November Value – Courage – Do you live it?

This months value is Courage.

In Joshua 1:9 it says … Be strong and courageous do not be afraid or discouraged for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

It takes great courage to stand up for what you believe.  Our value this month is Courage.

The definition from Websters Dictionary states courage as
: mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.

Examples of courage are all around me as a friend fights brain cancer, a friend recuperates from a bad car accident, people even in our own country struggle to speak the truth about their belief in God, and a belief that our country is being hijacked by a group of people who do not care about our country as we do. Children seek to pray at school before a football game or a school graduation and it takes such courage to stand up, speak out, and to be able to do these things.

My father taught me the value of courage by my observing his actions and listening to his story. As a young boy he joined the Marines before he was 18 years old and he graduated from boot camp on his 18th birthday. Later my dad worked construction on the side of the road while he put himself through college. To this day my dad has his construction helmet on display, not for any one else, but to remind himself where he came from. My husband suffered a horrible car accident when he was just a kid and his cousin a passenger died and my husband showed great courage in facing the memories of that horrible day, the circumstances and the fears. I felt courage as I faced an ambulance as it took my little baby away from me to a hospital far away. I knew that she was in God’s hands. My husband held my hand and as we traveled through that dark night and when I saw the glowing cross from a afar I felt Courage. I knew God was with us and her and that small seed of courage grew as we enter through those doors together. Courage is what Nana and Papa had when they traveled to the United States and later became US citizens.

Courage gets you up in the morning to face the day. Courage allows you when you make a mistake, to admit it. Courage allows you stand on truth and principle. Courage is a trait so few people who run our country have.  To admit a mistake takes courage, to tell the truth even when it’s bad news takes courage. Our soldiers each and every day have courage, the loved ones left behind have courage.

Recently I saw an incredible movie called Courageous.  It was an amazing movie and it called for people as a community to draw closer together,  for parents to be courageous examples to their children,  to have a resolution and then follow it through and live it out. Speak words of encouragement to each other and your family and friends. Praying for wisdom and strength to live a courageous life honors God.  We must seek courageous people for our leaders, our role models, our heroes.  Within ourselves, we must find the courage to be strong, and to be an example to our children, our family and our friends.

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