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Wednesday November 7, 2012

We are told that this year’s elections are the most important elections we have ever seen.  EVER?   When it comes to this years election for president and senate Americans are faced with a very clear choice.   The voters will decide to continue with the left’s PROGRESSIVE, big government, i.e. European-style-socialism or change leadership.  Will it be “FORWARD.” into the obis or a return to American Values & Principles?

On Wednesday morning, November 7th, when you look into the mirror, will you be looking at the face of a committed conservative who filled the unforgiving minute with 60-seconds worth of distance run (R. Kipling IF) or will you be looking at the face of a “couch-potato-patriot”?  If we have not secured a change in the leadership of our Nation, the reflection in the mirror is the face of the first person you can blame.

Watching FOX News, GBTV or listening to talk-radio is not a commitment to making change happen.  Anyone who espouses conservative beliefs, but claims to be too busy with work, kids, church, sports, etc. can make a difference.  It is 100% up to you.  Everyone  who reads this post can make a difference.  Make a commitment to share this message with 10 of your friends.  Make a commitment to a candidate.  Work 1 or 2 hours per week at a call center.  Volunteer to be a poll watcher, sign wavier, precinct walker, etc.  If you don’t know how, ask.  Commit to be in the fight for the future of our Nation.

In colonial times, when the minute-men heard the call, “TO ARMS – TO ARMS -the British are coming“, did they complain?  NO!  Colonial patriots went to war and created a new nation.  Who are the 21st century minute-men?  Today’s minute-men and women are those who reject the Progressive agenda, believe that the United States Constitution is the law of the land and can only be changed by “We the People” and not activist judges, and “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” is the embodiment of the American Dream.  Today’s patriots are those who hear the call clarion call and commit to making a difference.

It is your choice.  On Wednesday, November 7th, whose reflection in the mirror will you be looking at? The FIRST PERSON TO BLAME or the face of a PATRIOT.  Let’s get busy, today, tomorrow, and everyday from now to Wednesday, November 7th.  God Bless America.

Dennis Lipp, South Florida 9-12 Leader.

We Fight!


“Women Speak Out” Location Change Wednesday,29 August at 11:45 am WPB Marriott

they will be in WPB Wed Aug 29th.

11:45 AM — West Palm Beach, FL
**Please note change in location**
West Palm Beach Marriott
1001 Okeechobee Boulevard
West Palm Beach, FL, 33401-6214

Come join us! I was asked to be a guest speaker at this event. Please come out to support us and this issue as the bus heads to the RNC to continue to spread the message.

Dear Pro-Life FriendI’m excited to tell you that from Monday, August 27th until Thursday August 30th, the Susan B. Anthony List’s “Women Speak Out: Abortion is NOT Health Care” Bus Tour is coming to Florida! Follow our bus tour as it travels across five states at You can also find out information on our speakers and we will be updating the site with more details about each stop.  Below is our schedule for Florida – mark your calendars now:
Leading the bus tour is the SBA List’s very own Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave.  I’m also thrilled to tell you that we’ll be joined by two very special guests on our Florida stops: Jill Stanekand Dr. Alveda C. King. After witnessing the deaths of babies born alive following an abortion as a nurse in Illinois, Jill Stanek went public and has become a national figure for the pro-life cause. Jill is an outspoken supporter of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, legislation that Barack Obama opposed as a State Senator. Dr. Alveda C. King is the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and she has devoted her life to fighting the injustice of abortion and currently serves as the Pastoral Associate for Priests for Life and the Director of African American Outreach. You won’t want to miss their personal messages about how critical it is for women and children that we defeat Barack Obama and his “Extreme Team.”

We’ll also be joined by representatives of co-sponsoring organizations including the Florida Family Policy CouncilFlorida Right to LifeConcerned Women of Florida and Eagle Forum of Florida.

The goal of our bus tour is simple: Expose President Obama and Senator Bill Nelson’s radical pro-abortion agenda. As you know, Barack Obama’s health care law is the largest expansion of abortion on-demand since Roe v. Wade. He has sent hundreds of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood, America’s abortion giant, and has tried to export his abortion agenda abroad.

Meanwhile, one of Obama’s top pro-abortion allies, Senator Bill Nelson, is running for re-election. As you know, Senator Nelson is no friend to women and unborn children of the Sunshine State. While in office he has voted for taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood, against the ban on partial birth abortions, and through his vote for ObamaCare, the largest expansion of abortion on-demand sinceRoe v. Wade.

The Susan B. Anthony List is ready to defeat Obama, ObamaCare and Obama’s extreme team – but we need your help to do it!

We sure hope to see you on our tour!  If you don’t live near one of the stops on the tour, I hope you will still spread the word to like-minded friends and family.  And stay tuned for videos and pictures from the road!

Together we will save countless unborn children and women from the horrors of abortion.

For Life,



Marjorie Dannenfelser
President, Susan B. Anthony List

PS: Make sure to check for the latest updates on the bus, and make sure to share it on your Facebook and Twitter to help spread the word!

