What’s On the Ballot on November 6?

There is a lot on the ballot coming up on November 6. Besides the Presidential race, there is a long list of federal, state and local races as well as 11 state constitutional amendments and 2 county ballot questions, and the ballot will consist of multiple double sided pages. Look over the list below, then go to our Voter’s Guide to learn about the candidates and questions, and view the district maps.

Keep in mind that presidential elections are high turnout affairs, so your vote is important. In 2008 for example, about 590,000 people voted for President in Palm Beach County, a turnout of 71%.

Federal Races

  • President (Barack Obama* (D), Mitt Romney (R), Gary Johnson (LIB), ….)
  • U.S. Senate (Bill Nelson* (D), Connie Mack (R))

Plus the following if you live in these districts:

  • Congress District 18 (Allen West* (R), Patrick Murphy (D))
  • Congress District 20 (Alcee hastings* (D), Randall Terry (NPA))
  • Congress District 21 (Ted Deutch* (D), Cesar Henao (NPA), Mike Trout (NPA))
  • Congress District 22 (Adam Hasner (R), Lois Frankel (D))

State Races

Justice Retention

  • Supreme Court Justice Fred R. Lewis
  • Supreme Court Justice Barbara J. Pariente
  • Supreme Court Justice Peggy A. Quince
  • 4th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Burton C. Conner
  • 4th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Carole Y. Taylor

Plus the following if you live in these districts:

  • Senate District 25 (Joe Abruzzo (D), Melanie Peterson (R))
  • Senate District 27 (Jeff Clemens (D), Write-In Candidate)
  • Senate District 32 (Joe Negron* (R), Ray D’Amiano (D))
  • Senate District 34 (Ellyn Bogdanoff (R), Maria Sachs (D))
  • House District 81 (James O’Hara (R), Kevin Rader (D))
  • House District 82 (Mary Lynn Magar (R), Write-in Candidate)
  • House District 85 (Pat Rooney* (R), David Lutrin (D))
  • House District 86 (Mark Pafford* (D), Tami Donnally (R))
  • House District 89 (Bill Hagar* (R), Tom Gustafson (D))
  • House District 90 (Lori Berman* (D), Sean Kaspar)

County Races

  • County Commission District 1 (David Levy (D), Hal Valeche (R))
  • County Commission District 3 (Shelly Vana* (D), Cliff Montross (R))
  • County Commission District 5 (Mary Loise Berger (D), Paul Tocker (R))
  • School Board District 1 (NP) (Christine Jax, Michael Murgio)
  • Tax Collector (Anne Gannon* (D), Write-in Candidate)
  • Greater Boca Raton Beach & Park District Seat 5 (NP) (Stephen Engel, Tom Thayer)
  • Indian Trail Improvement District Seat 2 (NP) (Gary Dunkley, Carlos Enriquez)
  • Indian Trail Improvement District Seat 4 (NP) (Michelle Damone, Kenneth Hendrick)
  • Northern Improvement District Seat 4 (NP) (John Cohen, Peter Stein)
  • Palm Beach Soil & Water Conservation Group 2 (NP) (Stephen Jara, Drew Martin)
  • Port of Palm Beach Group 1 (NP) (Wayne Richards* (D), George Black (R), 2 Write-in Candidates)
  • Port of Palm Beach Group 3 (NP) (Jean Enright (D), Write-in Candidate)

Ballot Questions

  • #1 – Health Care Services
  • #2 – Combat Disabled Veterans Discount
  • #3 – State Revenue Limitation
  • #4 – Property Tax Rules Changes
  • #5 – State Courts
  • #6 – Abortion Funding Prohibition
  • #8 – Religious Freedom
  • #9 – Surviving Spouse Exemption
  • #10 – Tangible Property Tax Exemption Increase
  • #11 – Low Income Seniors Exemption
  • #12 – Board of Governors Changes
  • PBC#1 – Slot Machines
  • PBC#2 – Continuation of Business Exemptions

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