End of year celebration with South Florida 912

A core group of long-term South Florida 912 members along with some newcomers met at The Original Pancake House on Tuesday night for a year-end celebration.  As usual – thanks so much to Mickey Polulack for setting up his sound system and to the Original Pancake House for the space and prompt service.

Shannon Armstrong – co-founder, kicked off the meeting.  Doug Armstrong, co-founder, led us in the invocation and Alexa and Hunter Armstrong led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Shannon spoke about our Value of the Month – Moderation, and what it meant to her personally.  We have covered all twelve of the Values of South Florida 912, and next year, will discuss the nine Principles.  Shannon talked about the importance of having volunteer to help the group, especially with all we have ahead of us in 2012.  If you would like to volunteer in any capacity from helping with events and meetings, helping with research or writing posts for the website, or posting on facebook, please don’t hesistate to send an email to info@southflorida912.org

Fred Scheibl spoke about our upcoming event, co-hosted with Palm Beach County Tea Party – the Presidential Preference Primary Portfolio Event event on January 10th – moderated by Brian Mudd of WJNO.  He also suggested that everyone take the Survey, which may help those undecided on their candidate for the January 31st GOP Primary.  Only 4 of the attendees had committed to a candidate so far.  Iris Scheibl spoke about the upcoming Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners meeting.  Many in our group had worked hard to ensure we had an Independent Inspector General, yet at last month’s meeting, the Commission prevented Ms. Steckler from hiring to cover two new contracts.  The item, 5D1 is on the agenda for next Tuesday’s meeting.  We may need members to come speak on the 20th and will post a call to action, should it be necessary.

Virginia Brooks, of the PBC Christian Coalition, spoke about a gambling issue that will also be on Tuesday’s County Commission agenda.  She has a Call to Action on her website  and is asking for folks to write and call their Commissioners.  Carol Hurst piped in that gambling did no good to the communities around Atlantic City.

Linda Wummer told us of her experience, during her Thanksgiving dinner celebrations at Indiantown Marina, of reading a patriotic creed and getting an outstanding reception.  This was in line with what Shannon had spoken of earlier – that we should all be talking to people, starting conversations in the supermarket or when around others with innocuous statements such as ‘food prices have sure gone up lately’… and then lead into – why is that?

Mike Lamayer, running for FL Senate District 25 spoke briefly.  Hunter handed out candy canes and assisted in the 50:50, the winner of which kindly donated the $50 back to the group.

Many folks hung around quite awhile after the meeting, enjoying each others’ company and conversation.

Wishing all of our members a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All.

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