Contributions or gifts to Susan B. Anthony List, Inc., a 501(c)(4) organization, are not tax-deductible for Federal income tax purposes. Donations may be used for political purposes such as supporting or opposing candidates. All donations are made to the general treasury of the Susan B. Anthony List, Inc., and are not designated for any particular purpose. Donation will be used in the sole discretion of the Officers and/or Board of Directors in accordance with the mission and purposes of the SBA List.


Christian and Jews Standing with Israel Summit Aug 26th

RFP Jewish logo
Dear Shannon,

Join other Romney supporters as we stand in solidarity with the State of Israel at a Christians United for Israel event this Sunday, August 26th.We’ll be meeting in the parking lot of Temple Beth El at 4:30pm and begin flag wavingoff site and across the street from the synagogue at the corner of 27th Street and N. Flagler Dr.  Our rally will only be outside the east entrance and not on the premises of the synagogue.

Pro-Israel Flag Waving!
August 26th at 4:30pm to 6:30pm
across the street from Temple Beth El
Please wear your Romney t-shirts and patriotic gear!
Bring your US and Israeli Flags!
Christians & Jews Standing With Israel Summit   
August 26th at 6:30pm
emple Beth El Synagogue2815 N Flagler DrWest Palm Beach, FL 33407


For more information on the event click here

Event is FREE  Seating is Limited  

Please RSVP here 

Join American Majority & Americans for Prosperity Monday Aug 27th

Time is running out. 

With fewer than 80 days until the election, it’s time to make a 

Game Plan for Victory.
Join American Majority & Americans for Prosperity for

Count Down to Victory Training
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Monday, August 27th
(registration & networking 5:30-6)


Americans For Prosperity
Palm Beach Gardens Office

3970 RCA Blvd, #7003
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410





***This training will cover different topics than at previous Palm Beach County & other regional trainings.

***Stay after the training for a non-partisan, Convention Watch Party with like-minded Conservatives! 

American Majority is the 21st Century training institute.  By studying the left, we teach how to win elections and make change toward Constitutional, first principles this year, and for generations to come.

***This training will cover different topics than at previous Palm Beach County & other regional trainings.

***Stay after the training for a Non-Partisan, Convention Watch Party with like-minded Conservatives! 


This training is perfect for Volunteers & local Activists.
Come out, have some fun, and learn how to win this election!

Additional Dates & Locations

Orlando, Aug 22

Jacksonville, Aug 23

Titusville, Aug 24

Pensacola, Aug 24

Palm Beach Gardens, Aug 27

Venice, Aug 28

Montgomery, AL, Sept 8

O’Brien, Sept 11

National Training Bomb – West Orlando, Sept 15

St. Augustine, Sept 18

Port Charlotte, Sept 22

Lakeland, Sept 25


Register by following the links, calling 561-465-2945 or

Register online or see more details


Seminar include:

•  Interactive presentations from American Majority & Americans For Prosperity Trainers

•  The opportunity to network with other liberty-minded people

•  A complimentary resource guidebook full of material designed to further assist trainees
Topics to be covered:

  • Conservative Communication: What is your message and how will you get it out?
  • Campaign Online: From Awesome posts to Zinging replies – Controlling  online Conversation
  • Fundraising: Every group can use more money
  • GOTV: Plan your vote drive effort
  • Ten Steps to Full SpeedA list of 10 practical things that local activists and volunteers can do to impact election results.

All participants will be given supplemental materials as well as opportunities to continue their training and networking through the American Majority Online Community.

Questions and phone registrations can be directed to Lonny or Dena at or 561-465-2945.


Not Near These Trainings?

Need a speaker for your meeting? 

Call Dena today at 561-465-2945 to start planning a training or meeting presentation in your city.

Sign up to be a Poll Watcher for the November Election!

Last November South Florida 912 had a 2012 Election Kick-off meeting where the Supervisor of Elections (SOE)  described the differing roles of Poll-workers and Poll-watchers and all of us were encouraged to do our part in making the upcoming Elections honest.  Now is the time to get involved! 

If you were at the meeting, then you recall that poll-workers are the people who perform the various roles at the precinct where you vote.  The positions are paid – but minimally so for the 6am-8pm day that they work.  Poll-workers are working for the Supervisor of Elections and are doing a public-service.  While it’s not clear that the SOE needs additional poll-workers for the November election – you can find more information and apply on the Poll-worker Information page of the SOE Website.

