CBS Coming to AFP Palm Beach Gardens Office Please come join us!

What: CBS wants to get a glimpse of the grassroots activism in South Florida for a statewide story they are running

Where: AFP Office 3970 RCA, Suite 7003, Blvd Palm Beach Gardens, FL (tucked in the corner behind the flag pole.)

When: Arrive at the office Tuesday October 30th by NOON, 12:00PM

Why?: Because we want to show the strength of the conservative movement. 

Wear you 912 shirts.



Questions?: Call Kathy Salerno 954-815-4307 or email


Birds eye view from Miami

Letter from Luz Gonzalez-Maribona

Dear Patriots!

30% of Miami Dade votes early. We must vote for conservative government in Washington DC. Any vote for Bill Nelson, is a vote against Marco Rubio. Any vote for Bill Nelson, cancels Marco Rubio’s vote. Continue to put a MACK sign on the front door of any house you see a Romney sign. More often than not, they will put it up. Just this afternoon I placed about one dozen signs on the door as I was walking. As we were driving away checking out the houses, most had put the signs up!

The following is an article about the state numbers. Obama is drawing much more of his voters to Bill Nelson. Romney voters are not voting for Connie Mack in the same percentage. That is where we will lose the Senate. We MUST vote for conservative candidates.

Come into the office to make phone calls or walk. Office is open tomorrow at 10 AM tomorrow for calling or walking!

For your viewing pleasure, I have attached pictures of what was going on in the Government Center this morning. If you look at the pictures on the Herald, almost all were taken of the Government Center. Given that I was in and out of the GOVT CENTER in 50 minutes (99.999999% Democrat – I think I was the only Republican ), as I reported to Channel 4 (305.477.2444) and Channel 10 (954.364.2500) there CAN only be two explanations for the huge discrepancy in wait times at precincts A) the SOE is incredibly inefficient or B) they are trying to suppress the Republican vote. Finally, the news clerk at Channel 10 said she believes it was A). Of course, there could be a third explanation – Operation Early Dawn worked!!!!!

At any rate, the pictures show the unions (SEIU and AFT), the buses, and the rally right outside the precinct, on the grounds of the Government Center. I could hear the instructions about voting and the republicans trying to suppress the vote, yada yada yada, as I was voting. Some guy on a bicycle grabbed my FIRE OBAMA sign I put on the grass by the rally and I took a picture of him and told him that he had no right to touch it. He threw it back down. Interesting times.

Two things I learned as I FIRE OBAMAD the rally – 1) they OCCUPIED JACKSONVILLE and 2) the theme for tomorrow is “Souls to the Polls” “Get your vote-on” – busing from churches to the polls.

News from Connie Mack

A new poll that we took on October 21st (600 samples statewide) shows the Senate race closing — Nelson 46.7, Mack 44.8, and 8.5 percent undecided.

Nelson now leads by just 1.8 percent.

In the southern part of Florida Nelson leads 50-41. In the central part Nelson leads 46-44. And in North Florida, Mack is leading 52-42.

The data shows conservatives are voting overwhelmingly for Mack. Liberals are voting overwhelmingly for Nelson.

Republicans and Democrats are largely breaking by party. Independents show the same 1.8 percent bias in Nelson’s favor.

Things that make us feel good

The 8.5 percent undecided is voting 52.3 Romney, 29.9 Obama, and 2.3 Johnson, indicating again that roughly 60 percent of the undecided leans to the Republican side.

If we were to get 60 percent of the undecided, Connie and Nelson would be virtually dead even.

Things that make us feel really good

514 of the 600 people surveyed are absolutely guaranteed to vote. Of these most likely of likely voters, Connie is beating Nelson 47.2 – 43.9, with 8.9 undecided.

More really good numbers

Of the 573 people who have heard of both Connie Mack and Bill Nelson the race is 46.3 Nelson, 45.4 Mack. 8.3 undecided. These undecided are also voting overwhelmingly for Romney.

82 percent strategic concept

Romney voters are only casting 82.1 percent of their vote for Connie, while 90.3 percent of Obama voters are voting for Nelson.

In order to win Connie Mack needs a few percentage points more of Romney voters to vote for his candidacy. These are not difficult votes to get, but the Romney-Mack connection must be made.

We have two weeks to move 2 points to guarantee victory. Let’s do it.

Luz Gonzalez-Maribona

You will know him by his fruit…

Today at church I was singing praises to the Lord, praying  while I was singing hands raised in prayer with God. I was praying to God for people to have  the veil lifted from thier eyes. To know him and his love. Praying  that when they walk into the polling booth they would vote for the best candidate to lead our country thru these turbulant times. Then God spoke to me clear as a bell thru scripture. I heard his words clearly in my heart and mind. You will know him by his fruit.  I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing. John 15.5.  Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them Mathew 7:20. That message was so profound to me. This pertains to all of us. If you surround your self with those that can bear witness the fruit of their life and thier works are evident. I have witnessed this many times. Thru family members friends, churches, organizations etc.In prayer I was led me to share that in this election please choose with your heart with your eyes wide open. Do not let the world’s views interpret and lead you to the decisions that you make, whether church oriented, family or for our country. My pastor at my church today even spoke about the world view today and how easily it can infest your views almost with out notice. We must not let the world dictate the biblical truth.

