U.S. Constitution – 225 Years Old: “REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE…”

So many stories are filling the airwaves in the current news cycle, that the birthday of the United States Constitution nearly got overlooked today. It was exactly *225 years ago*, today, that many of our nation’s founding fathers emerged from the Philadelphia State House with “The Constitution of the United States of America”.

For tonight, and the rest of this week… please take a moment of pause to PRAY for our country and for our leaders. THINK HARD, RE-REVIEW, MEDITATE… upon where our founding fathers’ true intent was in their political and social era, in forging with their signatures the legal and moral foundations of this new nation.

As we each continue to walk, sign-wave, dial, text, Twitter, e-mail and converse with URGENCY in preparation for the November 6th election – “REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE”.

“REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE”, spoke to me recently watching The Lion King with my wife and our children. The memory of King Mufasa’s words spoke from beyond to his young heir Simba, after the young lion wandered without purpose for years in the film, until a key moment of destiny: When confronted with the proud history of his forefathers in leading the Pride Lands, young Simba is tortured with the simple words of his own father: “REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE…”

The movie ends well, as Simba honors what his father lived – and died for – in the film.

How does our story end?

Election 2012 will not be won by the weak, and the disengaged. There’s WORK to do to elect GOOD people of character, who will fight corruption and lead America with our founding principles BEFORE them as well as behind them.


What have YOU done?

What will you DO?

225 years ago today, in Philadelphia, 38 out of 41 delegates emerged from what is now known as “Independence Hall” with paper that, once ratified, breathed with life and just fire – the U.S. Constitution.

NOW – its up to US.

It’s time to volunteer… It’s time to WORK.


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