School Choice and a Tale of Two Missions Movie

You may have seen Juan Williams on Fox & Friends a few days ago, discussing National School Choice Week, and his film on the Chicago School System contrasted with the Noble Street College Prep charter school.

Friday evening, I sat through a well-attended event sponsored by Americans for Prosperity – featuring Juan Williams and Dick Morris, discussing the deplorable state of education in the United States.  Joyce Kaufman, of WFLX, kicked off the evening describing her deep interest in the subject, both academically (she has a PhD in Education), and personally (she did everything she could to ensure that her children got the best public education in S. Florida – and both of her kids attended magnet schools and went to top universities).  She then introduced the Florida Director for Americans for Prosperity, Slade O’Brien who was the host of the event.

Williams and Morris both spoke for about 10 minutes each, and then fielded questions submitted both by the audience and those watching the event via webcast.  What both Juan and Dick stressed is that:

  • Parents want what’s best for their children.
  • School Choice is a topic that spans the political spectrum – and is not a right vs left, or Republican vs Democrat, or majority versus minority issue. 
  • Education levels the playing field.  The wealthy have always had the option of sending their children to superior academic institutions.  Choice allows parents the ability to determine where their kids get educated as opposed to letting where they happen to live determine the child’s options or outcome.
  •  Bad schools should be allowed to close.
  • The School Choice movement needs to grow; parents need to be engaged and the vise-grip that the teachers’ unions have on both municipal and higher level government and elected officials will necessarily be loosened by choice.
  • The reason American Colleges are amongst the best in the world, while their elementary and secondary schools rank low, is Competition!

The “A Tale of Two Missions with Juan Williams” movie describes the aforementioned situation in Chicago.  I watched it yesterday and encourage you to do so as well.  For more information go to National School Choice Week.

A Tale of Two Missions with Juan Williams (abridged)


6 Responses to “School Choice and a Tale of Two Missions Movie”
  1. Iris Iris says:

    Both panelists also mentioned the NYC ‘rubber rooms’. Here’s a recent article on a particular case. I think the number in that situation are much higher than ‘seven’!


  2. Henry B Pickard says:

    WoW! I attended the event in Greenville, SC and I got absolutely the same impressions!
    Thanks for your great words and getting those words out!

  3. Iris Iris says:

    If you watched the movie – then these comments by a NJ teachers’ union boss will be telling:


  4. Mom says:

    Iris. You are serious? The 30% was a bargaining tool. Teachers got 3% and the city refused to lower class sizes, refused extra support to students in need.

    Colleges do well because they are selective. Not because of competition. Why is Harvard great? Because students with scores of 16 on the ACT are not admitted.

    Can charter save education for ALL students? No. Only the ones that get in. The rest are still in regular schools that are overcrowded.

    Bs movie. So biassed.

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