Summer of Action in Full Force!

Last Tuesday night 912 members showed up to MAKE THE CALL!

It was great fun and a productive night. We shared some pizza to start the night and had some easy training on how to make the phone calls. It was so simple anyone can help out!

We shared many laughs and little cookies and chocolate and had just a great, great time.

The office is on the 3rd floor,¬†suite 303 at the Florida Family Action center. Chris Milu, the Palm Beach County Field Director greeted us with such a big smile and hot pizza it made the night start off on the right foot. Then with some quick training we were able to grab a desk (in my case I found a comfortable rocking chair in Chris’s office ūüôā ) and with a script in hand we made calls. It was so easy the phone dialed and we greeted people that are predetermined to be most likely conservative with 3 easy poll questions. ¬†Florida Family Action is able to determine at what level do we need to follow up with this person as we get closer to the election. Are they a staunch conservative and we just need to follow up with them in September to get out the vote or are they borderline and need follow up calls to help educate them and get them to vote for the conservative choice for President? This is such important work and we all need to be taking action now! We can also make calls to conservatives that are not registered to vote / and or did not vote in the last election. This is so key.

We made a game of it and the person who made the most contacts won a prize from Florida Family Action. It was awesome that our 912 member Jean stepped up and won the prize. Later we sat around and shared what we liked, what we felt could be improved. Chris was super accomodating and very interested in our ideas and made calls along with us.

Over all it was a terrific night and I would love to see every one there for our next 912 night on Thursday June 28th at 6pm to make the call. http://southflorida912.org/2012/06/03/specific-training-for-social-media-twitter-and-facebook-plug-in-and-share-news-in-real-time/ You  can also go anytime Tuesday Thursday and Saturday please see the details below for the hours. Thanks to all the 912 members who came out and MADE THE CALL!

Phone-Banking Days & Times

Tuesday ¬†¬† 5 ‚Äď 8:30pm

Thursday ¬†5 ‚Äď 8:30pm

Saturday¬†¬†¬† 10 ‚Äď 2pm


  Florida Family Action

Christopher Milu, Palm Beach County Field Director

The Executive Center

2300 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd Ste 303

1 mile west of I 95 on the south side of the road in  next to the Raindancer Restaurant

561 907 7715

E-mail: christopherm@flfamily.org



 Florida Family Action is the legislative arm of the Florida Family Policy Council who is associated with Focus on the Family

4853 South Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32806 * 407-251-1957 * www.FloridaFamilyAction.org



One Response to “Summer of Action in Full Force!”
  1. Scott Kuehne says:

    By “conservative choice” I think you mean Gary Johnson right? After all no one would be stupid enough to think that Mitt Romney is a conservative.

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