US Senate Candidate in New Mexico that needs our help

Jennifer Bernstone jennifer@jenniferbernstone.com
3:32 PM (15 hours ago)

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Hi, everyone!  I know you’re in the middle of laundry, planting the garden and returning work phone calls and emails, to say nothing of getting dinner on the table for the family and a decent shower for yourself into this 24 hours…..  so I’ll be brief.

There is a gentleman running for US Senate in New Mexico that needs our help, be it in the form of prayers or participation in this week’s money bomb.  Greg Sowards.  I’ve done my research on him and am beyond impressed.  Definitely read the 5 questions he will ask before voting on anything in the Senate. (see below)  Greg Sowards‘ first political race was in 1996 for Congress and he was educating on and being Constitutionally-minded even back then.  He is running against Heather Wilson (Congresswoman from Albuquerque) who is 100% RINO.  Again, please see below for the data.

Yes, I live in Upstate, NY, so why do I care about what happens in New Mexico?  And most of you don’t live in NM either, so same question.  Greg Sowards will be another Rand Paul in the US Senate and we need as many Constitutionally-minded folks as we can get.  (He has a great “Issues” page on his website.)

If you have $5 or $500 or $9.12 or $91.20 (shows it is from the TP/912 movement), that would be great!  BUT- please read through the below first.  Also, I noticed the money bomb ends this Friday, May 18th so if you plan to help out monetarily, please do so soon.

Hope you are well!  And thank you!!!
-Jennifer Bernstone
member CNY912.com

From Greg Sowards website, the Meet Greg page:

Legislative Test:

As Senator, I will ask myself five questions before considering any piece of legislation to ensure that I incorporate conservative values into every vote.

  1. Is this legislation worth putting our children and grandchildren into debt?

  2. What effect does it have on America’s traditional family?

  3. Does it take rights away from law abiding citizens and give them to criminals?

  4. Does it strengthen and uphold the U.S. Constitution?

  5. Does it protect the sovereignty of America?

Any piece of legislation that doesn’t align with my five points above, I will consider an attack on our liberty and I will actively fight against it.


TownHall.com piece called Sowards a “Reaganesque Businessman


Erick Erickson: The number one goal of conservatives in 2012, other than defeating Barack Obama, has got to be defeating Heather Wilson in New Mexico.  She’d be Mike Castle terrible in the United States Senate.” (March 2, 2011)


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