Florida Family Action office is now OPEN!

Florida Patriots !


Great News !  Our Palm Beach County Field Office has been confirmed and we plan on moving in early next week. Those of you who are willing and able to help,

now is the time!


Fact: our opponents are already calling approximately 300 calls per hour throughout Florida on a daily basis.  We need to match and crush their efforts and We Will !


Not only do we have the technology and the numbers we have YOU, the real citizens that are concerned about the future of the United States of America, the greatest country in the world!


Will you commit to partner with us today?  Many of you have already completed your volunteer forms and some are still deciding, we cannot afford to wait any longer, the longer we wait to get engaged the stronger our opposition grows.


Core Leaders thank you for your time last month at our Core Leaders Meeting, it is time to work!   Rally your teams, call your networks we have less than 159 days to accomplish the task at hand.


We are expecting a great turnout and schedules for volunteering begin next week.  Please volunteer via email above


Our New location is:    The Executive Center 2300 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, West Palm Beach  If you live within 30 miles of this location commit to get there!


Fact: between 1030am today and by 530pm Friday, the Obama campaign will have hosted 14 events within a 30 mile radius of our new location.What are you waiting for?


How you can help:

•      Pray

•      Make Phone Calls

•      Volunteer from home

•      Energize and engage your family, friends and neighbors

•      Organize and facilitate local Precinct Walks

•      Voter Registration drive at your church

•      Deliver voter guides locally in your area

•      Organize  and help recruit volunteers

•      Assist with Admin work

•      Assist with events

•      Donate food/beverages/finances/driver/vehicle for precinct walks etc.

•      Pray some more….



Together Making A Difference,

Christopher M Milu

Christopher Milu

Palm Beach County Field Director

Florida Family Action

561 907 7715



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