Are you registered? Are your Friends? Look it up and Encourage them ASAP!



Thank You for Taking the Pledge

Use the Voter Lookup tool below to find friends, family, and collegues who may not be registered to vote. Then download a voter registration form or email it to them to get them registered today!

You can also copy the text below and email it to someone who is not registered to vote: 

This year’s election is important to me and I’m hoping it is to you too. I know each person’s vote makes a difference and so I’m asking everyone that I know to register to vote.

If you are registered, please check to see that your registration is current.

If you’ve never registered, NOW IS THE TIME! Every single vote is needed this November. It is quick and easy! You can start the process here:


Just click on the Register to Vote button, fill out the form, print it, sign it, then mail it in. That’s it!

I am personally asking you to please register today. It’s important and we need your voice to be heard this election year.

Also, if you know others who might not be registered to vote, please forward this link on to them, as well.

Together, we will begin to rewrite the script that our elected officials must follow if they want to stay in office.


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