When you go to the polls this week to vote for this momentus election. Open your heart and your mind and you will know him by his fruit.


Make calls to Ohio to help with the election

Letter from Billy Valentine of the Susan B. Anthony List:

Friends of the SBA List –

With just 10 days to go to Election Day, all the “pundits” are once again predicting that the presidential race could all come down to Ohio.

That’s why the Susan B. Anthony List and American Majority Action are launching a program TODAY where you can make calls from the comfort of your home to “soft” social conservative voters all across Ohio – Democrat, Republican, and Independent voters who have been identified as pro-life and pro-religious liberty but don’t consistently get out and vote.

The latest call universe focuses especially on Church-going Catholics across Ohio – and we have 213,360 calls we need to get through over the next week which is why we need your help.

In 2004, Catholics in Ohio cast 780,000 votes for Bush and 624,000 votes for Kerry – a difference of 156,000 votes. Bush beat Kerry in Ohio by 136,000 votes – thus winning the election. You can see how critically important it is that we reach these voters and inform them about Obama’s radical record on abortion and religious liberty

I don’t want to get too much into the weeds, but the call system we are using is fantastically efficient – you only talk to live voters – if the system detects a voicemail, it drops a pre-recorded voicemail. And it does all the dialing for you, making the most of any time you have to spare. I promise, it’s easy!

If you or any of your friends, family, or co-workers want to make a difference and make calls, please contact me immediately at and I’ll send you the call-in number, instructions, and script. If you have any questions, ask away.

Onward to Victory!


Billy Valentine
Director of Policy and Programs
Susan B. Anthony List
202-223-8073 (office)
703-380-9182 (mobile)

Help needed during early voting! Please see attached!

Early Voting Dates

Saturday, October 27

thru Saturday November 3, 2012

Voting Times

7:00 am to 7:00 pm Daily

We want a strong Republican presence at the Supervisor of Elections during Early Voting.

Hispanic-Americans for Romney/Ryan in cooperation with the various GOP campaigns and other groups will set up operations at the Supervisor of Elections in support of the Republican presidential ticket and all GOP candidates running for national, state and local office in our area.

We will set up a tent and a table with voter guides and other campaign material on the grounds and post people at the main entrance on Military to wave signs for Romney/Ryan and the other GOP candidates.

We are committed to be at the Supervisor of Elections every single day till November 3. Right now we can cover from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, but we need more people. We would also like to extend our presence past 2:00 pm if we can get enough volunteers.  We need at least 6 people per each 2-hr shift.

Our objective is to encourage our supporters, connect with undecided voters and encourage them to vote for our candidates, and make sure the other side plays by the rules and doesn’t engage in electioneering, voter intimidation, or other violations.  This is very important work and your help is really needed. Please forward this email, print and hand out or post this flyer, and otherwise spread the word. Thanks.

We are also looking for volunteers to staff a table at the Okeechobee Public Library behind Century Village at least on the two Saturdays of Oct. 27 and Nov. 03. If you live in Century Village, Golden Lakes, or nearby, this is an opportunity to help out.  


To volunteer, please contact Ray Agostini at 845-417-3249,

For other Early Voting locations in PBC contact Tara Ford at 561-308-8891,

Early Voting Starts this Saturday!


Early Voting – 2012 General Election
Saturday, October 27, 2012 through Saturday, November 3, 2012
Voting Times
7:00 am – 7:00 pm Daily

Please CLICK HERE for location and details

Broward County Sign Waving Daily Please drop by and be a part of History

Corner of Sample and Federal..evening rush time. 5pm-6:30 starting tonight!

you are welcome to come for morning rush, too.
Pompano Bch Rep Club
carolyn mann


Dear Patriots,

Join us for the Last BIG EFFORT!

Help to get out the vote for Mitt Romney.

Weekday mornings and/or evenings until Election Day at 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Choose a corner and time most convenient for you –

Monday – Corner of University and Royal Palm Blvd

Tuesday – Corner of University and Atlantic Blvd

Wednesday – Corner of University and Wiles Rd.

Thursday – corner of Lyons and Sample Rd.Friday – corner of Sample and University.

Come and stay as long as your schedule allows.

For more info, Call Elaine Laffey 732-991-7648 (cell phone)





Debate Watching Party in Boca

It is Time to Choose

The November election, for which absentee voting has already started, has been described as the “most important of our lifetimes.” Can that really be the case? Are Obama and Romney that different?

