all 88 counties of Ohio to force the issue of Obamacare onto their state ballot this November . Where there was a county fair, a town’s parade or festival, a church social, the patriots were there filling petitions one citizen, one signature at a time.

They gathered 440,000 signatures. And the resulting ballot Issue #3 passed on Nov. 8 by a resounding vote of 2 to 1.

A vote for Issue #3 was a vote against Obamacare. Ohioans were the first Americans who actually got to vote on Obamacare, and they voted NO! The 20 month effort of over 4400 volunteers resulted in every Ohio voter having the chance to reject the forced healthcare mandates of PPACA, known as Obamacare.

While the very end result remains uncertain since PPACA can have no state allowed to go their own way on healthcare, Ohioans have done an historic service to all Americans. They showed us what a determined and organized grassroots effort can accomplish.

In addition, Ohio’s volunteers defined a clear narrative for political victory in 2012. Americans may disagree on tax changes and on how to best create jobs, but the Ohio vote shows overwhelming opposition to Obamacare. Politicians who supported it or are not working to repeal it are putting themselves on the wrong side of the voters’ mandate and will not be trusted to work for the best interests of Ohio and all America..

Thanks to Ohio’s vote damning the takeover of America’s healthcare, candidates determined to repeal PPACA can know their voice will surely be heard and the votes will be theirs.

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