IG Steckler is greeted by an enthusiastic audience at South Florida 912

Thanks to all who filled in this evening – Shannon Armstrong, co-founder, was ill – so Dennis Lipp jumped in to MC for the evening.   Mickey Polulack, as usual, set up our sound system.  Several folks handled t-shirt sales and sign-ins. 

Dennis kicked off the meeting by welcoming Tyler Armstrong, Shannon and Doug’s son, who led us in the Pledge and Prayer.  Dennis invited all of us to attend the Palm Beach County Tea Party’s Tax Day Tea Party  on Sunday in Wellington.  Hope to see all of you there.

Next, Fred Scheibl showed everyone where to find the Palm Beach County Voter’s Guide on the South Florida 912 website, as well as on many other grassroots websites.  The Voter’s Guide covers all races from President down to School Board and we hope it will be a useful reference tool as we go through the primary in August and the general election in November.

Dennis then introduced the Inspector General (IG) for Palm Beach County, Sheryl Steckler.  He had first met Mrs. Steckler when she was being interviewed for the position – along with many other very accomplished applicants.  He recounted South Florida 912’s involvement from the original ordinances, the Charter Amendment vote that extended it to the cities, and the importance of the IG’s efforts.

The IG explained the scope of the office, covering the Audit, Contract Oversight and Investigative Sections.  She took us through various cases and findings related to each of the units – and how over time, the procedural changes and awareness by government entities will result in significant savings and government efficiencies for the public – her stakeholders.    Check out the dashboard on the Inspector General Website for the latest news, findings, and statistics.

Mrs. Steckler also described her volunteer program for those who attend municipal council meetings or County meetings – those who volunteer will be trained in what to look for on agendas for those meetings or agenda items or votes that may be of interest to the Inspector General.   There were a number of questions and a lot of folks stayed behind to talk with the IG after the meeting.

Lynne Sherrer spoke about a banner that was paid for and asked for donations to help pay for it, along with copies of The Road to Serfdom that she would be willing to order and hand-out.  Candidates then spoke for a couple of minutes:   Anna Trujillo running for Congressional District 21 against Ted Deutch;   Sean Michael Kasper running against Lori Berman for State House District 90;  Lowell Levine, running for School Board District 1, and Joe Talley running for PBC Sheriff against Sheriff Ric Bradshaw.

Dennis closed the meeting.  Thanks to all who came out this evening.

Some pictures of the event from Boris and Fred:

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