Tweeting, Talking and Taking Stock – Update on May meeting

What a meeting this week, 912 members really stepped up in an effort to participate and get active. Our meeting was a packed house with not an empty chair in the place. McKenna’s Place owner Sharon was on hand to make sure every one had a great meal and a great time. The 912 meeting opened with Doug Armstrong sharing a heartfelt patriotic prayer and Dennis Lipp leading us with the pledge. The beginning of the meeting we talked about the focus of the night. Who we are as 912’ers and how important it is to take action. At our meeting 912’ers from our group had a great opportunity to share with the membership things they  have learned. Rita and Jim Boger spoke about food storage and its importance. Whether being prepared for a hurricane or other unforeseen circumstances it is important to be prepared and self reliant. I personally learned a lot and very grateful for the magnitude of information. Every 912 member should participate in this endeavor and share these ideas with your friends. Barry Carson a long time tea party and 912 member shared with us the importance of conducting ourselves properly in the midst of people who are disruptive and want us to push back . He also spoke about being aware of your surroundings at an event. Video cameras are important to have on hand and cameras. It was a lively discussion and an important one.

Twitter, tweeting was all the talk in the next portion of the night. 912 members Dominique Feldman and James O’hara led a great power point presentation about twitter and its importance in the next election. They also shared how to get started. It was a fun topic, a great presentation and one that left everyone excited to get more involved in this twitter mania. Social Media will play an integral roll in this next election then ever before and it is important for our members to sign up and get active using it even if it is only temporary. We had such a demand for more that we are planning a twitter only class in Boynton. The date and sign up will be coming soon.

Finally we had a terrific presentation from Dennis Lipp on “No They Can’t”  By John Stossel. It was a great book review and created converstation and some surprise among our membership about thing our government is doing and thing that are taking place in our country.  I heard a number of people eagerly looking forward to picking up a copy of the book for themselves.

Jason shared with us about Relay for Life next weekend and is hoping to get as many people as possible to come out and join the team Saturday May, 19th. Please click here for more information and sign up and join Jason Shields and his family to support cancer research. Matt Kenney told us about the Patriot Press and the new website rolling out and the great articles. Reminders were given to all the membership about Memorial Day events and also about the June debate for the district 1 County Commission seat and the upcoming action nights.

The end of the meeting came all to quickly but we wrapped up with a number of candidates running for office and it was over all a terrific night so glad to see so many there.

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