Help needed during early voting! Please see attached!

Early Voting Dates

Saturday, October 27

thru Saturday November 3, 2012

Voting Times

7:00 am to 7:00 pm Daily

We want a strong Republican presence at the Supervisor of Elections during Early Voting.

Hispanic-Americans for Romney/Ryan in cooperation with the various GOP campaigns and other groups will set up operations at the Supervisor of Elections in support of the Republican presidential ticket and all GOP candidates running for national, state and local office in our area.

We will set up a tent and a table with voter guides and other campaign material on the grounds and post people at the main entrance on Military to wave signs for Romney/Ryan and the other GOP candidates.

We are committed to be at the Supervisor of Elections every single day till November 3. Right now we can cover from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, but we need more people. We would also like to extend our presence past 2:00 pm if we can get enough volunteers.  We need at least 6 people per each 2-hr shift.

Our objective is to encourage our supporters, connect with undecided voters and encourage them to vote for our candidates, and make sure the other side plays by the rules and doesn’t engage in electioneering, voter intimidation, or other violations.  This is very important work and your help is really needed. Please forward this email, print and hand out or post this flyer, and otherwise spread the word. Thanks.

We are also looking for volunteers to staff a table at the Okeechobee Public Library behind Century Village at least on the two Saturdays of Oct. 27 and Nov. 03. If you live in Century Village, Golden Lakes, or nearby, this is an opportunity to help out.  


To volunteer, please contact Ray Agostini at 845-417-3249, r.agostini@att.net

For other Early Voting locations in PBC contact Tara Ford at 561-308-8891, taraann@me.com


One Response to “Help needed during early voting! Please see attached!”
  1. Will vote tomorrow at Delray Public Library with Trevor. Barbara will vote Monday

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