My thoughts on the book “The Jefferson Lies”

I know my education in American History suffered from a bias of 100 years of Progressive thought. Why should you read my thoughts? Read this letter so you can have some balance when you read about American History and not accept interpretations without factual backup of footnotes and original sources.

The Five Methods of presenting America in the worst light are Deconstructionism, Post-structuralism, Modernism, Minimalism and Academic Collectivism. Of course, American history is full of terrible moments and moments of brilliant grace. An example of Deconstructionism is the history of the Salem Witch Trials used to demonize the Puritans. The trials lasted a few months in America and took 27 lives. In Europe, Witch Trials lasted years and took 500,000 lives. American Christian leaders stopped the American trials.

Post-structuralism is a Progressive historical device for pulling down what has been traditionally honored in our American culture. Post-structuralism denies absolutes such as the reality of truth or historical facts. History must be “constructed” by each individual and meaning can be based on one’s own individual views (Marxist or atheist views the most promoted). An example of this method is the use of case law to interpret Constitutional Rights and therefore “Progress” away from Rights given to us by our Creator as in our Constitution. The effect is to divide us as a Nation “E Unum Pluribus” rather than “E Pluribus Unum” the goal of Post-structuralism is to fracture our society and our Constitution. The effect of the above two Progressive methods of twisting history is the destruction of American Exceptionalism. Americans are blessed and America is an exceptional nation. Exceptionalism includes our diversity of race, ethnicity and religion. Our unique ideas of God-given inalienable rights, rugged individualism, limited government, full republicanism and an educated, virtuous citizenry is denied by Progressives.

Modernism is the third device to bend history towards Progressive interpretation. Historical events are interpreted as if they happened today rather than is the context of their own times. An example is the interpretation of Methodist Church founders such as John and Charles Wesley and George Whitfield as being socially liberal just like many Methodists are socially liberal today. As it is today, so it must have been in the beginning. The founders lives of 200 years ago are wrongly critiqued and judged as if they were living now.

Minimalism is the fourth Progressive device used to present history in over-simplified “easy answer” profile. Political Campaign slogans are a good example of minimalism in our modern times. Minimalists portray Thomas Jefferson only as a racist, atheist, secularist or whatever they believe will help their agenda at the moment. His life was much more complicated and went through different stages.

Academic Collectivism is the Fifth method that Progressives use to undermine historical accuracy. An example of this method is evident in a book called “The Godless Constitution” by Cornell professors Issac Kramnick and Laurence Moore assert that the Founding Fathers were a group of atheists, agnostics and deists who deliberately set out to create a secular government. this text has become a staple of universities across America;law reviews and courts. At the end of the book were footnotes customarily appear, the professors candidly acknowledge that “we have dispensed with the usual scholarly apparatus of footnotes.” Their book is mostly fiction and an interpretation to meet their Progressive goals. A student at a junior college would not be able to submit a paper without footnotes, let alone two PhD’s! Peer Review of this type continues in our universities as if a PhD after one’s name suggests academic infallibility. Progressive professor use other Progressive professors papers and books to backup their writings and avoid original sources. Collectively they create a “new” history of America.

I have liberally used words and thoughts from “The Jefferson Lies” Introduction section in this letter.

PS: Here is a summary of spending by Environmental Groups in America. Environmentalism is (adored and dominated by Marxists) used to collapse Free Markets.

Conservative Groups Progressive Groups
Number 32 552
Assets $38M $9.3B
Federal Grants 7 246
Total Federal $ $728,000 $568,000,000
Total Value of Trusts 82 worth $10B giving $832M yearly 115 worth $134B giving $8.2B yearly

Money pushing Progressive ideals massively more than Conservative funding.

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