Palm Beach County is not Wisconsin

Americans for Prosperity opens an office in Palm Beach Gardens!!

Americans for Prosperity has opened an office in Palm Beach Gardens!!  The office hours will be Tuesday – Thursday 12:00pm – 8:00pm.  Additional times are available upon request, call Kathy to arrange.  Volunteer when you can for 30 minutes, 1 hour, or all day – any amount will be a tremendous help!  The office is there for you to use and feel at home.

If you are interested in volunteering, you can fill out this form, visit the office, or give Kathy a call 954-815-4307.  Volunteer Interest Form

The office is located at 3970 RCA Blvd. Suite 7003.  See below image for parking and location information.  Please do not park in reserved spaces.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kathy Salerno at 954-815-4307 or  She will be available to answer and address any questions or concerns.

The call goal for the month is 4,000 calls and we can accomplish that together with 16 volunteers a week making 63 Freedom Phone contacts.

Who’s on the Ballot on August 14?

There is something for everyone on the ballot in August, regardless of your party affiliation. Look over the list below, then go to our Voter’s Guide to learn about the candidates and view the district maps.

Keep in mind that August elections are low turnout affairs, so your vote will count for more than in the November election. In 2010 for example, 377K people in the county voted in November, but only 127K in August.

ALL VOTERS can vote in the non-partisan and/or “universal primary” races which include:
(* indicates incumbent, write-ins not listed)

  • Sheriff (Ric Bradshaw*, Joe Talley, Cleamond Walker)
  • Property Appraiser (Gary Nikolits*, Robert Weinroth)
  • Clerk and Comptroller (Sharon Bock*, Lisa Epstein) (universal primary)
  • Supervisor of Elections (Susan Bucher*, Woodie McDuffie, Coneste Succe)
  • 15th Circuit Judge Group 2 (Timothy McCarthy*, Jody Lane)
  • 15th Circuit Judge Group 9 (Ron Alvarez*, Jaimie Goodman)
  • 15th Circuit Judge Group 26 (James L. Martz*, Margherita Downey)
  • County Court Judge Group 4 (Peter M. Evans, Kenneth Lemoine)
  • County Court Judge Group 6 (Edward A. Garrison, Jane F. Sullivan)

plus the following if you live in these districts:

  • State House District 87 (Dave Kerner, Mike Rios) (universal primary)
  • State House District 88 (Charles Bantel, Evelyn Garcia, Bobby Powell, Nikasha Wells) (universal primary)
  • School Board District 1 (Robert Bittenbinder, Michael Howard, Christine Jax, Lowell Levine, Michael Murgio)

If you are a REPUBLICAN, you can also vote for:

  • US Senate (Connie Mack, Ron McNeil, Mike McCalister, Marielena Stuart, Dave Weldon)
  • GOP State Committeewoman (Fran Hancock*, Cindy Tindell)
  • GOP State Committeeman (Peter Feaman*, Corey Brisson)

plus the following if you live in these districts:

  • Congressional District 18 (Allen West, Robert Crowder)
  • State Senate District 25 (Melanie Peterson, Geoff Sommers)
  • State Senate District 34 (Ellyn Bogdanoff, Mike Lameyer)
  • State House District 82 (Carl Domino, Mary Lynn Magar, John Milton, John Pasqualone, Calvin Turnquest)
  • County Commission District 1 (Dan Amero, Harry Gaboian, Hal Valeche)

If you are a DEMOCRAT and live in these districts you can also vote for:

  • Congressional District 18 (Patrick Murphy, Jerry Buechler, Jim Horn)
  • State Senate District 27 (Mack Bernard, Jeff Clemens)
  • State House District 81 (Ron Perman*, Kevin Rader)
  • County Commission District 5 (Marie Louise Berger, Steven Meyer, Rick Neuhoff)
  • Tax Collector (Anne Gannon*, Peter Carney)
  • Port of Palm Beach Group 1 (Wayne Richards*, Joseph Anderson)

Summer of Action in Full Force!

Last Tuesday night 912 members showed up to MAKE THE CALL!

It was great fun and a productive night. We shared some pizza to start the night and had some easy training on how to make the phone calls. It was so simple anyone can help out!

We shared many laughs and little cookies and chocolate and had just a great, great time.