Deficits, new entitlements, foreign policy mistakes, polarization, corruption – these have all happened when both parties have been in power. Jimmy Carter projected weakness and gave us the Iran hostage crisis, high unemployment and inflation. Ronald Reagan ended the cold war, but gave us Iran-Contra and failed to control spending. George H. W. Bush left Saddam Hussein in power and raised our taxes. Bill Clinton raised them higher and gave us continuous scandals while enjoying a comfortable economy fueled by the Internet boom. And George W. Bush brought us back from the brink of 9/11, but added a new entitlement, grew the deficit and bogged us down in two wars through his preemptive strike doctrine. What of our current President?

Barack Obama has said he wanted to “transform America” – and has begun to do so. He has rejected “American Exceptionalism” and apologizes for what he sees as our transgressions – racism, colonialism, exploitation of the poor, and destruction of the environment. In setting about to “right these wrongs”, no other President in our history has attempted to change the very essence of America in such a fundamental way.

Our vote in this election is a referendum on this transformation, and perhaps our only chance to accept or reject what will likely become permanent in a second Obama term.

Why has America “worked” for 236 years?

Our first founding document, the Declaration of Independence, created a basic framework – our “first principles”, if you will.

  • We are endowed by our creator with “certain inalienable Rights”, and among them are “Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of happiness”
  • Governments are instituted to protect these rights.
  • Governments serve at the consent of the governed.

These principles of our founding have led to the basic characteristics of American life – that we have the freedom to make our own choices in life, that we have the right to own property, that we are guided by the rule of law not of men, and that we have the opportunity to rise to whatever level of society and wealth that our abilities permit. These characteristics have produced the world’s largest and most dynamic economy, equality of opportunity for all, and an immigration magnet that has drawn people to America from all over the globe.

With individual incentives to succeed, by making our own choices, creating our own wealth and keeping what we create, 300 million Americans exercising our own choices in pursuit of our own dreams create an environment that lifts us all, in ways that can’t be predicted. A few central planners, deciding what should be produced, the kinds of energy we are permitted to develop and use, how we can use our property, how our health care will be delivered – that sort of thinking is foreign to a successful, productive, innovative America.

Barack Obama is not the first to reject these positive forces as regressive and “unfair”. He is not the first to champion the “redistribution of wealth”, where the government takes from some through taxation and disburses to others it deems more worthy. He is not the first to use the force of government to intervene in the markets, picking winners and losers through crony capitalism where it is more important to have a good lobbyist than a good product or service. He is not the first to impose oppressive regulations through the EPA, the NLRB, the Interior and Energy departments, to stifle business growth and concentrate economic power in the hands of the state. He is the first American President in recent times though, to campaign on these principles as “fairness”, and castigate the producers and job creators as the enemy of the middle class, while encouraging dependence through unprecedented growth in the welfare state through food stamps, and the use of Social Security Disability as a kind of permanent unemployment insurance.

The President has been open about his plans and value system and there is very little left to the imagination. He actively promotes tax increases on the wealthy, limits on energy use through restricting permits and canceling the Keystone Pipeline, supports uneconomic enterprises like Solyndra, compromised religious freedom through the Obamacare contraception mandates, limited right-to-work laws by attacking the Boeing plant in South Carolina, and weakened property rights by intervening in the auto bailout to stiff the GM bondholders and Delphi pensioners. These are all detrimental to the economic engine that powers our success.

What has happened in the last four years and why has the economy not improved?

The Economic crisis of 2008: Preceded by the collapse of the housing bubble, itself precipitated by government intervention in markets (Community Reinvestment Act, Fannie/Freddie), global banks and investors were left with mortgage backed assets that were difficult to “mark to market” – precipitating a liquidity crisis. In response, TARP, the Troubled Asset Relief Program, was introduced. Supported by both sides as necessary to inject liquidity into markets and prevent them from grinding to a halt, some would say TARP accomplished its goal, although others complain that some banks should have been allowed to fail. In any case, TARP was implemented during the Bush Administration and had bi-partisan support. All the subsequent economic actions taken by Barack Obama were implemented against the wishes of the Republican minority.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: ARRA, (aka “the stimulus”) pumped over $700B into state and local governments to prevent layoffs of union employees, green energy companies like Solyndra, and projects favored by Democrat politicians for their districts. (Note – this is not to single out Democrats – many Republicans including Paul Ryan asked for and received stimulus money for their districts. Since the Democrat majority wrote the bill though, most of the money favored their interest groups.) One estimate puts the amount of the stimulus that went to “shovel ready” infrastructure jobs (roads and bridges, etc) at less than 5%. The ARRA bill had no Republican support in Congress. Since this money was new, off-budget spending, it did not come from tax receipts but was borrowed – much of it from China.

