South Florida 912 Energized and Ready to Win in 2012 after our 3rd Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that three years have passed since the South Florida 912 was established in 2009 at the original McKennas on Jog Road.

Today’s third anniversary crowd was no less enthusiastic than the original gathering, and equally concerned about the future of our country. We filled the main room of the new McKenna’s Place on Lake Worth Road and overflowed into the annex for an afternoon of patriotism, good cheer and political talk.

MC’d by Dennis Lipp, the meeting began with a prayer by Pastor Bill Arterburn of New Beginnings Chapel, and the Pledge led by Colonel Chuck Suites.

Co-founder Doug Armstrong reminisced over the last three years and gave mention to the 912 “regulars” who have been the backbone of the organization.

We were entertained by Victoria Jackson of Saturday Night Live fame with her composition “there’s a communist in the White House” , and the political rap arrangements of Joe Pots. The Patriotic Singers led by Tami Donnally serenaded us with America the Beautiful and other songs.

Billy and Karen Vaughn, who recently lost their son in the crash of the Seal Team 6 helicopter in Afghanistan gave a critical analysis of the shortcomings of the current conduct of our foreign wars and the rules of engagement. Connor Lanser of Generations Decide PAC told us about his plans. Mel Grossman gave us a preview of the Tax Day Tea Party in Wellington on April 15th. Deborah Lemke told us of the work of Glenn Beck’s Mercury One charitable activities in the local area. District 2 County Commissioner Paulette Burdick congratulated us on our three year anniversary. Matthew Kenney and David Dicrescenzo announced the launch of the new iteration of the Patriot’s Press.

The main events were of course the appearances by Congressman Allen West and Acorn Whistleblower Anita Montcrief, both of whom received thundering standing ovations.

Colonel West listed all the dangers we face as a nation, balanced on the edge of the precipice, and clearly made the case that even if we win back the Senate and hold the House, with Obama in the White House we cannot begin to repair the damage of the last three years. We cannot win by playing defense he said, instead we must attack and attack and attack again, until we win the day.

Ms. Montcrief told us of her experience working at the top levels of ACORN and the corruption she found there, her attempts to expose it in the liberal media (NY Times and CNN) and how the story was buried and she was personally put at risk. It wasn’t until she teamed up with the late Andrew Breitbart and Americans for Prosperity that her story could be told. Her evidence of the connections between ACORN and the Obama campaign were buried by the NY Times so as not to “unduly influence” the 2008 election. This was the same time they were running unsubstantiated stories about John McCain having affairs.

Local candidates were well represented. For Congress we heard from Adam Hasner (CD22), Anna Trujillo (CD21), Ozzie deFaria and Joe Kaufman (CD23), and of course Colonel West who is moving north to run in the new CD18.

For the Florida Senate we had Mike Lameyer (FS34). Mike is a long time 912 member, present at the 2009 kickoff that started it all. FS 25 candidate Geoff Sommers was also present although he was reluctant to speak. “Follow Allen West? Not likely” he said when asked.
For the Florida House, we had Tami Donnally (newly announced for FH86), and James O’Hara and Melanie Peterson, competing for the FH81 slot. Representative Pat Rooney (currently FH83, redistricted to run in FH85) stopped by briefly but couldn’t stay long enough to speak.

On the county level we had Joe Talley, who is challenging Ric Bradshaw for County Sheriff and promises to invite in the Inspector General if elected, get the budget under control and end the perceived corruption in PBSO, and Fran Hancock who is running for re-election as Republican State Committeeman.

At several times during the meeting, Co-Founder Shannon Armstrong reminded us to “get involved” – support the candidates – donate money, volunteer for the campaigns, make a commitment. That, after all, is what we are about. It is not hyperbole to say that the 2012 election is the most important in our lifetime. If not you who? If not now, when? Just do it.

Thank you to all who worked to make this anniversary event a success, and to all who came to join us now and plan to do so in the future.

Some pictures from Boris and Fred:
CLICK HERE to see all the photos at once.


2 Responses to “South Florida 912 Energized and Ready to Win in 2012 after our 3rd Anniversary”
  1. Catherine Walker says:

    Thank you Doug Armstrong for inviting me to the 912 3rd birthday party. My husband and I were glad we came and we were encouraged to see fellow Patriots for Freedom. Working together with the Lord as our Guide, we will be able to stand firm for Justice for the Innocent and Integrity restored to the White House! I am part of the National Grass Roots effort to support Rick Santorum and invite you to visit my facebook page – Catherine Walker – or to visit any one of the many sites where We Pick Rick -ers meet and encourage each other. Thanks again, it was great to meet all of you!

  2. Terry Philpot says:

    Wow! What a great anniversary party, jam packed with so many great American patriots. So many incredible speakers and stories it is hard to say which one was the most amazing. I don`t know how you got them all together at the same time but well done! From laughing with Victoria Jackson ( I loved her on saturday night live and I love her more now that I know she is a patriot) to crying with the Vaughns over the loss of their son, a true American hero. It is for them and other families like theirs that we all must continue to fight to save our nation. We have a strong group of candidates and if each of us will lend them a little time and effort, they can win and help clean up this country. God bless America.

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