“TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!” – Pizza, Politics, and a Patriots “Round Table”


Monday night, 2/6, was a spirited night, for such an impromptu gathering. I called for a simple “round table”, where a few of us – open invitation – could just gather over a simple meal to share opinions, and exchange ideas about the last 3 years in America – and what lies ahead.

It was important that no one played host or audience – it was “all hands on deck” about YOUR stake in what stands to be gained or lost in the upcoming months of 2012’s political season.

We had double what I honestly expected – 20 people in total attended, come and go. Dave DiCrescenzo (The Patriots Press) and Craig Henne (1340 WPBR-AM) assisted in the choice of venue, the very hospitable NYPD Pizza (in Lake Worth).

Several themes of discussion coalesced around one central notion: I asked each individual patriot present: “WHAT IS THE GOAL – *YOUR* GOAL – FOR THE 2012 ELECTION?”

Many ideas naturally emerged (which I will detail soon in a separate post)… but I felt compelled to capture the pulse of not merely “who” the candidates we support are, but more: “WHAT ARE WE FIGHTING FOR? WHY?”

After listening to one another keenly, we ultimately reached consensus upon a theme for 2012 and the upcoming elections – an idea that connects our struggle to fight corruption, and the perceived culture war against the moral, historical & fiscal values of conservative America – a stand against the establishment, for what we know is decent, and right, and Constitutional: “TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!”

Conservative Americans still reflect with national pride in the prescient urgency of this iconic moment of Ronald Reagan’s presidency. His words were a line in the sand, a moment of destiny… and the spirit of liberty prevailed.

So, now – its 2012. This election year marks 24 years after President Reagan stepped into Air Force One at the lawn of the White House for the last time – waving ‘goodbye’.

As we see the tone of civility and honest discourse hijacked today in America’s town halls, schools and universities, and the national media – do we *also* wave ‘goodbye’? ‘Goodbye’ to what our parents & grandparents taught us, to what we learned ourselves in the ‘school of hard knocks’… to what generations of our sons and daughters have given their lives to defend?

NOW is the time.

The vetting process of this year’s Presidential candidates has been difficult, awkward, surprising, confusing… but there IS light at the end of the tunnel.

Over tasty pizza and calzones, a few concerned people in your community agreed that we are READY to engage… we have “been” engaged, many of us, and we have got to remain FOCUSED on why we sought out like-minded citizen-neighbors in the FIRST place.

– A South Florida 9/12 meeting next week, on Feb. 14th at 6:30pm (Lantana Road Public Library at SW c/o Lantana Rd & Lawrence Rd), featuring TREVOR LOUDON – a dynamic voice for liberty coming all the way from (distant!) **NEW ZEALAND**…

– Our 3-YEAR ANNIVERSARY celebration, since Shannon and I started a meetup group in response to Glenn Beck (then, of Fox News) and his impassioned plea to gather with friends and neighbors about the state of America – and her history…

– NEW South Florida 9/12 T-Shirts, in time for our anniversary event, as so many of you have asked – being designed now to reflect the focus of our year ahead…

– A “road trip” to Tampa this summer… to show the nation, the national MEDIA, at the Republican National Convention that the “Silent Majority” has NOT faded. (Rather, the “opposite” is true.) We have been paying attention: carefully, deliberately… and we are READY; ready to *CONTINUE* the noble fight to restore conservative principles in our towns, our state, our nation – throughout the halls of American government.

It’s 2012.
November is coming.


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