The Question: Who am I voting for ?

I have been getting asked to endorse candidates this week and I keep getting asked who am I voting for. Here are some of my thoughts inregards to this.

No thank you…

I am however, very happy with every one really getting involved and vetting these candidates.Standing behind the candidates they believe in. My personal opinion is as a leader is to lead people to the core values and principles our movement believes in. Then to let them, the individuals to find those candidates that adhere to those values. I also think who am I tell you who to vote for. I may be more involved then the average Joe but with this movement I believe people need to educate themselves and get involved other wise what was the point of the movement if people are waiting for my opinion. If that is the case then all is lost. Educate ourselves and follow our Principles and values and get behind that candidate. That is what I want and believe the movement was and is about. That is why I started my 9-12 group not to just tell others how to feel or vote. The Republican party and Democrats all ready do that. It is also why people should host and attend as many events as they can with an open mind to see the various candidates and / or watch the debates. The more you can
do the better. Adversely once the primary is over. I will stand for our Nominee. Game on.

I know preaching to the choir ….

bottom line I will vote for a shoe if it runs against the big O


Shannon Armstrong
South Florida 912


8 Responses to “The Question: Who am I voting for ?”
  1. Rosalie Kardan says:

    I am voting for Mitt Romney. He has the best chance to defeat Obama, that is why Obama has focused on him. Watching Gingrich demonize him has been sickening. I know Gingrich is a great debater, but he is not electable, he has too much baggage and when it comes to morals he is far lacking. When is it a crime to be wealthy and make money in a capitalist country? This is such a fundamentally offensive argument, and plays straight into the hands of Obama and his idealistic socialist views. I respect all the candidtates, but this unrelenting bashing of free enterprise and wealth (wall street occuppiers philosphy) is unamerican. Mitt got a good education, and workded hard for his money, and helped turn around companys that were failing, some he was successful and some failed, is he personnaly to blame?

  2. Linda Wummer says:

    I’m voting for what I’ve worked for these past years. The person with the conservative values that we’ve said we wnated. I’m voting with my heart and praying for devine providence. Be true to yourself and our country.
    Without saying, you know who I’m supporting.

  3. Terry Philpot says:

    I find it hard to believe that any true tea party / 9/12er would vote for anyone other than Rick Santorum. We SHOULD have ALL been behind Michelle Backman from the beginning since she was with the tea party movement from the beginning and was a true conservative but that is water under the bridge. While Mitt may be a great businessman, he is a not a conservative. He was a republican in Massachusetts he is a RINO and a socialist. While Gov of Mass he stated that it was ok if an under age girl wanting an abortion to bypass her parents if they objected and get permission from a judge, that is socialism.
    Newt was speaker of the house, third in line to the president and NEVER once spoke about the corruption that is rampant in the government. This corruption did`nt start with Obama or Bush, it has been there longer than any of us have been alive but NOW he wants to save us from it. Yeah right Newt!
    Ron Paul would sure stir things up in Washington but hes foreign policy is completely nuts!
    I will take Rick Santorum anyday! The mass media may say he can`t win, only Mitt, or only Newt can beat Obama but Shannon`s shoe could beat Obama by just compairing life BEFORE Obama to life WITH Obama.

    • Your funny Terry 🙂 Good insight thanks

    • Deet says:

      “Ron Paul would sure stir things up in Washington but hes foreign policy is completely nuts!”

      Strange how the Tea Party was formed around bringing back a CONSTITUTIONALLY limited Federal Government, but they then call following the Constitution, NUTS! They demand that their president go to war without the people’s consent, even against it. Paul only thinks following the Constitution is a good idea. Why do you not trust yourself or your Congressman to recognize a foreign threat and DECLARE war! One of the greatest fears of our founders was of the president becoming like a dictator, and declaring war was the main power they sought to reserve to the people. As far as maintaining a world empire, one can not be a fiscal conservative while demanding unlimited spending abroad. I thought we were against handouts and welfare to the rich, but we continually supply FREE defense to Japan, Germany, South Korea and many others that can afford to defend themselves. We all know Mitt is as PROGRESSIVE as they come, and Newt is void of ethics or morals, and Santorum is every bit the big spending, big government, RINO that GW Bush was, but somehow the Tea Party refuses to get behind the one guy that could get our financial house in order and bring back the Constitution.

  4. Roberto Roberto says:

    Amen Terry.

    The only true conservative left in this race is Rick Santorum, I can not believe how many tea partiers are falling for Newt as being the true conservative. The same guy that has said on numerous occasions, that FDR is the greatest president of the 20th century or that his a REAL POLITIC WILSONIAN, come on guys I tought we were awake in the TEA PARTY!!!!

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