South Florida 912 Meeting at McKenna’s Place on Lake Worth Rd.

When:  Tuesday, May 8, 2012,

  • 6-7pm meet and greet and order food.
  • 7-9pm  meeting

Where: McKenna’s Place,  5283 Lake Worth Rd, Green Acres  

Please come  to our meeting next Tuesday at McKenna’s – we will be in the back room.  Come early to grab a seat and a meal.

McKenna’s Place  has a “happy hour’ special till 7pm.  The meet and greet will be from 6-7 and the meeting will start promptly at 7pm.  Our topics of the evening include hearing from our 912 membership on Food Storage,  All About Twitter,  Social Media and its importance in this next election.  There will also be a special presentation on John Stossel’s latest book “No, They Can’t – Why Government Fails and Individuals Succeed”.  Security and other related issues will also be a hot subject.  It looks to be an exciting and thought provoking evening.

Come out and meet your local candidates as well as other like minded people. See you there 🙂


2012 National Day of Prayer — Thursday, May 3rd

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord”, says Psalm 33:12

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”, says 2 Chron. 7:14

This Thursday is our country’s National Day of Prayer.  Check with your church or place of worship for specific details on what they are doing to mark this day.  If they aren’t, ask them for permission to coordinate it yourself. and get on the phone to your fellow parshioners or congregants and put the event together.  Truth be told, it doesn’t even have to be in a church — remember, wherever 2 or more are gathered . . . .

The church I attend, Christ Fellowship, is keeping their prayer center open the entire day for anyone to come and pray for our nation.  Here are their details about NDP:

. . . . and here’s the official site from the NDP’s chairman

May the Lord bless us all this year, and forever.

PB County Proposes $100M Sales Tax Increase

PBC Voters’ Coalition hosts Sheriff, State Atty and other Constitutionals on May 3rd

The Voters’ Coalition of Palm Beach County interviews each candidate for office and closer to elections, will be publishing their list of endorsements.  However – they have forums/panels at their monthly meetings during election years.

The next meeting will be on Thursday, May 3rd at 1pm at the South County Civic Center – which is located at 16700 Jog Road in Delray Beach.  Many of you have been at this venue before – but if you haven’t click on the above link for directions, information and a map.

May 3rd meeting will feature all four candidates for PBC Sheriff, the three candidates for State Attorney, and candidates for other PBC Constitutional offices.  The meeting is open to the public and if you can make it – it should be a great opportunity to meet/hear the candidates.

For more information about the candidates – go to our voters’ guide pages for Constitutional Officers.

If I wanted America to Fail

Corruption County – Has Anything Changed?

Friday was the qualifying date for the State Attorney position. As the date approached, it looked like the choice of the county Democrats, Dave Aronberg, would claim the prize unopposed. Many of the county movers and shakers on both sides of the political spectrum had already lined up to assist in the coronation. BizPac was on board, as well as our two Republican Commissioners Karen Marcus and Steve Abrams, right alongside Ted Deutch, Alcee Hastings, Ron Klein and Robert Wexler. And Burt Aaronson of course. See: Newsmax CEO, Republicans raise money for Democrat Aronberg’s state attorney bid

As you might recall, Michael McAuliffe, who held the position and was seeking re-election until his recent resignation to take a “private sector job”, was an ace corruption fighter. It was he who organized the Grand Jury that led to the Ethics Initiative and the creation of the Ethics Commission and the Office of Inspector General. At some point he crossed a line though and the arrest and plea bargain of former Commissioner Jeff Koons was evidently a bridge too far. Post editorial writer Randy Schultz reports that “…Burt Aaronson returned from vacation and roared his disapproval at the treatment of his fellow Democrat – by a Democratic state attorney.”

Final straw I guess, and the tale of intimidation of McAuliffe, as well as Judge Krista Marx who planned to run for the position has been reported. See Randy’s editorial “Schultz: ‘Corruption County’ tactics to anoint the top prosecutor” for the whole sordid tale.

End of story? Not so fast. Another Democrat, Robert Gershman, who had intended to run against Aronberg but was “strongly advised” against doing so by his local party machine, decided to file anyway, as an independent. Then, at the very last minute, a Republican, former federal prosecutor Dina Keever joined the fray. So there will be an election after all. Both Gershman and Keever are experienced trial attorneys (a qualification for the office we would think), while Aronberg is not.

Given the D+16 nature of county-wide races, and the high profile support for Aronberg, the obstacles for the challengers are daunting indeed. Nevertheless, it is now a race and I applaud Mr. Gershman and Ms. Keever for stepping up. Please give them a look. There are too many races at the county and state level with an annointed candidate and no opposition.

Tim Pawlenty Opens Adam Hasner’s Boca Campaign Office

A group of about 100 supporters of Adam Hasner’s Congressional Campaign helped open his Boca Office today, and hear from former Minnesota Governor and Presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty. Introduced by Boca GOP Club President and party vice-chair Margie Helschien, the candidate was backed by State Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff and County Commissioners Steve Abrams from Palm Beach and Chip LeMarca from Broward.

