“Do Nothing Congress?” No – it’s a “Do Nothing Senate”!

You’ve heard the mantra by the President and by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid,  repeated ad nauseum by the media – those evil Republicans in Congress have done nothing. They’ve stopped everything single action that would help Americans get back to work.

You’d think that 1) Congress means the House of Representatives 2) Republicans control both the House and the Senate. It’s amazing how well repetition makes people believe lies as truth – and the ‘Do Nothing Republicans’ will be the primary talking point for the remainder of the 2012 Election Cycle.

Congressman Allen West (US FL District 22), at his January 13 Jupiter Town Hall showed a slide of all of the job-related bills that the House has passed in 2012 which were lying fallow in the Senate, tabled by Harry Reid without any kind of discussion or debate. It is Leader Reid’s inaction that sets up ability to continue the mantra. The Congressman also provided a handout with a list of those bills ignored by the Senate.

The entire list can be found at Jobs Bills Stuck in the Democratic-Run Senate.  The page has a heading for each bill, along with a link to the bill’s status.  I may not agree with all of the bills that the House has passed – but debate on any of these issues have been totally squashed.  And we, the tax-payers, are paying the salaries of this Do-Nothing Senate!

Educate your friends and family.  Ask them who they think controls Congress?  You may be unpleasantly surprised.

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