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Pastor John Hagee on Obama – Pray for our Country

Subject: Pastor John Hagee on Obama

Pastor John Hagee on Obama 
Message to ALL Christians in America from Pastor John Hagee of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. 

Greetings to all of our Salt Covenant Partners and friends across the nation and around the world.

First, I want to express my profound appreciation to President Barak Obama for doing what all of the Republican candidates have not been able to do for months: he unified the Bible-believing church in America in one week over the issue of abortion.

When the President ordered the Catholic Church to provide contraceptives to prevent the birth of new life, he hit a nerve in the heart of every true Catholic and Evangelical.

Being a politician, he will attempt to compromise his position until after the election and then release the full power of government to force the church to obey the state. Think about this! If he made this bold statement before the election, consider how brutal he will be if he is re-elected!
   I have said it before and I will say it again: the election on November 6, 2012 for the office of President is the day of decision for America. Four more years of Obama will bring absolute socialism to America . Our children and grand-children will never know the greatness of America that we have experienced. THIS MUST NOT HAPPEN!  

I am asking the Christians of America to join us in 40 days of prayer for this Presidential election. These 40 days of prayer will begin on September 28, 2012. You can do it individually or in groups, but prayer is the most powerful force God has given us to bring our nation back to righteousness. I’ll be saying more about this as the year progresses, but mark it on your calendar and start telling your family, friends, and church members NOW about the 40 days of prayer.


Pastor John Hagee

»¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »«:*´`³³´`*:»« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤«
If my people, which are called by my name,
shall humble themselves, and pray, seek my face,
and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear
from heaven, and will forgive their sin,
and will heal their land.
2 Chronicles 7:14

40 days of Prayer

40 Days of Prayer for Election 2012

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord…” Psalm 33:12

“If my people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14



Guide to Praying for the Election:


  • Pray for a spiritual awakening in America.


  • Pray that America will be a nation that continues to demonstrate righteousness, justice, compassion and charity.


  • Pray that voters will choose leaders who will strive to preserve the godly heritage established by our Founding Fathers.


  • Pray that voters will give careful consideration to the moral issues at stake in our nation when casting their vote.


  • Pray that our elected officials will be men and women of integrity, morality and conviction.


  • Pray that our elected officials will seek God for wisdom and guidance in decisions that impact the course of our nation.


  • Pray that our elected officials will take a stand for righteousness even when it may not be well received.


  • Pray that our elected officials will surround themselves with godly advisors.


  • Pray that God is honored and glorified by our choices during this election.


  • Pray that this election will serve God’s purpose in America.



The Basics

The BASICS                                        
Bring people to vote
Advancing our knowledge on issues
Spending our time working for candidates
Initiating conversation where ever you go
Coming to meetings events with guests
Spending time on our knees praying
•We must Focus
•Proverbs 29:18 “where there is no vision the people perish”
•43 days till the election
•What candidate are you working for
•Who have you donated money too?
•How many phone calls have you made?

Candidate Forum

OCTOBER CANDIDATE FORUM, on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012. It will be held at the Boca Greens Country Club (Map HERE), and the doors will be open at 5:30pm for a cash bar, and dinner will follow from 6pm to 7pm (as usual, the cost is $15, which includes tax and gratuity). This as an ideal opportunity, as a powerful voting base that the Tea Party represents, to learn about our local and state candidates in a safe and fair environment which our leadership ensures will be the model of civility.

The format will be simple: After the National Anthem, sung by Carlos Manuel Santana, Alex Berry will make announcements, and then introduce our moderator, David DiCrescenzo. He will ask the field candidates (to date: James Ryan O’Hara, David Lutrin, Cesar Henao, Melanie Peterson, and Joe Abruzzo– check back here for regular updates) a question, and each candidate will receive 3 minutes to answer. In the event that an opponent is mentioned in a response, that opponent will receive :30 to rebut or address the answer which mentioned his/her name. The questions will not be a surprise to anyone, as they will center around many of the top issues facing your district. Further, the question will address one or more of the Tea Party’s 3 tenets: Fiscal Responsibility, Free Markets, or Limited Government, and how they will be manifested in your approach towards the office. We will have a volunteer timer, who will hold up cards letting each candidate know when they have 1:00 and :30 seconds remaining. A bell will ring to stop anyone who goes over time allotted.

As with our previous events, any Palm Beach County Tea Party candidate debate and forum is non-partisan, and is an excellent opportunity for both sides of the political coin to convert those who may not take your view, while shoring up those who do for the upcoming election. As always, our event will not be reduced to any mud-slinging, or flagrant accusations. We expect those who participate to exercise the highest level of civility and decorum. We have asked the candidates to put aside what your opponent “has done”, or “might do”– and simply focus on what THEY will do, in response to the questions.

This should be a VERY positive, enlightening and exciting evening for all of us!!! All we ask is that you RSVP immediately by clicking the RSVP button below!

Presidential Debate Watching Party

Presidential Debate Watching Party

  • Maltz Jupiter Theatre

  • 1001 E Indiantown Rd, Jupiter, FL (edit map)


  • RSVP to Watch the Presidential Debate at the Maltz
    As for watching the 1st Presidential Debate on Monday, October 22nd, we would love to pack the house at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre with like-minded people. This is a free, non-partisan event. The doors will open at 6:30pm with the service of American-themed food and drinks. There will be a mini-tradeshow showcasing the most popular destinations in north Palm Beach County.

    Guests must be seated at 7:30 pm for the pre-debate festivities which will include musical performances. The debate will be broadcast live from Lynn University. After the debate, dessert will be served in the lobby.