The Auto Bailout: The “managed bankruptcy” of GM and Chrysler turned much of the ownership over to the United Autoworkers Union, stiffed the bondholders who would have been favored in a conventional (ie. court managed) bankruptcy, erased the pensions of Delphi employees and other non-union workers, closed a large number of dealerships owned mostly by Republicans, and left the taxpayer on the hook for tens of billions even to this day. This also had little bipartisan support.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: PPACA, (aka “Obamacare”), was delegated to the Democrats in Congress to write, and they returned a 2400 page monstrosity that many on both sides of the aisle admitted they did not read. In spite of a full year of noisy opposition in town halls, large rallys in Washington DC, polls showing overwhelming opposition to the bills, and 100% Republican opposition in Congress, it was rammed through by using a reconciliation process after the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts took away their filibuster-proof majority. Burdening one sixth of the economy with what will become a command and control health care system, Obamacare has done more than any other action to inhibit businesses from expanding and hiring. It should be noted that other major entitlements such as Medicare and Social Security had broad bipartisan support for passage.

In other actions, Barack Obama:

  • Reduced oil and gas leases on federal lands and offshore and blocked the Keystone Pipeline
  • Promulgated EPA regulations that will make it impossible to build or maintain coal fired power plants
  • Tried to prevent Boeing from building a plant in right-to-work South Carolina
  • Served up 4 years of deficits exceeding a trillion dollars
  • Raised the national debt to over 16 Trillion
  • Passed Dodd/Frank – which enshrines “too big to fail” and makes it difficult for small regional banks to survive
  • Grew the payroll of the Executive Branch by 25% to $177B in 2012
  • Rescinded ‘welfare to work’ requirements, implemented the “Dream Act”, and a cybersecurity policy by executive order against the will of Congress

How does Mitt Romney Describe it?

In answer to a question during the second debate at Hofstra, this was Mitt Romney’s summation of the Obama record:

We can’t afford 4 more years like the last 4 years:

  • He said by now unemployment would be at 5.4%, the difference from reality is 9 million Americans out of work
  • He said he would reform medicare and social security because they are on the road to bankruptcy – he hasn’t even made a proposal
  • He said he would put out an immigration plan to deal with our challenges – he didn’t even file one
  • He said he’d cut in half the deficit – instead he doubled it
  • He said families would see $2500 reduction in health care premiums – instead they went up by that much and full implementation of Obamacare will cost another $2500
  • The middle class is getting crushed under a president who doesn’t know what it takes to get economy working again
  • He claims creation of 5 million jobs – that’s after losing 5 million jobs – the number of people still looking for work is still 23 million
  • One out of six people are in poverty, 32 million on foodstamps when he took office – now 47 million
  • The economy is growing more slowly this year than last year, which was slower than the year before
  • The policies he put in place – Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, tax policies, regulatory policies, have not let the economy take off and grow like it could have
  • 5 million jobs doesn’t keep up with population growth, and the unemployment rate is down because people have left the workforce
  • Obama is great speaker but has been unable to fix anything – cut the deficit, reform medicare and Social Security, or get rising incomes (down $4300 per family)
  • This election is about who can get the middle class a bright and prosperous future

So why would Mitt Romney be a better choice?

You have heard the case AGAINST Barack Obama. Here is the case FOR Mitt Romney:

Experience and skills

  • Mitt Romney was Governor of Massachusetts, successful even with an 83% Democrat legislature.
  • Mitt Romney has been a successful Business Creator – both with Bain Capital itself as well as the many companies they helped start or recover.
  • Mitt Romney is a Humanitarian, with a track record of good works at the local level through his church and personal philanthropy.
  • Mitt Romney is a Problem Solver – he rescued the 2002 Olympics from bankruptcy and disaster.

Knowledge and worldview

  • Mitt Romney understands and respects the founding, the unique nature of the country, our keys to success
  • Mitt Romney had the proper reaction to the out of control debt and spending (“road to Greece”)
  • Mitt Romney has clear and simple spending priorities – “Is it worth borrowing the money from China to do this?”


  • In spite of months of negative ads from the Obama campaign casting Mitt Romney as a liar, a scoundrel, an out-of-touch plutocrat, a woman-hater, a racist and many other despicable things, he has continued to run a positive campaign and after the first debate where the country saw him for who his is, is now respected and trusted by a majority in the polls.

Time to Choose

It is time to choose. You may agree with my assessment of the choices or you may not. You may approve of the transformation that is taking place or you may oppose it strenuously. Or you may feel that economic recovery is the task before us, not transformation, and it should have been for the last 4 years. Keep in mind that elections have consequences, and some of them are world-changing. It is now in your hands. Please choose wisely.

FreePac in Orlando

Is anyone planning on attending the freepac seminar in Orlando on Friday.  I would like to go with someone.  Sanadra

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