The office is on the 3rd floor, suite 303 at the Florida Family Action center. Chris Milu, the Palm Beach County Field Director greeted us with such a big smile and hot pizza it made the night start off on the right foot. Then with some quick training we were able to grab a desk (in my case I found a comfortable rocking chair in Chris’s office 🙂 ) and with a script in hand we made calls. It was so easy the phone dialed and we greeted people that are predetermined to be most likely conservative with 3 easy poll questions.  Florida Family Action is able to determine at what level do we need to follow up with this person as we get closer to the election. Are they a staunch conservative and we just need to follow up with them in September to get out the vote or are they borderline and need follow up calls to help educate them and get them to vote for the conservative choice for President? This is such important work and we all need to be taking action now! We can also make calls to conservatives that are not registered to vote / and or did not vote in the last election. This is so key.

We made a game of it and the person who made the most contacts won a prize from Florida Family Action. It was awesome that our 912 member Jean stepped up and won the prize. Later we sat around and shared what we liked, what we felt could be improved. Chris was super accomodating and very interested in our ideas and made calls along with us.

Over all it was a terrific night and I would love to see every one there for our next 912 night on Thursday June 28th at 6pm to make the call. You  can also go anytime Tuesday Thursday and Saturday please see the details below for the hours. Thanks to all the 912 members who came out and MADE THE CALL!

Phone-Banking Days & Times

Tuesday    5 – 8:30pm

Thursday  5 – 8:30pm

Saturday    10 – 2pm


  Florida Family Action

Christopher Milu, Palm Beach County Field Director

The Executive Center

2300 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd Ste 303

1 mile west of I 95 on the south side of the road in  next to the Raindancer Restaurant

561 907 7715




 Florida Family Action is the legislative arm of the Florida Family Policy Council who is associated with Focus on the Family

4853 South Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32806 * 407-251-1957 *


Is the Senate Race Over?

With George LeMieux quitting the Senate race and endorsing Connie Mack IV, is the race over?

Senator LeMieux listed two reasons for his exit: 1) RPOF and the “powers that be”, presumably including FreedomWorks, have thrown their support to Connie Mack, making it hard for LeMieux and others to find sufficient funds to run a state-wide media campaign against the deep pockets of Connie Mack and his supporters and 2) Congressman Mack refuses to come out and debate his Republican rivals, precluding any “free” publicity for the challengers and closing the door on any discussion of issues.

With money and media a major requirement, Mike McCalister, MarieLena Stuart, Ron MacNeil and the others would seem to be at a major disadvantage. Dave Weldon would be also, given his late entry.

The Weldon campaign plans to fight though. From what I heard today from a campaign staffer, many grassroots coordinators from the LeMieux campaign are coming over to Weldon.

In a conference call immediately following his announcement, Congressman Weldon did not particularly impress. His website was content-free, he seemed unprepared, and lacked detailed knowledge of many of the issues important to the grassroots. That has changed. He now has a well developed set of policy positions (see: ) which are clearly conservative and counter to the Obama/Nelson agenda, he is gathering endorsements (Sam Brownback, Citizens United Political Victory Fund), and stepping up fundraising.

The near term plan is to bulk up the number of small contributors to show grassroots strength and his phonebank is asking for $5-10 donations in the next couple of days to make the case.

Will he be a credible challenge to Mack? I don’t know, but it is a shame to see the primary end today with a whimper. I gave him a small contribution and plan to watch what happens. If you are not comfortable with Connie Mack as the presumptive nominee, you could do the same.

County Commission Forum – District 1 Primary Candidates

South Florida 912, a TAB coalition partner, was a co-sponsor of this event.

Beck’s GBTV Merges with The Blaze to Form Multimedia 24-hour Online Network

Story from

Posted on June 18, 2012 at 3:08pm by Scott Baker

Big news at The Blaze continues with a major announcement from Glenn Beck’s Mercury Radio Arts.

Many of you who visit The Blaze are also frequent viewers of programs on GBTV and supporters of the growing business that are part of The Marketplace by Markdown.

These companies are now merging into one multi-platform news and information media company.

The first news of the initiative went up on

(CNN) — Hugely successful and often controversial, Glenn Beck is a man full of complexities.

He points the finger in his new book “Cowards” but calls for “Restoring Love” in his upcoming rally. He jokes about being “Unelectable” on his comedy tour, but his new studio in Dallas includes a replica Oval Office for his mock presidential addresses.