Although Governor Pawlenty spent much of his time listing the transgressions of our President and the need to replace that gentleman, he did tie it back to candidate Hasner who he assured us understands what is needed to revive the economy and get our fiscal house in order.

The party regulars and grassroots troops in the audience included Marco Rubio’s Regional Director Greg Langowski, state committeewoman Fran Hancock, Republican Club Presidents Janeen Capizola,  Tami Donnally and Barry Carson, Victory Office chief Anita Carbone, GOP Treasurer Ira Sabin, South County Romney Chair Bonnie Re, Palm Beach Councilman Bill Diamond, Cheryl Mullings of the Boca Raton Republican Club, activists Starla Brown, Andrea Plescia and Dmitry Levin and 912 leader Shannon Armstrong.

Given the Democrat alternative in the district 22 race, it is clear that electing Adam Hasner is one of the key priorities for the county GOP.

A New Senate Candidate?

In the last week, there has been much speculation of the entry of additional candidates in the Senate race to defeat Bill Nelson. The most prominent name seriously proffered is that of CFO Jeff Atwater. Why now, and would Jeff be a good choice?

First, let’s look at the race as it exists:

The April 18 Public Policy Polling (PPP) head-to-head sample for the Florida Senate looks like this:

Nelson 47 Mack 37
Nelson 48 LeMieux 34
Nelson 47 McCalister 35

Their January poll of likely primary voters was:

Mack 39
LeMieux 8
McCalister 4
Other/Undecided 48

No “other” candidate got more than 3%, including Adam Hasner and Craig Miller, who were still in the race at that time.

As Dick Morris and others have repeatedly told us about the Presidential Race, when an incumbent is below 50% in the polls it bodes ill for them as most undecideds (if the election were to be held shortly) break for the challenger. Undecideds are saying that they prefer someone (anyone) else to the incumbent. The fact that Bill Nelson polls about the same against any of the candidates would support that notion, but 47-48% is close enough to 50 to make Nelson’s re-election a distinct possibility given the current field. It also says that from a general election perspective, none of the Republican candidates have a measurable advantage.

Among the contenders, Connie Mack IV is the clear front runner, given his name recognition (which matters early when few are paying close attention). A 4 term Congressman from Lee County, Connie Mack has a voting record that is reasonably conservative and has respectable scores from those who rate such things. He has a bit of baggage that follows him though, and his campaign style is less than stirring, prompting some who witnessed his recent drive-through of Palm Beach County to say he was “phoning it in”.

George LeMieux is a serious candidate, having served us well as an appointed Senator. He has a conservative message, and his four freedoms agenda (freedom to work, from debt, from foreign dependence and freedom to pursue the American Dream) is a plausible rationale. His many years supporting Charlie Crist continues to dog him though, even though he was prompt to abandon our former Governor when Crist turned his back on the GOP.

Mike McCallister has generated a following among the grassroots, and his previous run for Governor (in which he won 10% against Rick Scott and Bill McCollum) gives him more experience in a state-wide run than the others. His focus on his military record as the major rationale for his candidacy though is not resonating in all sectors. He does give a stirring speech however, and is an impressive debater.

Marielena Stuart and Ron McNeil are also credible candidates, but they are lightly funded. They are both good speakers and have important things to say, but they lack experience and state-wide reach. Mr. McNeil ran for Congress in district 2 last cycle and only achieved 10% (third place) in the Republican Primary. Ms Stuart has not run for public office before. Neither have much support in the polls. They do bring a strong conservative message to the campaign however.

Taken together, conditions would support the entry of additional candidates in the Republican primary. With four months to go, there is plenty of time to launch, particularly if starting with state-wide name recognition and a measure of popular support.

Consequently, the entry of Jeff Atwater would be a positive step. He has proven himself to be an accomplished campaigner on the state level, winning the CFO position with 57%, an 18 point margin over Democrat Loranne Ausley. As CFO, Jeff has led projects that have appeal to conservatives as well as citizens in general, including “Transparency Florida” – making it easier for citizens and watchdog groups to track government spending, and crackdowns on insurance and Medicaid fraud. His periodic emailings to Florida residents have been informative and helpful. Some of his work as Senate President was controversial, especially in the areas of illegal immigration and SunRail, but he was open about his positions and generally made peace with the grassroots since then.

It is hard to say what path the race would take with an Atwater entry, but we suspect he would achieve front runner status quickly, at least for a time. Being a known quantity on the state level would allow him to allocate his resources to drawing a contrast with the Progressive record of Bill Nelson, rather than establishing his candidacy for primary voters.

In this, the year of the “most important election” of our lifetime, it is important to have our “A Team” on the field. I hope we will be hearing from Mr. Atwater shortly.

Allen West Interview at McKenna’s

Adam Hasner Opening with Tim Pawlenty

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