Poll-watchers are observers that can represent any political party, any candidate, and any issue.  Technically – there could be a very large number of poll-watchers at each precinct.  While ideally there would be a poll-watcher from each party at each precinct – realistically there are not enough volunteers to go around.  So generally each of the two major parties place poll-watchers in the polling places they are most concerned about.  The poll-watchers are there to ensure fair and honest elections, report problems or incidents both to the precinct clerk and their parties, and work the same  hours at their assigned polling location as do the paid poll-workers.  Observations include making sure the ballot boxes are empty and the machines zeroed out at the start of the voting day, that the 100′  solicitation-free zone is enforced, that all voters are asked for id, that provisional ballots are used for voters that meet certain conditions, that ballots are counted correctly and that the ballots counted match the machine results, etc.  In the case of the Palm Beach County Republican Party – poll-watchers for all of the candidates are trained by the party.  I don’t know how the Democrat Party handles their poll-watching assignments or training, but the required information that goes to the SOE is the same.

It is not necessary to be registered as a Republican to poll-watch for a Republican candidate.  If you would like to apply, please print-out the pollwatcher application and mail it, fax it or scan and email it to Mark Hoch at the Republican Party of Palm Beach County as specified on the form.  All poll-watchers must be trained and also registered with the Supervisor of Elections in order to receive credentials that allow them to serve on Election Day.  There will be several training sessions – generally on the weekend or in the evening.  Make sure you take a vacation day or clear your calendar for Election Day and sign-up to be a poll-watcher now!  Do your part!


GOT PRINCIPLES? The first 3 in review.

9 Principles and 12 Values – Who we are in South Florida 912

Last year we took the time to review the 12 values that our group stands on. For a quick refresher at a glance see below.

Principles and Values

We believe in 9 principles and 12 values.


  1. America is good place, not perfect, but good.
  2. I believe in God and He is the center of my life.
  3. I must try to be a better, more honest person than I was yesterday.
  4. The family is sacred. My spouse and I are the ultimate authority.
  5. If you break the law you pay the penalty. Justice is blind and no one is above it.
  6. I have a right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and not a guarantee of equal results.
  7. I work hard for what I have. I will share it with who I want to. Government cannot force me to be charitable.
  8. It is not un-American for me to disagree or share my personal opinion.
  9. The government works for me. I do not answer to them. They answer to me.


  • Honesty
  • Reverence
  • Hope
  • Thrift
  • Humility
  • Charity
  • Sincerity
  • Moderation
  • Hard work
  • Courage
  • Personal responsibility
  • Friendship

For a recap of the VALUES articles from last year just CLICK HERE

To bring us into the last 3 months before the November election I want to review and remind us about the 9 Principles our group stands on.

The first three will be review for the Month of September.

  1. America is good place, not perfect, but good.
  2. I believe in God and He is the center of my life.
  3. I must try to be a better, more honest person than I was yesterday.
  1. America is a good place, not perfect but good.
    This is such an important Principle to our group. I love my country. However, I know that our country has been complicit in things in our history that I am not proud of. However I am proud that as we move ahead we learn each day and move forward. In my view our country is the best in the world. It is far from perfect but in a free society, the ability to speak up and out and the freedom to worship are such amazing things. So many people forget how lucky we are to be able to choose where we worship, shop, to carry a gun or speak out on an issue. America is truly a great place that so many have sought to come here. My husband’s family came from the Ukraine, moved to Canada and finally was able to make it to the USA becoming citizens in the 60’s. My husband’s mom was born in Canada and she became a citizen as a young adult. The pride that they had to be Americans was one that makes you stand a little taller, a little straighter, and wave your American flag. I recognize that slavery was very bad, and the treatment of the Indians was horrible, and so many other injustices. For example: Japanese that were put in internment camps, some wars we had no business getting in etc… People can make a long list of their points about our Country’s issues. America however, is the light in the distance that others dream about. Our country is such a terrific place where my father, a young German/Puerto Rican man who served his country as a Marine, then labored on the side of the road in construction can one day own his own business raise 5 kids and be proud of where he came from, and where he is today. America gives us that freedom to dream, look ahead and be proud. We also learn from our mistakes and continue, I believe, to strive to be better.
  2. I believe in God and He is the center of my life.
    Boy this is #1 in my life and our group. With God as the focus we can stay principled and adhere to our values naturally. My personal relationship with Christ is my guidepost for everything I do. Others in our group are faithful in their own religions and beliefs as well. I know that with God all things are possible and that we are honor bound by our faith to strive to be better, truthful, individuals and to work hard to share our faith in God and encourage others to be aware of what is going on around us to be involved and to speak up. Our rights come from God not government and knowing this is at the core of our group as we strive to preserve those rights.
  3. I must try to be a better, more honest person than I was yesterday.
    This is easy as an American and as a person of faith this is a basic tenant. I want and strive every day to be a better Wife, Mother, Employee, and an American Citizen. I want to give more to charity, work harder at work. Strive harder as a Mother and Wife. Every day I look back and take stock and I try to see what I did wrong (can be a lot… at times), and what I may have done right. Its important for us to move on and be better and work harder every day.

This journey is heading us towards November and we must be encouraged. We also must encourage others. We need to get involved and we need to vote and get others to be registered and to actually vote on November 6th.

Stop by the 912 site in October for the next three Principles in review and finally the last 3 in November.

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