Floridians Are About To Get Raped – Again

(Editor:  The poster wanted you to read the following article about a controversial bill in the Florida Legislature.  Here are links to the text of the bill entitled “Mortgage Foreclosures – the FL House version and the FL Senate version.)

Floridians Are About To Get Raped – Again  
You’d think that the “nobody committed any crimes” crowd could muscle up some objection to this sort of bill, but it appears they haven’t and won’t.

Indeed, the very working title of the bill is a fraud — “The Florida Fair Foreclosure Act.”

It is in fact nothing of the sort.

Any time I see a bill that replaces the word “shall” with the word “may” in virtually every instance, and it is almost-impossible to find instances of the opposite, the hair goes up on the back of my neck.  The word shall is an important one in statutory construction, as it imposes hard limits on conduct and leaves no wiggle room, where the word “may” leaves ultimate discretion to people who are, in many cases, unelected and unaccountable.”

To continue reading the entire article go here


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