Now, the media mogul is dropping his name from the online TV network based on his personal brand. GBTV will be merged with, the Beck-owned but independently operated news and opinion website. The entire network will be called TheBlaze.

“I didn’t like the name GBTV from the very beginning for a couple of reasons,” Beck said in an exclusive interview with “One, it’s a little egocentric, and two, it’s television, which doesn’t describe necessarily what we do.”

Beck and Chris Balfe, president and COO of Mercury Radio Arts (Beck’s company), said they planned to change the name once the online streaming network was more established but the early success of GBTV precipitated an earlier name change.

In a letter to his audience, Beck explained the move.

“I told you last year that we were going to drive the establishment in this country crazy—and this is how we will do it,” he said. You can read that entire letter here.

Truly exciting. Stay tuned for more from us today and in the future. In the meantime, read the entire article over at

Update — here is the full news release from Mercury Radio Arts:


Merger Builds on the Quick Success of both GBTV and TheBlaze Which
Receives Over 7 Million Unique Visitors Per Month

Combines GBTV’s Line-up of Programming With’s
Growing Team of More than 25 Journalists Into One Powerful Brand

Mercury’s E-Commerce Site The Marketplace by,
Will Also Be Integrated Into New Entity

The Merged Network, Called TheBlaze Will Be An Online News, Information,
Entertainment and E-Commerce Destination Spanning Video, Radio, Publishing and The

(New York, NY and Dallas, TX June 18th) Mercury Radio Arts, Glenn Beck’s multi-
media production company, announced today that it is merging GBTV, its streaming
video network with TheBlaze, its news and information website to create a single
multiplatform media company. The new entity, which will be known as TheBlaze,
combines one of the world’s largest subscription streaming video networks with a website
that generates over 7 million unique visitors per month into one powerful multimedia
brand. TheBlaze, which will soon offer video content on a 24/7 basis, will be a news,
information, entertainment, and e-commerce network, spanning all media including
video, radio, publishing, and the Internet.

Glenn Beck said: “I said from the very beginning that I did not want to call the network
GBTV, and a year later I finally got my way. We have ambitious plans for this network
and combining the power of GBTV and TheBlaze will help us build upon our success.”

The Marketplace by will also be integrated directly into,
giving small businesses that participate in the marketplace access to an even larger
audience of potential consumers, and rounding out TheBlaze’s revenue mix to include e-

TheBlaze will offer a mix of premium subscription video content and free content:

The premium subscription content will be what is currently known
as GBTV, a streaming video network featuring Glenn’s weekday show. Since its
launch in September 2011, the network has already added a wide range of original
programming, including the reality show Independence USA, the kid’s show
Liberty TreeHouse, the news show Real News, and the comedy news show The
B.S. of A, totaling over 34 hours of original programming per week. The network
will soon provide video content on a 24/7 basis. Beginning later this year, existing

subscribers to will be automatically redirected to The
network will also continue to be available on iOS devices, Roku and Boxee.

The free content will be available at and will continue to include a
mix of original reporting, curated content and opinion pieces.

Christopher Balfe, President and COO of Mercury said: “TheBlaze and GBTV have each
proven to be incredible success stories in a very short period of time. Combining them
will help us accelerate future growth by focusing on one world-class brand that offers the
best of everything we produce in a single destination.”

TheBlaze’s executive team, which will report to Balfe, brings years of experience from
leadership level positions in television, radio and digital media:

Betsy Morgan, formerly President of TheBlaze is being promoted
to President & Chief Strategy Officer of the combined company. Prior to
joining Mercury, Morgan was CEO of The Huffington Post and a Senior Vice
President at CBS News.

Joel Cheatwood, formerly President of Programming at GBTV is
being promoted to President & Chief Content Officer of TheBlaze. Prior
to joining Mercury, Cheatwood was a Senior Vice President at FoxNews and

Kraig Kitchin, formerly Director of Ad Sales at TheBlaze is
being promoted to President & Chief Revenue Officer of the combined company.
Prior to joining Mercury, Kitchin co-founded Premiere Radio Networks-the top
radio network in the country and the distributor of Glenn’s radio show.

Carolyn Polke, formerly Senior Vice President of Digital at Mercury is being
promoted to President & Chief Operating Officer of TheBlaze. Carolyn has
helped spearhead Mercury’s recent digital growth. Previously, she was a
consultant at Accenture.