    Reservations are recommended

     by calling the box office at (561) 575-2223.

    The Maltz Theatre is located in Jupiter at

    1001 Indiantown Rd.


    Please note that this is NOT a tea party or 912  event but something that we should all attend!

    Please email me if you have a problem reserving seats!

WIN Conference! Florida Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll

 EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! Florida Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll to Speak at the W.I.N. “For Such a Time as This Conference” in Orlando Sept. 28-29 Click here for more info or tickets. Sponsored by Liberty Counsel & Florida Family Policy Council Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll Florida’s first female elected as Lieutenant Governor and the first African-American elected statewide, Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll will bring her inspiring message to the Women Impacting the Nation “For Such a Time as This” conference in Orlando, Florida, on September 28-29. Florida’s first female elected as Lieutenant Governor and the first African-American elected statewide, Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll will bring her inspiring message to the Women Impacting the Nation “For Such a Time as This” conference in Orlando, Florida, on September 28-29. A state legislator for over seven years, a small business owner, former Executive Director of the Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs, and a Navy veteran, Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll is an example of the American Dream come true. Click to read more CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS COME & BE BLESSED Remember: WHEN WE SHOW UP WE W.I.N.!

Meet Brigitte Gabriel



Meet Brigitte Gabriel

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Local News

In a rare one night appearance; Terror Expert, Author, Speaker, and Fox Contributor, Brigitte Gabriel will be speaking in Palm Beach Gardens.  This free event will be handled on a first come, first served basis.  Don’t miss it. 

Also, a very special surprise guest appearance is expected.


U.S. Constitution – 225 Years Old: “REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE…”

So many stories are filling the airwaves in the current news cycle, that the birthday of the United States Constitution nearly got overlooked today. It was exactly *225 years ago*, today, that many of our nation’s founding fathers emerged from the Philadelphia State House with “The Constitution of the United States of America”.

For tonight, and the rest of this week… please take a moment of pause to PRAY for our country and for our leaders. THINK HARD, RE-REVIEW, MEDITATE… upon where our founding fathers’ true intent was in their political and social era, in forging with their signatures the legal and moral foundations of this new nation.

As we each continue to walk, sign-wave, dial, text, Twitter, e-mail and converse with URGENCY in preparation for the November 6th election – “REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE”.

“REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE”, spoke to me recently watching The Lion King with my wife and our children. The memory of King Mufasa’s words spoke from beyond to his young heir Simba, after the young lion wandered without purpose for years in the film, until a key moment of destiny: When confronted with the proud history of his forefathers in leading the Pride Lands, young Simba is tortured with the simple words of his own father: “REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE…”

The movie ends well, as Simba honors what his father lived – and died for – in the film.

How does our story end?

Election 2012 will not be won by the weak, and the disengaged. There’s WORK to do to elect GOOD people of character, who will fight corruption and lead America with our founding principles BEFORE them as well as behind them.


What have YOU done?

What will you DO?

225 years ago today, in Philadelphia, 38 out of 41 delegates emerged from what is now known as “Independence Hall” with paper that, once ratified, breathed with life and just fire – the U.S. Constitution.

NOW – its up to US.

It’s time to volunteer… It’s time to WORK.


Phone Banking This WEEK / Prizes: Gift Cards and lots MORE! Join us and take ACTION!

South Florida 912 is sponsoring an action night making calls on Thursday’s for the rest of September and into October.

come join us from 2pm-8pm on Thursday night.

Lets take action together and get involved!


Palm Beach Gardens: 3970 RCA Blvd Suite 7003, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Wednesday & Thursday: 2pm – 8pm
(We are across the street from the Hampton Inn.  Our office is tucked behind in the corner behind the American Flag.)

We have two competitions for phone banking and canvassing.

1. Weekly Competition

  • See me for a personal PIN to compete
  • Scores reset to zero each Monday at 9am
  • Top 3 phone bankers will receive: 1st place: $25; 2nd place: $10; 3rd place: $5 to the restaurant or gas station of their choice.
  • Past winners include: Mel and Barbara Grossman, Ed and Anna Lee Wolff, & Tom Miller.  YOU could be next!

2. Win a FREE trip to Tallahassee

  • Win a free trip to attend AFP’s Tallahassee Days: March 19 – 20, 2013
  • Prize includes bus transportation to and from Tallahassee, lunch on the bus, hotel accommodations at a Marriott hotel, entry into the “Patriot Dinner” at University Club Center located in FSU’s Doak Campbell Stadium
  • 2 ways to win: Phone Banking and Door Knocking

Contest #1: Freedom Phones – In order to be eligible to win in this category, you must make a minimum of five hours of phone calls for AFP. The prize will be awarded to the individual who makes the most total calls after calling for at least five hours. The Field Coordinator will award one phone banking champion per week. An individual is only eligible to win two times in the eight remaining weeks. This enables you to win a trip for yourself and a spouse or friend (double occupancy).

Contest #2: Door Knocking – In order to be eligible to win in this category, you must spend a minimum of two hours knocking on doors for AFP. For every two hours spent walking and knocking, your name will be entered into a fishbowl. The more hours spent, the higher the chances your name will be drawn. On November 6th, your Field Coordinator will draw four names from the fishbowl to determine the contest winners (limit two per person).

*Please note, the limit is two wins per person per category. Therefore, an individual could potentially win a total of FOUR trips. Additional trips won can be transferred to your spouse and/or friend(s). Once an individual has won a trip, he/she may also purchase an additional trip for a spouse or friend at the discounted rate of $150.00.

Please contact Kathy Salerno with questions at 954-815-4307 or

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