Pizza For Patriots! This MON. 2/6…7:00PM

2012… it’s here.

The Florida Presidential Preference Primary is *over*. This past Tuesday, many of us cast our ballots for our choice of candidate.

So… now what?

We have NINE months until “Election Day” Tuesday, November 6th. One of two things will be evident the morning AFTER…

1- Barack Obama will be re-elected President – to lead the United States for 4 more years…

2- …or NOT.

We need a plan. We need fresh ideas. Familiar faces, new faces… and a bite to eat while we think aloud.

I have talked with Dave DiCrescenzo and Craig Henne from 1340-AM WPBR about an informal, “easy in, easy out” round table discussion we can have to brainstorm for the 2012 election. Local, County, State, Federal…

MEET US this Monday night, at 7:oopm

Pizza for Patriots Monday Feb. 6th at NYPD pizza 127 N.Federal Hyw. Lake Worth Florida 7pm . Join Doug David and Craig Henne  of Southflorida912.org 561 585-6973. Join us to learn more about the 912 org.

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