Scott Baker, who has been with since its launch, will continue in his role
as Editor-in-Chief.

TheBlaze will be fully integrated with The Marketplace by, a curated
marketplace platform to help local small businesses reach consumers across the country.
Keith Ferry, former President of Markdown joins TheBlaze as Senior Vice President of

TheBlaze also includes a monthly magazine and news updates delivered each morning on
Glenn’s radio show.

Visit for more information.



Are you registered? Are your Friends? Look it up and Encourage them ASAP!


Thank You for Taking the Pledge

Use the Voter Lookup tool below to find friends, family, and collegues who may not be registered to vote. Then download a voter registration form or email it to them to get them registered today!

You can also copy the text below and email it to someone who is not registered to vote: 

This year’s election is important to me and I’m hoping it is to you too. I know each person’s vote makes a difference and so I’m asking everyone that I know to register to vote.

If you are registered, please check to see that your registration is current.

If you’ve never registered, NOW IS THE TIME! Every single vote is needed this November. It is quick and easy! You can start the process here:

Just click on the Register to Vote button, fill out the form, print it, sign it, then mail it in. That’s it!

I am personally asking you to please register today. It’s important and we need your voice to be heard this election year.

Also, if you know others who might not be registered to vote, please forward this link on to them, as well.

Together, we will begin to rewrite the script that our elected officials must follow if they want to stay in office.


Urgent email this and put on facebook to get your friends to register to vote.

This year’s election is important to me and I’m hoping it is to you too. I know each person’s vote makes a difference and so I’m asking everyone that I know to register to vote.

If you are registered, please check to see that your registration is current.

If you’ve never registered, NOW IS THE TIME! Every single vote is needed this November. It is quick and easy! You can start the process here:

Just click on the Register to Vote button, fill out the form, print it, sign it, then mail it in. That’s it!

I am personally asking you to please register today. It’s important and we need your voice to be heard this election year.

Also, if you know others who might not be registered to vote, please forward this link on to them, as well.

Together, we will begin to rewrite the script that our elected officials must follow if they want to stay in office.


Call To action this coming Tuesday!

Great news! South Florida 912 has made a proactive decision this summer to move from the speaker format at meetings to action-related meetings more frequently.   We will still host, sponsor and attend events and debates through the election and in the fall we will resume regular meetings where we can meet candidates and hear great topics and speakers.

The 912 Summer of Action will have a number of great events to get involved in. The next action night is scheduled June 19th from 6-9pm. We will be gathering to help make phone calls and anything else that is needed, Drinks and snacks will be provided.

So please tell your friends and lets meet up and take action.

Please see note from the Florida Family Action

I will see you there

Shannon Armstrong


Florida Patriots !


now is the time!


Fact: our opponents are already calling approximately 300 calls per hour throughout Florida on a daily basis.  We need to match and crush their efforts and We Will !


Not only do we have the technology and the numbers we have YOU, the real citizens that are concerned about the future of the United States of America, the greatest country in the world!


Will you commit to partner with us today?  Many of you have already completed your volunteer forms and some are still deciding, we cannot afford to wait any longer, the longer we wait to get engaged the stronger our opposition grows.


Core Leaders thank you for your time last month at our Core Leaders Meeting, it is time to work!   Rally your teams, call your networks we have less than 159 days to accomplish the task at hand.


We are expecting a great turnout and schedules for volunteering begin next week.  Please volunteer via email above


Our New location is:    The Executive Center 2300 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, West Palm Beach  If you live within 30 miles of this location commit to get there!


Fact: between 1030am today and by 530pm Friday, the Obama campaign will have hosted 14 events within a 30 mile radius of our new location.What are you waiting for?


How you can help:

•      Pray

•      Make Phone Calls

•      Volunteer from home

•      Energize and engage your family, friends and neighbors

•      Organize and facilitate local Precinct Walks

•      Voter Registration drive at your church

•      Deliver voter guides locally in your area

•      Organize  and help recruit volunteers

•      Assist with Admin work

•      Assist with events

•      Donate food/beverages/finances/driver/vehicle for precinct walks etc.

•      Pray some more….



Together Making A Difference,

Christopher M Milu

Christopher Milu

Palm Beach County Field Director

Florida Family Action

561 907 7715


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