Get ready for an amazing week filled with music, service, faith, history and inspiration! If you’re not joining Glenn in Texas, as a GBTV Plus subscriber you’ll get access to all the Restoring Love coverage. Coverage of the events begins TONIGHT and concludes with the main event at Cowboys Stadium on Saturday – you can watch all the coverage live or on demand.


Restoring Love Full Broadcast Schedule

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Monday, July 23rd
Restoring Honor: 8/28 The Documentary
When:Documentary begins at 7pm ET on GBTV.
What: It all began on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with Restoring Honor two years ago, where hundreds of thousands of people came together to show the world that we weren’t looking to Washington, DC for answers, but to one another and to God. Our cameras were rolling from the time Glenn arrived in Washington until the time he took the stage. Relive the magic that was 8/28 with Restoring Honor: 8/28 The Documentary.

Tuesday, July 24th
Restoring Courage: The Documentary
When:Documentary begins at 7pm ET on GBTV.
What: The journey continued last summer in Jerusalem with Restoring Courage, where we declared that no matter what our leaders say, “We the People” will never abandon our allies in a time of crisis. Watch Glenn as he travels to Israel to stand up for freedom, faith and love. Don’t miss this exclusive documentary.

Wednesday, July 25th
The Road to Restoring Love
When:Live coverage begins at 7pm ET on GBTV Plus.
What: Join Glenn & Erick Stakelbeck as they revisit the messages & memories behind Restoring Honor and Restoring Courage.

Thursday, July 26th
Freedom Works: Restoring Freedom
When:Live coverage begins at 7pm ET on GBTV Plus
What: Join grassroots activists from around the world in their fight for freedom & democracy. With speeches from Glenn Beck, Dick Armey, Matt Kibbe, Richard Mourdock, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and many more this event is not to be missed!.

Friday, July 27th
Religious Leadership Conference – Under God: Indivisible
When:Live coverage begins at 7pm ET on GBTV Plus.
What: Join Erick Stakelbeck & CL Bryant for their coverage of the Religious Leadership Conference – Under God: Indivisible. This call for spiritual awaking features inspirational speeches from Kenneth Copeland, Tony Evans, John Hagee, Robert Morris, James Robison just to name a few.

Saturday, July 28th
Restoring Love – Live from Dallas Cowboys Stadium
Pre-show: The pre-show begins at 8pm ET on GBTV Plus.
Live Event:The main event begins at 9pm ET on GBTV Plus.
What: Over the past two years, Glenn has traveled the world promoting messages of faith, freedom, honor and love. Join Glenn as he brings the global movement for good home to Dallas, Texas. This epic event will feature a host of musical performances and an empowering speech by Glenn himself. Don’t miss this historic event!

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