County to Hire “Climate Change” Czar

With a $15M budget shortfall this year, hiring a climate change czar is just what the county needs. Let your commissioners know what you think about this. They have set aside $200K to help coordinate “sustainable development” (aka “Agenda 21”) along with other “green” agenda items in Palm Beach County.

See: Palm Beach County creating job to tackle climate change in the Sun-Sentinel.


One Response to “County to Hire “Climate Change” Czar”
  1. yorkiemum yorkiemum says:

    PT Barnum really hit it on the head: “There is a sucker born every minute.” How did a substantial, so called intelligentsia, get suckered into the global warming scheme, preferring to believe the small percentage spouting this fake science and ignoring the huge scientific opposition. Ever since the birth of fascism and its various incarnations, socialism, Marxism, Naziism, the tyrants in charge tried to come up with the appropriate propaganda that would unify the people behind the latest cause – “global warming or climate change” is only the latest scheme to divest us of our money and property for the “greater good” in redistribution. These career politicians are only to happy to grab on to any life raft to give them more power over us, and what better than Agenda 21 as the latest such scheme. We must stop them before it’s too late – email, call and dust off those signs.

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